Moon River Brewing Company

I saw three “major” ghosts in the Moon River Brewing Company building in Savannah, Georgia.  They were the lady in white, the basement strangler and the bartenders black mist.

The lady in white was a prostitute that I think likely dates back to the buildings era as the First City Hotel which opened it’s doors in 1826. She told me her name was Molly.

Back in the 1990’s a construction foreman was working on renovating the third floor of the brewery. His wife brought him lunch and during that brief visit was pushed down the stairs by the lady in white. I saw that event take place via remote viewing. Molly was muttering about hating “respectable women” as she pushed the foreman’s wife down the stairs.

Molly was responsible for nearly all the vocal interaction with Zak and Aaron on the third floor via both EVP and Zak’s electronic database ghost box.

Zak who would likely provoke a saint let alone a mere ghost asked if the lady in white was the notorious ghost who pushed people down stairs. The responding EVP said, “don’t do that” in a female voice. Zak then invited Molly to push him down the stairs. He wobbled a bit, but was not shoved. The second EVP response to this was, “… I don’t wanna…” in a peevish woman’s voice. I got that Molly did not like being called the “notorious one” nor did she like being told what to do, such as pushing Zak down the stairs.

Zak was further provoking the ghosts on the third floor by putting up a ladder and announcing his intent to renovate the space. This has been attempted a number of times over the last 200 years but never completed. During the walk through Zak was told about missing tools, things being thrown and generally a lot of hostile activity any time renovations were attempted.

Zak and Aaron got some great responses from Molly over the ladder. Two sets of words made a lot more sense to me when Molly told me some of her story. The first set of words was, “remove” then, “step”. She didn’t want the ladder Zak had put up to stay up. Zak challenged her by asking what would she do if he didn’t take it down. She responded via the box, “yell”. Shortly thereafter she did scream loudly and Zak got a great EVP not only of her scream but of a male voice saying, “They got___” I got a visual of the male ghost who said that. He was an 1800’s gambler, complete with a burnt orange suede vest, gold watch and dark hair and beard. He was amused by Zak’s tactics. If I had to guess what the missing word in the EVP was I would say it was likely “balls”. I think the male ghost was commenting that Zak and crew, “They got balls”.

The seond set of words Molly gave Zak and Aaron was “gender” followed by “sister”. I asked Molly about this and she told me that she had once been a respectable woman but her circumstances had changed. Whatever happened she felt betrayed by it. Was another woman involved in Molly’s fall from grace? She said she had “ended up a whore” and was “forever disgraced” by that humiliation. Molly had a younger sister she supported via her prostitution. The younger sister was thus able to stay respectable and her way was paid literally on Molly’s back. This bitter sacrifice still rankles deeply with Molly. She was crying, tears rolling down her face as she told me her story. Unfortunately this part of her story and the phrases “ended up a whore” and “forever disgraced” were not picked up by Zak or his equipment. As a medium that is what I heard, but you will have to take my word for it.

The bartenders short black mist that came out of the brick wall and stood watching them for a good five minutes was definitely negative energy. Oddly I got dual images as the bartender was telling Zak the story. The first one was the black mist, exactly as described. The second image was a four year old boy who had the furtive air of a child who has snuck out of bed to watch the adult party and knows perfectly well they should not be there. The boy manifested completely in black. I asked why I got two images with that event and was told that the black mist and young boy “travel together”. I couldn’t get any clarification about what that meant. The boy didn’t seem evil, the mist was. Don’t know why or how they are linked.

The ghost who tried to strangle publisher Christina Piva was the same one that possessed Nick in the basement of the brewery. When Christina was describing her terrifying experience I saw the ghost as a bald, white male with a barrel chest and arms to match. Every time I saw him in this episode he was dressed entirely in black. This ghost was intelligent and just plain evil. For lack of a name I am going to call him the bad ass ghost.

Bad ass was the origin of the lights Zak and Nick saw flying around the basement and giving them headaches when they entered the guys heads. I saw the bad ass ghost grab Zak by the back of the neck and violently push his body back and forth. Small wonder it was tender!

I completely agree with the local paranormal society that said Nick was temporarily possessed. The look the bad ass ghost directly gave the camera while in Nick’s body was the same stare I saw when he tried to strangle Christina. I sensed the exact moment the bad ass ghost took over Nick and when he left. The strange black shadow Zak couldn’t account for was the ghost leaving Nick’s body.

I have had this experience before, in more positive circumstances, specifically confirmation of Catholic teens. I can sense the EXACT moment the transfer of divine energy from the sacrament impacts the teens being blessed. Such ceremonies can be quite long and I frequently keep myself alert by practicing sensing this transfer of divine energy. Good and evil feel very different, duh, but my ability to sense the change in a human body is the same. Nick was not home for a few moments. Zak realized it right about the time I did and backed away from Nick. At the end of the show Nick recounted his experience when he blacked out (was possessed). He said he heard voices in his head telling him to “kill them, kill them” meaning Zak and Aaron. This bad ass ghost was absolutely evil.

I hope Zak, Nick and Aaron did a bit of divine light energetic cleansing after this particular episode. I rarely sense true evil, but the bad ass basement strangler was. I asked my guides to tone him down a bit and that was done. I think Zak and crew are probably good about clearing themselves after a shoot as we see them repeatedly at intensely haunted locations. Not all haunted locations are evil, but some have some dark entities in them, no doubt.

More benign was the ghost of a Union soldier police officer Chris Parker saw in the bar in 2007. At the time Parker was there as a bar patron and saw a Union soldier standing in the old fashioned metal phone booth in the bar. This thing is painted English racing green and looks like something Dr. Who might travel around in. What I saw was this particular Union soldier washing his hands in a stone sink. Plumbing was not common in the 1860’s but was definitely in use, especially in nicer homes and establishments. I would be curious to know if plumbing still exists in the wall behind the phone booth in the bar.

Early into lock down Zak heard furniture being moved around on the floor above him. Zak and Aaron raced up the stairs but found nothing. Right as Zak heard the sounds I got a visual of a wooden chair being drug across the floor. When Zak reached the empty landing on the floor above he identified a small square table as the cause of the sounds. Look closely to the left behind Zak and the table and you will see a wooden chair tucked into the corner of the landing. This time I am going to have to disagree with Zak. I think the chair was moved causing the noises he heard, not the table.

Before lock down Zak went searching for exits from the tunnel in the basement brewery the ghosts had lead him to. I knew before he poked his head in that something would pop out at him, but had no idea it would be a CAT! That was so funny! Zak had the grace to laugh at himself about it.

I am repeatedly impressed by the evidence Zak, Aaron and Nick get on electronic devices. I am impatient for the day his electronic database/ghost box is refined enough so that others who are not mediums can hear what I hear. Ghosts are simply people without bodies and their stories are absolutely fascinating.



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