Haunted Attic

Siblings Devon, 17 and Lauren, 11 joined 15 year-old Peri in exploring their psychic gifts with the help of Psychic Medium Kim Russo at Captain Grant’s first built for the Grant family in 1754. Located in Poquetanuck (Mystic Area), Connecticut today Captain Grant’s, 1754 is a bed and breakfast with many reports of paranormal activity.

Devon is an empath and his trouble was shutting down enough to enjoy his own energy. Instead it was being pulled away from him by uncontrolled “threads” sometimes called energy cords between him and nearly everyone around him. His situation was complicated by the fact his mother Sandy has a chronic disease, MS. Devon often felt his Mom’s pain. I think he was trying to bear some of it for her. Many empaths do this without even realizing it.

Devon’s little sister Lauren was psychically sensitive but usually saw only tiny dots of light or small orbs instead of full figures.

Peri was miserable because she never had any private time or space to regroup. She lived in a constant crowd of ghosts and the dead. She had an unhealthy connection with the spirit of a man she called Mr. Smith. She felt he had killed her in a past life and has long been hanging around harassing and frightening her in her current life. I was not satisfied with the resolution Peri’s relationship with Mr. Smith. As Kim suggested when working with her, I think Peri will miss him. There was some sort of benefit to Peri to having Mr. Smith around even though he terrified her. I hope that was explored and addressed off camera.

Kim Russo greeted the teens at Captain Grant’s. This was my first exposure to Kim and I liked what I saw. She was a solid medium and had some good tools to teach the teens. She nailed the original occupants of the home who were still around in ghost form. Kim identified Mercy Adelaide Avery Grant’s ghost in a second floor bedroom. I felt Mercy was frequently in or on the bed. However many past guests have reported the shade of a little girl walking through them in the bathroom attached to Adelaide’s room. Interesting to me that Kim picked up on Mercy’s middle name. Mercy Adelaide found it easy to chat with Kim who asked owner Carol “Who was Captain Bill?” Carol confirmed Captain Bill built the home for his family and was the husband of Adelaide. Kim commented that Adelaide had just told her that. I believe her. I think Adelaide likely died in that bedroom and was ill for a long time before her death, thus her energy was reclining on the right side of the bed.

The little girl ghost in the bathroom was connected to the Grant family. I believe she was the daughter of Captain Bill and Adelaide. She had severe health problems. I think her ghost hangs out in the bathroom because when she felt herself getting ill she headed into the bathroom to try and feel better.

The first night of investigation Kim brought the teens up to Adelaide’s bedroom and bathroom. All three teens felt the little girl. Both Devon and Peri were uncomfortable around the girl ghost. All the teens were pulled up into the attic. Peri, Devon and Lauren all felt the presence of Captain Bill in the attic. Devon got freezing cold. Peri was paniced by the energy and Lauren also felt threatened, as if Captain Bill didn’t want them upstairs. The teens left the attic quickly feeling overwhelmed and rattled.

Peri’s parents, Pam and Dom talked to Devon and Lauren’s Mom, Sandy and Psychologist Edy Nathan about how helpless they have long felt to help Peri. Sandy shared her intense guilt that Devon felt her chronic MS pain.

I liked the exercise the medical intuitive taught Devon on how to run energy from the base of his spine out through his hands to create a safe and private zone where he could maintain his own physical energy. I do wish she had explained what the exercise did a little more. As far as I could tell the circle or conduit of energy dissolved the “threads” Devon could see and feel connecting him to everyone elses emotions and physical states. Devon visibly perked up as soon as he tried the exercise, so it worked for him.

Edy and Kim conferred about the intense energetic tie between Devon and his mom Sandy. They talked to Devon about it and had him ask his Mom to please try to brush the energetic threads connecting them aside. I would have liked to have seen Devon taught some more definitive tools for cutting those threads and keeping them cut. Otherwise I wonder, will they simply reconnect between him and his Mom? This may have been done, simply not included in the episode due to time constraints.  

Day two Kim and the teens walked around an area knee deep in green plants. As they stepped over a stone retaining wall I knew there were graves in the area. So I wasn’t surprised when the spirits lead Devon and Peri to an old, overgrown graveyard. They picked up on the fact the graveyard was connected to the Civil War. It did have Civil War burials in it, but the ghosts who really wanted their attention identified themselves as Henry and Joseph. Peri and Devon were drawn to a family stone that included both names. Henry’s year of death was listed as 1882 on his stone. I wasn’t able to read Joseph’s death year. Why were they drawn to this stone? All I got was that Henry and Joseph were somehow connected to Captain Grant’s community. There was some sort of tie to the Grant family.

I was proud of Peri and Devon for wanting to go back up to the attic at Captain Grant’s the second night. Lauren and Kim went with them. Peri become intensely afraid and upset not only due to Captain Bill’s energy but because she felt the dreaded Mr. Smith approaching her. Kim was blunt, Peri had a choice to leave the attic as she stated she definitely wanted to do, or take the opportunity to face her fear and get rid of Mr. Smith and start establishing boundires. All four held hands and created a circle of energy around them that DID break Mr. Smith’s ties to Peri and also pushed away Captain Bill and a few other ghosts in the attic. I could feel the moment it worked and so could the teens. They were visibly relieved and excited to feel it work. The best part of Psychic Kids are those lightbulb moments when young and often terrified people realize they have the authority to claim their personal, emotional, physical and personal psychic space! It is marvelous to watch and feel that transformation take place.

Kim worked with Lauren who instead of fearing her gifts wanted to develop them beyond dots of orbs. Kim taught Lauren how to use her third eye. Kim didn’t use that term, instead calling it the “mind’s eye” but that is what she was doing. Lauren took to it like a duck to water and was excited to see her first full body spirit image. I think she probably saw Captain Bill as she drew a full figure wearing a formal top hat.

The first time the group went into the attic I got quite a bit of information about Captain Bill and his family. Devon felt terribly cold and thought the male presence the group was feeling might have been a fisherman. I asked Captain Bill about it and learned two things. One, Captain William Grant drowned at sea, thus the cold sensation and likely the odd feeling Peri had in her throat as Devon started to shake. Captain Bill laughed at the idea that he was a fisherman, quipping that he had hauled his fair share of salt cod, but wasn’t in the habit of catching it himself. Devon was on the right track in associating Captain Bill’s presence with the sea.

Since he died by drowning I asked Captain Bill what was he doing hanging out in his attic? That sure wasn’t where he perished. I sensed not only Captain Bill in the attic but the ghost girl most guests at the B&B experience in Adelaide’s bathroom. The girl was an epileptic, prone to sudden and violent seizures with little notice. She would feel the bad ones coming on and would head to the bathroom. I think she might have felt safer in a smaller space, or at least it was easier to clean up depending on how bloody things got with her convulsions. In the 1750’s nobody knew what to do for convulsions or had any idea that they were a medical condition. I think eventually this little girl was confined to the attic. Captain Bill was furious that his daughter was not normal. He wanted her out of sight so she wouldn’t be an embarrassment to the family. When I asked him why he was hanging out in his attic he told me he “had to check on the girl”. I noticed he didn’t use her name, she was just the girl, the secret shame.

A quick visit to the B&B website showed Captain Bill’s dedication of his home;
“Let it be known that on this date,
I, William Grant, hath built a home
suitable for my wife Mercy and our
sons who God wilth provide for us.
God save the King.”
February 13, 1754

His sickly and tragically misunderstood daughter was a desperate disappointment to him. I feel sorry for both of them and think it is sad Captain Bill felt he had to continue as his daughter’s jailer after death.

I don’t know if Kim will be a regular host on Psychic Kids, but she did a good job with this group. Like Chip and Chris, she kept centered and calm despite the flurry of fear and emotions around her from both the teens and the ghosts.

I wish the Grant family had more peace.



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