Birdcage Theatre

What a great location to ghost hunt! Zak really got the ghosts attention when he started firing a six shooter with blanks. I heard a male voice say, “Boy, only shoot that thing if you plan to kill a man with it.” I am paraphrasing, but that was the intent of the comment. Unfortunately it didn’t show up on the teams recorders.

When the blank shots were fired I also got the impression that a prostitute upstairs had been badly startled by the noise. I am not sure why, gun shots had to have been a fairly common noise at that location. I got a visual of her in the undergarments of the 1880’s. First of all they were all white, or at least had started out that way. She wore pantaloons and a sleeveless push up girdle. Think of the sort of garment many modern day brides wear under strapless wedding gowns. This particular “soiled dove” was Caucasian with light brown hair swept up in a French twist or a bun in the back. She was a touch on the bedraggled side although still young. I expect she was likely at the peak of her earning years in the world’s oldest profession.

Through the whole episode I got periodic impressions of guns and slaps being aimed at the back of Zak’s head. He didn’t seem to have any experiences along those lines, but that impression came up repeatedly for me.

On his way down the stairs to the stage Zak stopped suddenly as he had heard a noise. I saw a man standing at the foot of the stairs challenging Zak, wondering what he was doing in HIS theatre. The man was short, stout and had balding dark hair. I think he was the stage or house manager for the theatre at some point. His complexion was olive toned, so I wonder if he was Italian or maybe French? The stage manager was wearing dark pants, a light dress shirt and a wonderfully embroidered black silk vest. The vest was covered in small flowers worked in silver thread.

Poor Aaron, he really IS a ghost magnet! Zak seemed to seriously enjoy ordering Aaron under the infamous horse drawn hearse. The male ghost who tugged on Aaron’s shirt while he was under the hearse was gratified by how freaked out Aaron got. I had a distinct impression of smug satisfaction.

That is about it for this episode. The partial manifestation at the craps table was cool.



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