Linda Vista Hospital

Zak, Nick and Aaron could hardly get a word in edgewise without being interrupted by ghosts at Linda Vista Hospital in East Lost Angeles, California.

Linda Vista Hospital property has hosted at least three different hospitals since 1904. It started out as the Santa Fe Railroad Hospital. It was reconstructed in 1924 and underwent a number of upgrades and re-designations. In the 1970’s and 80’s Linda Vista handled the overwhelming influx of gang related violence patients. It was closed down by 1990 after rumors of botched surgeries and exceptionally high fatalities prompted a number of lawsuits.

When Ghost Adventures entered Linda Vista Hospital they found old patient records scattered on the floors. The whole facility looked like it was evacuated in a hurry with beds, chairs, incubators and cribs lining the walls or still in treatment or patient rooms.

Past paranormal activity included reports of ghostly attacks, full body apparitions and disembodied voices. Zak and his team experienced most of these during the investigation.

Even the walk through with a variety of local investigators relating their experiences was jam packed with paranormal events. Zak and Nick found the basement boiler room/incinerator an uncomfortable space that immediately drained their energy. Zak was visibly upset to find bone chips and ashes of human remains in the drawer of the body incinerator.  Sid who helped with the walkthrough mentioned that unidentified and unclaimed bodies were often burned. As the three men left the boiler room Sid commented that the incinerator’s box of ashes was probably someones final resting place. My guides chimed in and said it was MANY individuals resting place. I am not familiar with the correct protocol for disposing of human ashes, but I think poking around that basement would find stashes of ashes that never made it out of the room. There are more down there in odd corners and nonstandard containers than what Zak found in the incinerator.

During the walkthrough Kirsten noticed a surgeon’s chair had moved from a nearby office out into the first floor hallway. She mentioned it had a history of doing this. Ghost Adventures set up an X camera on that chair and later in the episode got a video of a mist moving in front of it that could not be debunked as caused by passing vehicle headlights or camera reflections even when reviewed by a paranormal video expert.

What I got about that chair is it once belonged to a surgeon at Linda Vista who had the misfortune to have a prominent gang member die on his operating table. The surgeon did not kill this particular patient, he simply couldn’t save the man. He did everything he could medically but I think the patient just bled out, too much chest and abdominal trauma. Members of the dead man’s gang didn’t see it that way and the surgeon was executed in retribution for the death of a respected gang leader.

Zak, Aaron, Kirstin and Layla approached the entrance to the surgical suite where Kirstin and Layla had captured an EVP of a little girl humming during a past investigation.  The same little girl showed up again during walkthrough and was heard once again humming, this time it was caught on Zak’s DVR. Each time Zak asked the litte girl a question the audio on Aaron’s camera would go crazy and die for a moment, then come back. As Zak said this little girl was definitely trying to make contact. Also during this interlude several unclear male voices were caught on two more EVP’s.

The story behind this ghost girl was entirely too common among the patients at Linda Vista Hospital. She was five years old the day she and her mother were brought in. Both suffered gunshot wounds sustained during a drive by shooting. The mother was in much worse shape than the daughter, so was taken into surgery first. The little girl who had a bullet wound in her right arm and was told to wait outside the operating room for her mother. The mother didn’t make it. The little girl died a few days later. I got a nasty impression her wound was not tended correctly and she died of sepsis. Nobody should die of sepsis (blood infection) in a first world hospital.  I was shown the angry red streaks heading up her arm in the direction of her heart. What a waste. So she was still hanging outside the surgical suites, waiting for her Mom to collect her. I was grateful when Archangel Michael was able to reunite the mother and daughter and help them pass into the light of God together. I didn’t get to see much of their welcoming committee, just enough to know there was one.

Joe and Rebeca Mendoza of 3AM Paranormal (I just love that name!) shared their experiences with Zak. Joe talked about seeing shadows of arms waving against the walls on the first floor. He and his wife had also frequently heard the sound of long gone gurney wheels rolling in the hallways. Rebeca shared a run in with the aggressive shade of a former doctor who had provided some unpleasant EVP’s in past investigations.  She backed off feeling the doctor’s ghost would have been aggressive and hostile if she had stood her ground.

Other eyewitness accounts told of being touched on the shoulder in the Old Morgue. That touch felt like static electricity, something Zak made a point of telling the audience he and his crew experienced on a regular basis in a variety of locations.

Ghost Adventures was somewhat taken aback to be told Linda Vista had a mental ward that was connected to the main hospital building by an underground tunnel. That immediately became an investigation must see.

A young woman named Lynly shared with Zak her experiences in room 323 in the mental ward. She had entered the room alone during a past investigation and felt something push her out of the room. She had the presence of mind to have a friend take a picture of the scratch marks on her back.

When the sun finally went down, Ghost Adventures couldn’t even set up their cameras before things started happening. Zak was explaining that the first floor hallway of the main hospital would have thee X cameras on it, including one dedicated to the migrating chair when a scream was heard by the whole team and caught on EVP. The scream was followed buy an unclear disembodied voice also caught on EVP.

The official part of the investigation started in the underground tunnel that connected the main hospital to the mental ward. Zak, Nick and Aaron were instantly surrounded by ghosts. They were a pushy lot, some curious, but many indulging in trash talk. The crew didn’t seem aware of the horde of ghosts taunting them.

Zak started asking questions, “Are there any patients who need a lot of help?” I heard a woman scream “Help me!” but it wasn’t caught on tape.  However Nick did get a response on his DVR of a ghost saying, “Maybe.”

Zak felt a presence next to him and picked up a singing female voice EVP. He thought it was the little girl from the surgical suites earlier in the day. He tried to be reassuring telling her the guys were not there to hurt her. He got an EVP response of, “Stop it!”

A moment later Nick felt something behind him and an EVP was picked up saying, “Nick….” followed by undefined whispering.

Zak realized the crew was right next to room 323, where Lynly had been attacked. I felt a male presence in the room, but it was afraid of Zak and held back in the far left corner of the room.  Zak challenged this presence demanding to know if this was the spirit that had attacked Lynly. He got an EVP in response, a bang followed by an indistinct voice.

Aaron had more luck when he asked the presence in room 323 “Did you like pushing that girl? Did you get a kick out of that? His EVP was taunting, “Ready or not… here I come.” Apparently the ghost in room 323 was not afraid of Aaron.

While Ghost Adventures were in the mental ward, their static night vision cameras were picking up all kinds of things on the first floor corridor of the main hospital. Twenty-two minutes after the team left the back to back cameras on the first floor; one picked up an EVP of an unexplained male voice. The opposite camera recorded a strobing orb moving around the door 29 minutes after the crew left the area. Fifty-one minutes after setup the third first floor camera picked up the white mist that Ghost Adventures estimated was around six feet tall by using the adjoining wall as a guide. The mist was right in front of the murdered surgeon’s chair.

As the team headed back to the surgical suite Zak was unaware of the ghost of a slim young man pacing behind him, matching him step by step down the hall. I didn’t sense malice, just messing with Zak. Too bad he didn’t notice.

Once they got to the surgical suite two EVP’s were caught in short order. The first one was a disembodied moan, followed shortly by labored breathing common in patients who were on oxygen. At this point I saw an elderly black man groaning in pain as he clutched his abdomen. I didn’t see any blood, so I think the trouble was internal. Zak asked him to talk after he heard the moaning, but the ghost of the hurting man told he “can’t talk” he was in too much pain. I think it was the same ghost who gave the team the EVP of labored breathing.

Zak challenged any ghosts in the area to touch one of the Ghost Adventures crew. Aaron got immediate results, running away from something down the hall yelling, “no, no, no, no, no” a he ran. At this moment he got an EVP of a scream and more unexplained noises.

Zak asked if any of the ghosts around him had been in a gang and also wanted to know what year they died. Nothing was really picked up on that question but I heard the ghost of a young man say yes he had been in a gang and had died in the hospital in 1987.

The guys tried to get back in contact with the little girl who had hummed for them earlier. Nick asked if she was there and got an EVP of a mumbling little girl’s voice followed by a heavy exhalation that seemed to belong to a different ghost. I think the heavy sigh was caused by the ghost girls equally dead mother.

Nick asked, “Little girl are you here?” and several odd things happened at once. Nick’s camera froze for a second.  So did Aaron’s for the same second. Nick freaked out at this moment when he saw a figure right in front of his face. At first he described it as a girl saying she was young but a few minutes later described the figure as a woman. What I got at the time is it was the mother of the litte girl feeling protective, as in, what do you want with my baby? As Nick freaked Zak got an EVP saying, “Thank you”. I think the mother realized they had no bad intentions and were just trying to make contact.

Zak pulled out his database box, this time wired to a speaker instead of goggles. Zak asked, “Did we just see you?” In real time he heard back, “Yeah, you did. Yeah.” Zak followed up, “What are you trying to tell us?” The answer came back immediately, “Leave.” I think the ghosts shifted between the first answer and the second. The second speaker was male and angry. Zak asked, “Why are you trying to get us to leave? The somewhat puzzling response was, “Dead”.

When nothing else came out of the box, the Ghost Adventures crew got ready to move on. This wasn’t caught by their equipment but I heard the old man with the sore abdomen plead, “Don’t leave me”

One of the most disturbing things that came up during the episode was the ghost of a pregnant young woman who told me about forced abortions at Linda Vista. In her case she was told she was coming in for an annual pap smear test. They stuck a needle in her arm and when she woke up her “baby was gone”, she wasn’t pregnant any more. I think they did a D&C on a healthy, wanted pregnancy. Evidently some of the other parties involved didn’t want the baby, but the girl who suffered that experience certainly did.

Another bit of information I could have happily lived without was that according to some ghosts in the hospital and my guides… some of the surgeons had a nasty habit of playing God. If someone they thought was a waste of breath ended up on their tables, they never woke up.  Any questions about cause of death in such cases were often impossible to answer as those bodies found their way to the incinerator before the families could order autopsies.  I do NOT think every surgeon at Linda Vista was like this, but there were more than one or two that took matters into their own hands. I suppose they thought they were saving lives or a lot of pain and heartbreak certain patients were likely to cause once they got out of the hospital. Regardless, what they did was murder.

Just to be clear, I don’t have any names, I couldn’t point a finger at individuals if I tried. This was simply another stream of information that came up during the episode. Who did what, when and to whom are questions I leave up to the families and lawyers of those impacted.



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