La Purisima Misson

I just saw the new episode (6/19/09) at the La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, California. There was a lot going on in that show.

The priest in charge of the mission from 1815-1823, Fr. Payearas is definitely still in residence! Zak and his crew had some experiences with him during lockdown. As a medium, the impression I got was that Fr. Payearas remains at the mission because he feels responsible for those who remain from his era. He still wants to take care of them. His energy felt kind and fairly gentle.

The weaving room was interesting too. I saw women laughing and clapping as they did their work. Zak and his crew picked up ghostly flute music on EVP when they were out of the room. I think there was a chant that went along with the music and helped the weavers keep time with their looms. The clapping may have been part of that weaving routine.

The corner of the weaving room that Zak recorded wildly fluctuating temperatures had the ghosts of three women present. I think they were former weavers. I got the impression they were laughing at and playing with Zak and his digital thermometer.

When Zak laid down on one of the cots in the old infirmary, he felt stiff, like he could not move. I got the impression the ghost who was influencing this stiffness had died in that cot of lockjaw/tetanus. Pretty nasty way to die, to bad the poor man was still there.

The mission volunteer dressed as a Spanish soldier talked about sleeping alone in the married soldiers quarters one night and waking up to see the ghost of a hostile Spanish soldier in the doorway of the room. The ghost advanced closer and closer until it grabbed Carlos by the throat and did a credible job of trying to throttle him. I heard the ghost saying to Carlos, “That is MY bed!” He didn’t like Carlos in it one bit! I am wondering, could the angry ghost soldier have been a bit confused, since Carlos was dressed in a period uniform, maybe this hostile ghost thought a real soldier of his own era had taken over HIS cot?

The Spanish solider they caught in the battlefield was uttering a war cry. I didn’t hear the words exactly and sadly I don’t speak Spanish, but the intent sounded something like, “To me, to me!” Although the tiny thermal image of the solider didn’t show this, I saw the man repeatedly calling out the battle cry had his right arm raised up so his troops could see him.

Early in the show I had to laugh when Zak was shown the chapel. As Mr. Senate talked about seeing three Indians kneeling in prayer in the chapel during a previous ghost hunt there, I saw the three Indian men clearly (but I see a lot of spirits clearly) and they didn’t seem happy. They were not exactly hostile, but they had a few bones to pick with these modern day intruders. I asked them, “What do you want these modern people to know?” I got back two things: 1) They didn’t like Zak and everyone else, tourists included tramping through the chapel, they considered it their space.  2) They didn’t like the recreations staged throughout the mission. I asked why not, they responded that for starters everything was too clean! They told me the mission had NEVER been THAT CLEAN when it was in full operation.

The unfortunate Vincente who was murdered by his rival over the affections of Anita was buried directly under the cot Zak was laying on in the mission’s jail cell. He was buried curled up in the fetal position. Since he was a murder victim according to the story told at the Mission, there was no care taken to lay him out with respect. The idea was to get him out of sight as quickly as possible. So, I wasn’t surprised when Zak’s EVP came back with some indistinct words and then the name Vincente. I think Vincente was wondering what this gringo was doing on his grave! I didn’t really get hostility, more curiosity, like, “Hey, what is going on here, who are you?”

The venture into the recreated Indian village was a bit confusing for the ghosts. Zak had brought a recording of some of the music these people would have made when they were alive. It generated a lot of interest, I felt a number of ghosts converge on Zak and Aaron when the music started to play… however they were asking, “Have they come back?” I think the ghosts initially thought the music Zak was playing heralded the return of their friends and family who once lived on that site when it was an active village. They were not angry, but disappointed when they realized, no their kin had not returned. That is when they started playing with Zak and Aaron. I thought Zak bringing a recording of music similar to what they would have played for themselves was a clever way to get their attention.



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