Egyptian Theatre, Boise, ID

This 2009 episode focused on the 1927 Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise, ID.

I swear they didn’t have enough material to fill a half hour on the Egyptian Theatre so viewers were taken on a whirlwind tour of other haunted Boise hotspots. Highlights included a ghostly baby crying in a nearby pioneer graveyard, the China Blue night club where a woman died in a elevator (stroke), and a hair raising account of the unhappy souls inhabiting the 1869 Idaho State Penitentiary. The expected heeled footsteps (of past guards) and the shade of killer Raymond Snowden whose hanging execution was botched were relayed to maximum creep effect.

Finally in the last 15 min. of the show they got down to business at the Egyptian Theatre. In 1927 Egypt mania swept the West with the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. Allegedly all the Egyptian motifs and figures adorning the interior were taken from the famous Egyptian “Book of the Dead”. Well, okay, but I swear I have never seen a Pharaoh’s headdress that featured jug ears.  The theatre was built to show the first silent movies.

Most of the stories were told by the Egyptian’s current Events Coordinator, Destiny Williams. The poor girl looked terrified in every clip. Local reporters (and previous skeptics) Dan Hamilton and Marie Cuff recounted personal investigative experiences with an old projectionist named Joe whom Dan saw in the projection box which happened to be dark, locked and empty at the time. Marie later saw a male shadow figure standing next to Dan on the stage in front of the screen.

Psychic David Atkins absolutely nailed all things having to do with old Joe. David said Joe was an early projectionist at the Egyptian. He likes to be there. He is a bit of trickster and likes to startle people. (Joe told me he most likes to scare those who are “full of themselves”) David said Joe is fully aware that he is dead and is not stuck. He doesn’t want to leave and stays becomes it is home for him and he enjoys it. Joe confirmed to David that he did die in the theatre.

Destiny recounted a factual death of an old projectionist in the 1950’s. The old man was walking up the stairs into the projection booth and died of a heart attack. It was kept quiet at the time as ghosts were seen a deterrent to business, not a promotional plus.  I asked Joe if he was the man who died on the stairs and he cheerfully confirmed he was. If Joe went to work at the Egyptian in the late 1920’s he had a good 30-35 year career there in a job he loved.

I wanted to kick the narrator during the Joe saga. Statements like, “Dan looked up into the projection booth into the face of death” were absolutely laughable. If only more ghosts were as happy and content as Joe! I am going to this theatre some day, just for the pleasure of talking to him. He is quite the flirt. He showed up in my living room to chat and when we were done blew me a kiss on his way back to the Egyptian. (Having the dead show up right around me when I am tuned in at any particular moment is normal for me, not remotely frightening. If only they were all as nice as Joe.   )



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