Fort Ticonderoga

Ghost Hunters investigated Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York. They had a number of personal and recorded experiences with the ghosts of soldiers of three sovereign nations.

Curator Chris Fox showed Jason and Steve around the fort. Grant’s family was sick, so he was needed at home. Past reported paranormal activity included figures ranging from gray mist to British Redcoats, disembodied voices, sometimes in French, the sound of hoof beats and various orbs of light.

Built between 1755-1759 by the French, Fort Ticonderoga was originally named Fort Carillon and was created as part of a system to defend the water highway created by the convergence of the waters of Lake George and Lake Champlain via the La Chute River. It didn’t hurt that Vermont was within cannon range.

In 1758 the British tried to take over the fort with a massive force of 16,000 troops against the mere 3,500 French troops holding it. Against all expectations the French kept the fort under their control.

Modern day docent Babette shared her experience of seeing the outline of a male figure in 18th century garb, sporting a large hat who peered at her out of the attic window of the Officers Barracks.

An early morning cleaner named Eileen was working on the first floor of the Soldier Barracks one morning when she heard footsteps approach her from the courtyard outside. She turned to say good morning to whoever it was and saw the outline of a smoky gray male figure float through the wall from the courtyard into the room with her.

Docent Beverly encountered the ghost of what she believed to be a French officer when she heard footsteps above her when she was located on the first floor of the Officers Quarters.

Two male staffers had an odd experience as they closed up one evening. Their routine involved each man climbing up the stairs stationed at each end of the Soldiers Barracks then walking down the same hallway to meet in the middle and usher out any lingering visitors. Both men saw a figure in a raincoat in the middle of the hall. When they met in the middle they realized neither man had passed the figure. They looked for it, thinking it may have been a loitering tourist, but the figure had vanished.

Chris shared another staff experience on the second floor of the Soldiers Barracks. Two male staffers both saw several orbs of light come out of the fireplace, run a circuit around the room and vanish down a heating duct.

TAPS set up cameras on the first and third floors of the Officers Barracks positioned one in the courtyard focusing on the attic window of the Officers Barracks and one on the ground floor of the Soldiers Barracks.

Jason and Steve started the investigation on the first floor of the Officers Quarters. They said a few common words of greeting in French to get things moving. It worked as both of them heard footsteps on the floor above. They investigated but found the floor and then attic above them completely empty. The guys checked in with Kris and Tango who were in the Soldiers Barracks and confirmed that Britt and Amy were outside at the Garrison Cemetery.  As soon as Jason and Steve entered the Officers Quarters I saw four officer’s playing cards or dice at the end of the trestle tables on the far side of the room. Several looked up from their game when Jason and Steve entered the room. These ghosts didn’t seem concerned by TAPS presence and returned to their game. For these particular ghosts it was late at night as they were quietly telling jokes and playing by firelight.

As far as the footsteps above Jason and Steve, I got a visual of a soldier walking a sentry route on the floor above them. This soldier would walk up and down the second floor of the Officers Quarters all night in order to keep them from sneaking out to drink. Evidently at some point the copious amounts of alcohol routinely consumed in the 18th century became a problem in maintaining the fort’s discipline. This particular soldier was a rank and file man who found a sense of satisfaction that he was charged with keeping his superior officers more or less sober and in bed.

Amy and Britt investigated the Garrison Cemetery, getting some increased EMF readings. Both Amy and Britt heard footsteps on the grass approaching them. Amy thought there might have been spirits observing them from the tree line. Although she focused the infrared camera on the tree line, nothing unusual was picked up. Britt went as far as approaching the tree line and his heat signature was bright and clear. Whatever form Amy had seen in the tree line didn’t move with Britt’s approach and was assumed to be part of the normal landscape.

Britt asked those buried in the cemetery if any of them had deserted. In response he heard a faint whisper of disembodied conversation.

I got a few glimpses of the ghosts of those interned at the cemetery. They seemed to mostly keep to themselves rather than hanging out in groups like I have seen in other locations such as hospitals or prisons. No individual stones mark the graves of these souls. I did get a visual that confirmed the bones of those laid to rest were not in the sort of respectful order I see at most cemeteries. I try not to do this much because honestly it is a bit gruesome, but sometimes I see the positions of bones lying underground. Think of it as a combination of remote viewing and psychic ground radar. Oddly enough such images often look like x-rays, lacking the color of many of my other psychic impressions. Just as well. Not sure I want full color of the contents of graves.

Jason and Steve did some additional investigation of the third floor attic of the Officers Quarters where a docent had seen a figure in a large hat peering out the window. Jason called out that he and Steve were American. I heard a distinct throat clearing, followed by the splat of a gob of gunk produced by a French officer lurking in the corner of the attic room. His contempt for the very idea of Americans was clear in his energy. All the ghosts of the French officers I saw at Fort Ticonderoga wore bronzy-gold colored uniform coats. Not all had the same chip on their shoulders regarding Americans.

Jason did some standard provoking, asking whatever ghosts were in the attic to do something, to prove they were present. The kicker seemed to be when he promised that if any resident ghosts gave them some sign of their presence that Jason and Steve would leave the area. First the guys heard a noise from a nearby small attic room that then lit up in a flash of light. Not only did both Jason and Steve see it, but Tango and Kris also saw the window of the same attic room light up and go dark from the second floor of the Soldiers Barracks.

So who was behind the flash? I felt and saw the presence of a barrel-chested British officer with dark curly hair. He told me he had been captured by the French and been imprisoned in the attic while he waited to be paroled or exchanged for French prisoners. Although uncomfortable in the cramped and often hot space he didn’t seem fearful for his life. I asked why he remained in the attic. He told me he sickened up there and the French found him better quarters but he died anyway. He said he had created the flash with gunpowder he had secreted on his person in order to convince Jason and Steve to go away. I don’t know why he was crouched back in a corner of that tiny attic room, but he did not want Jason or Steve near him. He was definitely territorial about that space.

Kris and Tango investigated the second floor of the Soldiers Barracks. They heard some sounds they tried to duplicate. Tango found a wooden ramp outside the room they were in and took a quick jaunt. To Kris, Tango’s footsteps on the outdoor ramp sounded like footsteps on the floor above her head.  Neither Kris nor Tango knew the ramp was there when they first entered the space. It was a good bit of debunking.

I didn’t get much in this space. I saw the ghost of a woman in a dress giving Kris and Tango the stink eye, but she refused to tell me why she was regarding them with such disfavor. I also wondered, what was a woman doing in the Soldiers Barracks in the first place? I suppose she could have been the wife of a soldier or a prostitute.

Steve and Jason checked out the Casemate where cannons remain stored today although for display rather than defense purposes. Both guys heard a disembodied sound like a moan followed by someone exhaling. They got an EVP of this sound, which provided some backup for what I got. When they first walked in I saw a soldier who was lying on a low platform bed look up at Jason and Steve. He was horribly ill with some sort of lung infection, coughing and wheezing regularly. I think he may have been isolated down there due to his illness. Pneumonia? TB? Whatever it was, it was fatal.

Steve and Tango also investigated around the cannons. Steve was talking about past reports of the smell of gunpowder in the area when a disembodied voice seemed to clear its throat in disagreement. Steve heard the sound as something close to “urm-hmm”. Tango heard the sound as more of a mechanical knocking sound. On EVP during the reveal it was agreed the captured sound played back was more voice like.

Britt and Jason had a chance to use a full spectrum camera that captured ultraviolet light giving everything the appearance of being dipped in grape juice.

Kris and Amy investigated the French Ovens where there had been reports of the smell of burning bread. They found a damp selection of spiders and mosquitoes but didn’t record anything else. Both women did some provoking by taunting the ghosts of any past bakers. That the bakers were terrible at their jobs and people went hungry because they burned the bread so frequently. I heard the ghost of a single French baker swear a blue streak at both women.

Amy and Britt also checked out the fist floor of the Soldiers Barracks where a former docent had seen a gray smoky figure walk through a wall.  Amy saw a black shadow standing abruptly close to her that she first assumed was Britt. However, Britt was still a reasonable distance away from Amy at the time. Britt invited the shadow to approach, when both heard a sound overhead. Amy heard the sound as a tapping, perhaps from drums. She went upstairs to investigate. Britt and Amy determined that a bench directly above their heads had just enough rock in it to duplicate the sounds they heard.

I think Amy was more on track than she knew. I saw the ghost of a young Redcoat, no more than maybe 15 years old practicing his drum routines upstairs. It was important to him to get them right. He told me he had made some sort of mistake when his unit was drilling and been roundly chewed out for it. He practiced to avoid a repeat of the experience.

Steve and Jason revealed TAPS experiences and evidence with Chris. The best part was the sudden illumination of the small attic room that not only Jason and Steve experienced, but so did Tango and Chris in a different building nearby. They touched briefly on the exhalation EVP caught in the Casements and their joint experience of hearing footsteps overhead while determining the other teams were not in the area. They shared the video that captured the sound of a door creaking open when Britt and Amy were investigating; yet nobody was there. Steve and Jason commented that they had a similar experience in the same area, which they reproduced by moving the door latch. Jason talked about Amy and Britt’s experience of drumbeats, which he thought, sounded more like footsteps. He noted that on the EVP they got faster and faster, then stopped. Chris mentioned that Fort Ticonderoga was an exceptionally quiet place, located on a peninsula with little outside noise once visitors had left the location.

I am sticking with Amy’s first impression of drumbeats due to the ghost of the teen Redcoat practicing his drum routines. This was a fun location because the ghosts perfectly played out the tug of war between France and Great Britain in the 18th Century. In the struggle to win the race for Empire, both countries waged war year in and year out just as soon as winter’s grip broke enough to launch the next attacks.



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