Glimmer Men

This was a yawner of an episode, Joe Chin cannot carry it all himself and Ghost Hunters seems to be striking out more than hitting recently.

Just a couple notes of activity I did pick up on both on the USS Salem and in Cornwall Jail.

John the late volunteer who has shown up as an informal tourist guide on the USS Salem, was present in this episode. Ghost John was talking about his death, it was a heart attack and he said he couldn’t breathe at the time. One of his relatives, I believe his grandfather had been in the Navy and John loved volunteering on a retired ship as it made him feel closer to his grandfather whom he adored as a child. John’s grandfather would have been a veteran of “The Great War”, as World War I was commonly called prior to 1939. Some of this information is just now coming in as John decided to visit as I was typing. John only spoke to me about his death during the episode, the rest is new from his comments as I write. The tourists were right, he is a pleasant fellow to talk to.

Going back to the episode after that little sidebar… The birthing room where past investigations have heard a woman screaming, perhaps in labor and an EVP saying “Get out” or “Get it out” was recorded. What I saw was a woman in labor but she wasn’t screaming about the baby, rather at the father of the baby, a sailor on the ship who had come into the birthing room. She was mad as hell at him and wanted him OUT of that room during her labor. She felt he had acted less than honorably in the situation. He may have had some sense of that, as he looked distinctly sheepish standing just inside the room trying not to be noticed. (A strategy that obviously failed miserably.) I think an officer may have ordered him to be there and he really didn’t want to be there any more than his former lover wanted him present.

When Jason and Grant were in the sleeping quarters Grant said,” …something moved…” but nothing was caught on their instruments. I saw a young sailor in dress whites trying to play around with them. They just didn’t have a clue he was there.

While Steve was trying to bet Tango into eating a bite of petrified cake in the bakery I noticed the bakery was set up with “display food” since the ship is currently a museum.  Was the petrified cake part of the props for the room? The only impression I got in the bakery was a sweet vanilla scent that apparently the whole crew could smell when it was an active ship. Whatever was baking was likely some sort of dessert and a favorite among the crew.

The rhythmic mechanical sound Steve and Tango heard in the ceiling was some sort of automated ventilation pump according to my guides. Did anyone else notice it sped up while Steve and Tango were talking, yet they didn’t mention it? I was annoyed when the museum contact for the show said it wasn’t any sound he had heard on the ship before. Sorry, but that was a lie. He knew exactly what it was but was so disappointed at the lack of haunting evidence he was going to grasp at straws. There isn’t a museum curator on the planet that isn’t aware of the impact of positive or negative PR on visitor rates.

Grant and Jason heard footsteps getting closer in the barbershop, no measurable evidence. I got the impression of a former Navy barber who still hung out there. Never claimed that was evidence, just my psychic input.

Joe and Amy didn’t pick up anything other than a creepy feeling of damp confinement in the machine shop. In the OR they heard a metallic screech that they thought might be a door moving by itself. The ship contact said it was more consistent with the sound of a chair being moved on the metal deck. Apparently ship employees and volunteers have heard such sounds before but a door moving would have had a “longer” duration.

The reveal was the lamest to date. I know they had nothing to show, but Jason sounded just plain silly talking about a “solid black shadowy type figure” several times. Was it a solid black figure or was it a shadow? Both in the same phrase sounded like a contradiction. I wanted to kick Grant during the final comments in the van when he said something about GH finding “different evidence” during the investigation. What evidence? I understand putting a good face on things, put come on, you folks are better than this!

The Cornwall Jail in Ontario, Canada was a small local jail, prisoner capacity 33. It had some nice architectural features dating back to its 1833 construction. Cornwall opened in 1834 and was a functioning jail until 2002, so had 168 years of operation. Keep in mind the Confederation of Canada didn’t happen until 1867 meaning Cornwall Jail’s first 33 years of operation was strictly under British rule. This is consistent with hanging being the preferred form of British execution for the era and the fate the condemned faced in the stark solitary confinement room their last night with breathing privileges.

Barb Matthew, Jail Curator talked about the ghost of a big man being seen over the years near the solitary confinement cell. I think the big man is the ghost of an old guard posted outside the cell. The expected impressions of sheer misery and fear were soaked into the walls. The only distinct impression I got IN the cell was of a condemned man lying on his back on the floor staring at the ceiling while he waited for his final dawn.  The metal shelf bed didn’t look any more comfortable than the floor. If he was a tall man, even less so.

Kris and Amy didn’t really pick anything up but the creeps in the solitary confinement cell. Kris is level headed but felt nauseated and uncomfortable. The cell was small with no window and a bunch of copper pipes, cables and wires ran in plain view at ceiling level. Their EMF meter did post high readings, so it seemed like a straightforward case of EMF induced creeps.

When Jason and Grant were in the Protective Custody area Jason asked the guards if they were afraid to step in and stop the documented rape/murder of a woman. I heard that on the contrary they enjoyed the show. There may have been some betting involved. At this point a cell door slammed off camera. I heard a sound like an intercom system coming on but Jason and Grant made no mention of it. There was a faint EVP captured of a woman screaming with a vague “wahhhh” sound to it. The screams I heard echoed off the walls, nothing vague about them.

Modern jail staff have heard the murdered woman’s screams. The documented history of this event was that the jail guards at the time simply stood and watched.  What I picked up was a nasty belief by the guards that the woman deserved her fate. There was some history of promiscuity on her part, possibly among the guards and the double standard was alive and well. Men could sleep with whoever would have them or they could force, women were held to a completely different standard of “purity”. The inmate who raped and killed her also felt betrayed by her in some way. I think she had been generous in her favors and when the men figured it out they felt betrayed.  Of course that was complete hogwash, but it was a common attitude of the time. I think she was a low class woman, perhaps a “char woman”, a lowly cleaner. This impression of class makes me think the murder probably happened during the British rule or shortly after Confederation. The year of the event was not given on the show. The clothing and uniforms of those involved in the murder placed them in this time frame.

When Kris and Amy investigated the Protective Custody area I heard music from the past. They got badly spooked by a dummy placed in one of the cells as part of the jail’s current museum.  I am cutting them some slack on this one because I have managed to do the same thing at the Citadel in Halifax and Louisburg on Cape Breton Island in Eastern Canada. Generally speaking I think both Kris and Amy are solid investigators. We all have our moments.

Steve and Tango were investigating the General Population cells and asked the ghosts, “Can you come and go as you please? I heard a succinct answer, “No.”

Reveal time was once again empty of content. I realize they cannot talk about what they don’t have in terms of recorded activity. I didn’t know that limestone buildings sometimes attract or amplify paranormal activity. Since the Cornwall Jail had a lot of limestone rock in it, once again it brings up the question, why didn’t they get more activity? They can’t all be home runs, but something is wrong with the methodology here.


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