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I was also taken aback by Edy Nathan’s insistence that Bryson’s Mom must detach from her son to a greater degree. However I think she had a good point if not for the reason she stated, that Judi was limiting Bryson’s growth as a person and with his abilities. I think as long as Judi acted as an emotional buffer between Bryson and his stepdad Jim that the two could not establish an honest relationship between themselves, challenges and all.

I also wondered if the kids profiled on the show go back to a lot of garbage at school. My hope is that since their experiences and perceptions are frequently confirmed by Chris or Chip and sometimes other guest psychics that the boys experiences will have more credibility in the eyes of both their peers and their families. Hiding indefinitely doesn’t really work. Even when trying to pass as normal or non-psychic  something eventually slips out that I or any other psychic would have no way of knowing about.

I thought it was AWESOME that Colt’s Dad Merrill had several paranormal experiences of his own during the retreat. That cannot but help make Merrill more understanding of his son’s paranormal experiences.

Having each other to talk to periodically I think Bryson and Colt will feel considerably less isolated. Both boys showed great courage during their solo stints in the Mauch Chunk Opera House. Facing fears is HARD, but they made a good start of it. More confidence in their abilities will make facing ongoing fears easier. It isn’t like you face your fear of the paranormal once and are never taken aback or surprised again. The choice to move past fear or refuse to give into it is an ongoing process. I think the most significant thing Chris taught Bryson was that he could command the spirits bothering him at night to leave him alone. Realizing he had his own power and wasn’t a victim of the spirits around him will change the nature of his future paranormal experiences.

Many times I have had icky entities try to get in my face and scare me silly. I just look at them and say knock it off. They don’t know what to do because I don’t react the way they expected. Once fear is taken out of their arsenal they are mostly pathetic creatures. Also not every ghost or spirit that gets into a psychics personal space is dark. Some are just terribly needy and wounded. It is okay to establish boundaries with the needy spirits too.

Chris apologized to Colton for getting so emotional when working Colt’s Mom and Edy. I think it was good for the parents to see the lingering pain and damage caused when they don’t accept their children’s gifts and try to find excuses for paranormal experiences. It is a rough road and many psychics have been down it solo as children and young adults. Some make it like Chip or Chris. Some don’t. Many are not as lucky as Bryson was after his forced hospitalization for suspected schizophrenia. Bryson was observed for three days and released with no sign of mental illness. Many paranormal people are labeled and ruined for life thinking they are crazy when they are simply psychic.

Of course, mental illness exists, but not everyone who sees or hears things that are not there according to those around them are mentally ill. The tricky situations are those who have a bit of both, paranormal sensitivities AND mental illness. As Chris told the boys, they won’t ever convince everyone around them that their gifts and experiences are real. The critically important thing is the boys know for themselves their experiences and abilities are real.

I also would have liked to have seen more of the cell in the basement. Before Mrs. Packer warned the boys to not open the door to the cell in the basement, I saw leather wrist restraints chained to the wall beyond the door. Bryson thought she had died down there. I disagree. She often thought she would die in that cell of horrors, but she didn’t. According to the current owner she lived in the mansion until her own death in 1911.

During their first walkthrough, I think the boys picked up on two different women. The woman in the stairwell that Chris saw the moment he entered the Harry Packer Mansion was Mrs. Henry Packer. She followed the boys and Chris upstairs during their first walkthrough. The woman sitting on the gold upholstered love seat on the second floor landing was her daughter. They looked remarkably alike and had the same smile.

Bob, the current owner of the Harry Packer Mansion said it was built in 1874 as a “wedding present house”. Harry Packer was a terrible drunk and he was required by his father to marry, settle down and start a family or be cut off. Fortunately for Mrs. Packer he died of cirrhosis of the liver by age 34.

When I asked Mrs. Packer what her first name was she wouldn’t tell me, saying that her identity was erased when she marred Harry Packer. She also bitterly informed me she was “sold into marriage” by her own father who wanted to see her provided for. The Packers had major money, so it was seen as a good match for her. When Harry died young she was relieved, even glad. She wanted out long before his death but told me that appearances had to be maintained. She never spoke about the cell in the basement or how he beat and tortured her there. I think she and Harry had two children, first a girl, which pissed Harry off to no end and then the wanted boy.

I saw a couple figures beaten in the house by Harry, not just his wife. Up on the second floor when Chris, Bryson and Colt walked into a bedroom I saw the ghost of a young male servant react with fear when he saw them. The servant cringed because thought they were Harry and that he would be beaten again. Down in the awful basement Harry’s child son was also periodically whipped by his father. I saw fear, tears, begging to be let off and terrible pain because nobody could get through to Harry when he was in the midst of a booze fueled rage.

Giving both Bryson and Colt EVP meter and DVR recorders was a nice touch. I supsect they will have a wonderful time ghost hunting together. Being on the show may also result in invitations to ghost hunt with other regional investigative groups. So the PR about their gifts won’t just give the ignorant kids at school ammunition.



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