Inhuman Entity… Yikes!

I was thoroughly disgusted with Jason and Grant on this season opener. At first I was sceptical about an inhuman entity in the Ladouceur house located in Blackstone, Massachusetts. Once I started tuning into the energy I changed my mind.

Something had shoved the end of the couch in the Ladouceur living room hard while wife/mother Roxanne was sitting on it. Also a loud booming sound was heard in the basement as if someone had hit the side of the dyer hard. Grant and Jason thought the forced air heating system caused the booming sound and attributed it to the  sheet metal ducts that expanded and contracted with heat and cooling. It was a plausible debunking but I got that the same entity that shoved the couch had also hit the side of the dryer.

I picked up on two entities, one human, one nonhuman and definitely malignant. The frightening part was they were basically melded together.

When Amy and Kris first went into the basement they immediately heard a low, gravely male voice they caught on EVP saying “Please help me.” That was the voice of a human male who had been murdered in the house. Interestingly his grave doesn’t seem to be on the property, but he was killed inside the current structure. Like most murder victims he is angry and deeply unhappy about his untimely demise. These negative emotions and his brooding on the injustice of his death attracted a malignant dark entity that was definitely not human.

I have only seen this a few times before, usually at the hidden graves of murder victims. The odd thing about this relationship is the dark entity was holding the ghost of the murder victim hostage against his will.  Kris asked the ghost if he wanted help. The murdered man definitely did want help. I think his name was Matt.

Now at the same time murdered Matt was trying to ask the girls for help the dark entity more or less glued to him was growling and chuckling, anticipating some fun messing with Amy and Kris. Apparently this didn’t happen, or if it did, wasn’t included in the show.

Later in the episode Jason and Grant were in the basement and Matt answered several questions via the K2 meter. Several things were established. There was a nonhuman creature in the house with the ghost. This creature was the source of the growls the family in residence heard.  The ghost was scared in it’s own right and was being held against it’s will by the creature.

Jason and Grant had two visits to the master bedroom where growling had been heard by owners Paul and Roxanne. The first time they were in the master bedroom I felt the most activity next to the window. In fact I heard the male ghost say his murderer “Came in the window”.  I think Matt died in the master bedroom.

During Matt’s communication via the K2 meter he indicated to Jason and Grant that the creature/entity had gained access to the house via the attic crawl space. The entrance to that crawl space was on the other side of the master bed, which separated the window from the attic crawl space. Assuming the information Matt was giving me was correct it would not be surprising for the creature/entity to come in or set up camp near the murder location.

The second time Jason and Grant were in the master bedroom was following their chat with Matt via the K2 meter down in the basement. They rushed up to the attic crawl space entrance, heard some growling beyond the access door and climbed in.  Jason’s right calf first felt cold and then hot. He raised his pant leg to find five scratches across the calf muscle.

For some reason at this point Jason and Grant decided they were NOT dealing with an inhuman entity. Grant spouted some nonsense about how a true demon entity would be throwing things around and would be accompanied by a strong stench. For starters they were in an attic crawl space, nearly everything was nailed down. How much could have been thrown about? I have yet to meet a demon or negative/nonhuman entity that stank. I suppose it could be part of such an experience but it isn’t a defining characteristic of such run ins.  At least not in my experience to date. Grant’s reasoning sounded completely absurd to me.

I think Jason and Grant didn’t know how to handle an inhuman, possibly demonic entity so they decided there wasn’t one there. They were wrong. I was furious when they dumped the problem back in the lap of the family by telling Roxanne that the family had to sit around the kitchen table and “be stern”with whatever it was. I think it was misguided and possibly dangerous to tell the Ladouceur family there was nothing dark, malignant and nonhuman in their home when there absolutely was.

Jason and Grant declined to explain WHY they thought there was a human ghost trying to pretend to be an inhuman demon other than to say the dark thing didn’t throw tables around or pull a fridge out from the wall or STINK. Good grief, this isn’t the script to a horror movie guys, it was the real thing and you left them alone with it!

Roxanne Ladouceur looked disappointed and somewhat relieved during and after the reveal. The experts had not validated her and her families experiences but they had told her nothing truly dark or dangerous was there. A false sense of security was not helpful.

I felt this situation needed more direct attention. I called in my primary guide, Archangel Michael and the highest presence of God I could access and asked for three things to happen:

1) Matt the murder victim be separated from the dark malignant entity/creature. This was done. I saw Matt head straight for heaven. His father was there to meet him. He was one relieved ghost!

2) Asked that the dark inhuman entity be detached from Matt, the house and the Ladouceur family. This was done with the usual amount of writhing and cursing. Yawn. The inhuman creature was given a choice before God. It denied God and suffered the usual fate of such things, it was completely dissolved to the last atom by the love, light and power of the divine. It is gone. It cannot bother anyone nor return to the Ladouceur house.

3) Asked that any remnants of negative energy from Matt’s murder and the dark inhuman creature be scrubbed from the house by divine light. This was done. Furthermore Archangel Michael sealed the house and the grounds to prevent any future incidents along these lines.

Hey Ghost Hunters, if you don’t know how to handle it, admit it, call in those who do. Denial is not a solution, especially for the people who have to live in the haunted or infested space. “Empowering” Roxanne Ladouceur with a false sense of security was pretty much putting her at future risk. That won’t happen since God source intervention has cleaned up the mess. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the responsibility to deal with real evil when you find it. If you cannot deal with it on camera at least deal with it once the cameras stop rolling. The people who trust in you deserve it.

The second location of this season opener was Brentsville Historic Center in Virginia. It was built as a judicial complex and included both court house and local county prison.

Alleged previous sightings included the faces of a woman and a man in the window of the judges office in the courthouse. At first I saw the pale face of a young white woman. Later I saw the fact of a young white male looking out from the same window. Interestingly prior accounts included the face of Virginia, a black slave woman who had been executed for murdering her master.

When Kris and Amy where in the Judges office on the second floor of the courthouse they were trying to establish contact with this doomed slave. They didn’t get much in the way of a response. Yet, Virginia was quite upset about the girls saying if she didn’t communicate with them that they would tell all their friends she was guilty. I realize Kris and Amy were trying to provoke. I don’t know why Virginia didn’t communicate with them. The story Virginia told me about her guilt or innocence was a bit more complicated than was she guilty or not. Did she kill her master? Yes. The part that didn’t come up in the show is her white male master had tried to rape her. She paniced, fought him off and killed him in the process. Tragically for her, any slave in her era who killed a white person was automatically condemned to death regardless of the circumstances. She did swing for her crime. Today her actions would be seen as self defence.

I had the uncomfortable impression Virginia spent some involuntary time in the Judge’s office being similarly abused. She sure seemed to draw unwanted male attention. That would lead me to speculate that she was probably young and attractive.  I wonder if a picture of her survives? By the time I saw her she had been ill used repeatedly, been condemned to death and spent some time in the wretched local prison next door to the courthouse. That set or circumstances would make anyone look less than attractive. To me she looked exhausted, tired and afraid. She probably had lost some weight waiting for the court system to move as she had loose flesh around her neck.  I definitely saw her BEFORE her hanging, not after. Seen enough ghosts after to know the difference.

Grant and Jason had a puzzling time with their thermal camera as they approached the jail. Jason described it as a vague humanoid figure that had burned itself into the lens of the camera until it suddenly vanished. I thought Tango and Steve did a good bit of potential debunking by superimposing Jason’s outline over the figure in the thermal image to rule out Jason and Grant’s reflections. The outlines didn’t match up, but good thinking!

I don’t have a satisfactory answer for that mysterious thermal image. The only impression I got was of a soldier watching Jason and Grant from about three-quarters of the way down the ground floor hallway of the jail as they approached the building. This ghost soldier was wondering who they were.

When Jason and Grant were on the second floor of the jail they heard numerous footsteps above their heads. One floor up was the attic of the jail. Grant stuck his head and camera up there through an access hatch but didn’t see nor record anything. I saw a prisoner up there pacing the floor. I think the attic of the jail was sometimes used as solitary confinement for certain prisoner’s. This particular prisoner was a soldier, an officer if his coat was any indication. It was much too fine for rank and file. Whatever trouble he was in, it upset him enough to keep him pacing the highest point of the attic over and over.

It was disappointing that TAPS didn’t see or record more activity at this location. Grant had a good point, often documenting paranormal activity is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. It didn’t happen to be their night.



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