Clovis Avenue Sanitarium

I happened to catch this 2008 episode on rerun. The place was definitely haunted, which was to be expected with so much suffering and death there over the years. The energy reminded me quite a bit of Waverly TB Sanitorium which also had a high death rate over many years.

Jason and Grant got a GREAT EVP of a male voice saying, “I like the one in the hat” which would have been Jason. When I first heard it as they experienced it I thought the voice had come over an old fashioned PA system. Apparently Jason and Grant had the same impression as they went over that room with the fine toothed comb trying to find a microphone or speaker. They didn’t find one. The same ghost turned on the flashlight but refused to turn it off when Jason started making too may rules. Grant asked the ghost to turn the flashlight on a second time when Jason chimed in and said, “You have to do it before I count to five. One, two, three, four, five” Zip. The flashlight didn’t do anything at all.

I honestly thought after the ghost turned on the flashlight the first time that he would then do something to Jason’s baseball cap which was hanging on the door to the room. However that did not happen in the show. Was I reading intent that wasn’t carried through? Or was I just hoping the ghost would take Jason up on his offer to mess with this baseball cap and the door it was hanging on? I honestly don’t know.

The ghost named “Mary” whose bedroom remained furnished was keeping a close eye on TAPS. It was interesting that the current owner had gotten a phone call from the local fire department saying they had gotten a 911 call from the Clovis Sanitarium. TAPS checked and there was no operational phone line in “Mary’s” room. In fact, there was no electricity in the entire building! TAPS ran their investigation off of their own generators. 

“Mary” didn’t like the renovation work being done, walls removed, plaster knocked out etc…I got a visual of her rushing to the phone to call 911. She honestly thought someone had invaded her home/room and were taking it apart around her. Turns out the disconnected phone system in the house had been programed to call 911 back when phone service was hooked up. This backs up my impression that Mary sent an electronic pulse through the defunct system, despite the fact the phone wire was cut in her room and there was no telephone in her sparsely furnished bedroom during the time TAPS was in the structure.

Down in the basement the two girls from TAPS managed to really tick off the ghosts down there. Earlier in the episode during the initial walk through Jason and Grant were told the basement had acted as an impromptu morgue. When sanitarium patients died their bodies were laid out on gurneys until the local coroner could collect them. One of the two female TAPS investigators said, “…. We’re just here to have fun…” and a loud startling bang was heard. These women found a big chunk of concrete at the top of the stairs. They couldn’t figure out where it came from.  As soon as the comment about being there to have fun was made I heard an angry ghost command, “Show RESPECT!” right before the concrete chunk went crashing at the top of the basement stairs. Although the origin of the concrete chunk was never identified I had the impression it would match similar chunks outside the mansion along the perimeter of the building. That is the hard thing about TV, I couldn’t go walk around the building to see if there was crumbled concrete outside.

The ghost in the kitchen cracked me up. She was straight out of central casting! A solid, middle aged cook, almost as wide as she was tall with short greying hair in a white uniform, including an ample white apron around her mid section. She seemed to have a lot of compassion for the patients she cooked for. I heard her say, “poor souls…” several times as she bustled around the kitchen doing her work. I think she was the cause of accounts of opening kitchen drawers and cupboards. I got the impression she worked at the Clovis Sanitarium for many years.

The second site for this episode was Windward Grille in Essex, MA. It is located in an old building dating back to the 1600’s. Vicky, the owner talked about hearing a baby cry in the dining area of the establishment. Interestingly I got a detailed visual of a family from a different era seated around a long table. It could have been a holiday meal. When I say different era, a couple things I noticed was a dark haired woman who wore her hair in an up-do with single ringlets framing her face. The women wore long skirts and shirtwaists. The crying baby was a member of that family and I think simply crying  because it was hungry or needed to be changed. When the daughter of the owner experienced a plate moving on it’s own I got the distinct impression whomever moved it said, “THIS is how it is done….” I guess they didn’t like how the girl set the table. Steve was brilliant in figuring out that some of the flatware was magnetized, which caused the crossed displacement of the silverware.

Yes, there was paranormal activity in the structure. I think Vicky, the owner may have magnetized the silverware. When Jason and Grant talked about Steve discovering that in the reveal, she didn’t ask, how could this have happened in the normal course of events… instead she broke eye contact and laughed. I think she may have been caught trying to pull a fast one. I also think some of the paranormal events that have happened there were exaggerated in order to pull TAPS out for an investigation. It was a lot of free publicity. A quick check on their current website doesn’t show any reference to TAPS visit, but I remain skeptical. I would call it “lightly haunted” at best.



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