Ghost of Buffalo Bill

This seemed to be an episode of excuses. First stop was the Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden, Colorado. This time the guest star was Eddie McClintock of the sci-fi show Warehouse 13. He was a confirmed skeptic and other than a brief case of the chills didn’t have any experiences to change his mind.

The grave of Buffalo Bill was also close to the museum that bears his name, but I didn’t pick up any activity around his grave and TAPS didn’t investigate it.

Jason, Grant and Eddie started the investigation in the Pahash Hotel Cafe and giftshop. That building was the original museum, built by Buffalo Bill’s stepson back in 1921. Past activity told of three souvenir dolls flying off a high shelf in the gift shop. Museum Curator Betsy Martinson nixed any earthquake activity in the area citing her 25 years as a local resident. Jason and Grant pretty much chalked up the doll incident to a large heater or AC unit perched above the shelves the dolls were displayed on. However at the reveal they sort of undercut themselves by saying that the heater or AC unit could have pushed dolls over but would not have thrown them into the room, so they didn’t really know what was going on there. I don’t know either.

While Jason and Grant were looking at the climate control, Eddie went farther back into the gift shop and got a bit of the chills. Jason and Grant attributed it to EMF fields and suggested Eddie might be more sensitive to EMF than the average person. Hmmm, seems like a lot of sensitivity going on because past employee experiences with possible haunts were also dismissed as unreliable as many staffers live on site and the museum is down the hill from a dozen odd communication towers which more or less bathe the entire location in high EMF fields 24/7, 365 days a year. These towers are supposed to come down in the next year so TAPS might be back to see if anything is different then. 

Don’t you think the advance scouts for Ghost Hunters might have noticed those big towers thrumming with electricity BEFORE they flew the crew in and did a full investigation? I am sure they were noticeable in the daylight!

Steve & Tango wandered around the grounds in an area where a woman had been violently pushed by an unseen presence. They attributed the push to a combination of a bit of loose sandy soil in that spot and the high EMF fields. Funny, because I saw a ghost push her. This particular ghost kept showing up through the rest of the episode but the entire TAPS team seemed unaware of it. The pushy ghost was a man dressed up in a cowboy outfit, I believe to be a former member of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. This ghost cowboy is one ANGRY spirit.

Kris and Amy investigated in the basement of the museum which features artifacts from the legendary Wild West show. A former janitor had an experience with a white mist pushing itself into his face hard enough to push the janitor’s head back sharply. I think the white mist was the same angry cowboy who pushed the lady tourist. Kris and Amy didn’t see anything that might logically debunk or explain the experience. One of them asked if it was okay with the ghosts if these things were on display. This is the only time a got a brief impression of Buffalo Bill’s energy. He responded “Hell, yes!” and commented that he was a showman, displaying things was his line of work.  If showing artifacts from his famous show still brought crowds it was fine with him. Amy and Kris were utterly unaware of this response, nothing showed on the EVP either.

The other ghost down there was the chronically angry cowboy from the show. I didn’t get his name or many details other than he felt cheated by Bill and felt he wasn’t appropriately paid for his work in the show. That is a long time to hold a grudge over a paycheck! When Kris asked any ghost in the area if some their things were on display, the same angry cowboy pushed in the plastic sheeting that protected the items on display. The gals figured out this is what made the sound, but they didn’t follow up. The angry cowboy was trying to direct them to the area that held his props. Unfortunately the cameras never showed viewers what was in that particular display. I would be curious to know.

There was a brief and boring bit with Tango having some conversation with Eddie about Ghost Hunting 101. It felt like a preview for Ghost Hunting Academy which stars Tango and Steve as the instructors. I am looking forward to that show. Tango and Steve are two of my favorite investigators. However, that interlude had nothing to do with the investigation at hand.

Amy and Kris also investigated the museum office/storage room. They got some high EMF ratings that climbed steadily but all EMF readings for the episode were pretty much thrown out the window by Jason and Grant due to the communication towers. They were a bit startled by some sort of ventilation kicking on. The story in the office/storage room was that a modern day employee had recently died in a car accident and sometimes the staff felt he was back at the office. Apparently a number of current staff felt their hair being ruffled in the office and attributed such experiences to the guy who died in the crash. I think there were two modern era ghosts in the office. Yes the poor man who died in the crash does visit, but he seems to go straight to his old desk and mostly sit behind it. The second ghost was a woman and she was the spirit ruffling people’s hair in the office. Her intent felt playfull and affectionate.

The reveal was sad. A single EVP that seemed to have captured a “whoop” sound was about all the evidence at hand. Kris had found some history about the museum that alleged or “suggested” as Jason put it that a former employee had hung himself on the second floor. Curator Betsy’s response was noncommittal. If the hanging did take place she sure didn’t want to talk about it.

Second stop was Oakland Hall in Eatonton, Georgia. Oakland Hall predates the Civil War, but an exact date of construction was unknown. So it was built sometime prior to 1860 in the antebellum style. Reported haunting activity included voices, phantom smells, shadow people and apparitions. I would have liked to have heard more about the phantom smells.

Tanya Webber, the current tenant of Oakland Hall gave the TAPS crew a tour of hot spots. She related an experience she had had sitting on the living room couch and watching a gray mass walk in front of her left to right. I got the faint impression of a ghost of a Civil War era soldier, but I couldn’t even tell you if he was for the Union or the Confederacy. The TV in the living room and the associated DVD and VHS players had a disconcerting habit of turning themselves off while the residents were watching. One of the living room lamps had had a lightbulb suddenly explode.

The staircase leading upstairs seemed to be an uneasy spot in the house. Tanya told of walking up the stairs one evening feeling watched and nauseated. She looked down and at the foot of the stairs a shadowy presence was watching her. A former female staff member (huh? I thought this place was a private residence?) reported a similar feeling of nausea at the base of the stairs. She said she felt the air around the foot of the stairs had suddenly gotten thick.

The final hot spot was the attic. It was small and cramped. It had a tiny doorway leading off the attic proper to a closet sized space with no windows. There is a story that a family living in the home in the 1900’s had a handicapped young daughter. They kept this embarrassing child locked up in the tiny attic room where she couldn’t humiliate them. As a friend of mine who grew up in Georgia once told me, in the South they either lock their crazies up in the attic where nobody can see them, or they put them on the front porch for the world to see. Grant and Jason spent a few minutes talking about how horrible the parents of this poor girl were to have done such a thing but conceded it was a different era.

A rocking horse that supposedly moved around the attic on it’s own refused to cooperate for any of the TAPS team. I noticed it was a modern plush horse, not remotely from 1900. Jason and Grant heard an unidentified grunt, but they didn’t catch it on EVP and were not sure if it was paranormal or some rodents skittering behind the bare wood lathes of the attic roof. I believe the grunt was from the little girl who spent her childhood, if not her entire life locked up in a dark and airless room.

What I got is she did exist. She was born into this world with neurological problems my guides referred to as having a “cross wired brain”. Her embarrassment factor was increased significantly by the fact she probably had Tourette’s syndrome. Tourette’s is characterized by sudden, violent and loud verbal outbursts and physical tics. Picture a cute little seven year old girl who suddenly and violently started spurting out blue language that would shame a sailor.

Despite being an antebellum manor of great age, Oakland Hall was pretty much a modest family home. These outbursts could be heard throughout the house day and night. The wretchedly embarrassed father of this girl would loudly play a piano down in the living room to cover her outbursts. He favored loud, military tunes that would drown her out. There was one song in particular that he played a LOT to drown her out. She HATED that song! What song was it? I got “Dixie” but am not familiar with the music of that era so it could have been a different tune.

Kris and Amy were down by the foot of the stairs where tenant Tanya had felt ill and watched. Amy speculated that perhaps she had seen her own shadow, noting there were a number of windows in the rooms around the hall and stairs. Kris said nothing about the windows should have caused Tanya to see her own shadow. Um, no, I wouldn’t think so as this place was in a rural setting, no close streetlights and it was dark when Tanya had the experience. Granted shadows could have been cast involving internal light sources, but not the windows. They wandered up to the attic and asked the ghost of the little girl imprisoned up there if she liked the people who lived at the hall now. Kris and Amy got no response. I heard the girl’s ghost answer, “No, they cannot hear me.”  If the piano thing with her family was true, being heard was terribly important to this little girl.

Steve and Tango took a turn hanging out at the bottom of the stairs as well with no results. I saw a young woman make a grand entrance down those stairs. The dress had a strapless bodice with full hoop skirts. It was a spring green chiffon dress. She stoped the conversation in the living room below when she appeared.

Jason and Grant tried to duplicate the wonky TV and assorted players in the living room. They turned on the TV, DVR and VHS. The TV obliged by turning itself and the VHS player off. Grant followed the extention cord that powered the entertainment electrontics and found it came out of the wall quite easily. At this point Jason and Grant decided to bring in an electrician as they are “only plumbers”.. not for some time gents.

During the reveal the exploding lightbulb was attributed to a worn lamp cord that arced and blew the bulb. Jason stressed this was a fire hazard and they needed to get a new lamp or a new cord for the existing lamp. Well and good. Apparently the electrician had found the extention cord connected to the TV etc… sat loosely in it’s socket. Jason told Tanya to keep an eye on that and make sure the plug was securely into the wall. I have had that happen in my 50 year old home. The fix is to replace the socket, a couple dollars at the hardware store. Jamming the extention cord into the tired socket harder is only going to break down the plug faster. If a completely ordinary homeowner like me knows this and TAPS brought in an electrician (not shown on camera) WHY didn’t they suggest the safe fix that would work? A tired outlet is a fire hazard too guys… talk about a potential to arc and hey, start a fire in the wall.  I am just asking for a little common sense here.

The sole EVP at the reveal was a scratchy female voice saying “It’s…” something but the next word was unclear. I believe if was the ghost of the imprisoned girl saying, “It’s her.” Who was her? It could have been the girl’s mother who was in charge of bringing her her food and tending to her in the attic.

Grant attributed 60 percent of the haunting activity to electrical problems.

I saw a lot more going on. Remember the dark shadow at the foot of the stairs that made two women feel watched and nauseated? It was a poltergeist. Now this is where it gets a bit complicated. The poltergeist was attached to the ghost of the “cross wired” girl in the attic. Not surprisingly the little girl absolutely hated her mother, not just her father’s piano to drown out her cries. Part of that hatred got tied up with this poltergeist, feeding it. The other thing feeding the poltergeist was an unmarked, likely unknown grave deep below the foundation of the house. It was the grave of a man. There is no way to prove it as it is deep below the foundation and that ground has not been dug up for over 200 years. I got the impression he was some sort of blood sacrifice, possibly predating most European settlement. Regardless of his era, he was mad as hell about being killed. That unsettled grave combined with the intense hatred of the little girl who was denied and locked up for not “being right” created two potent and unholy energy sources for the poltergeist. The little girl did not like women, can you blame her when her mother was her jailer and her sisters mocked her?

This unhealthy trio took some sorting out but Archangel Michael took care of it. The poltergeist is gone. The little girl decided it was time to check out heaven and her grandmother met her there. I think her grandmother rocked and held her a lot when she was a cranky, unhappy baby. It was likely the most love and concern she experienced her entire life. The occupant of the deep grave has been released. The grave and the foot of the stairs have been sealed with divine energy to keep anything dark from being attracted there again. I cannot reasonably expect a paranormal investigation crew without a psychic on board to have picked up this complicated situation. I think Chip Coffey or Chris Fleming probably would have.

At the end of this episode I am wondering if electronics are now going to be the stock reason why Ghost Hunters hasn’t gotten much? The TAPS team is having a hard time of it with a string of lackluster episodes and some terrible faking bagage. I noticed many of the team members had their arms crossed in closed body languge in many of the investigation scenes. There is a lot of pressure to produce. I am wondering if maybe it isn’t much fun for the team anymore?



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