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“Ghost Stories” by the Travel Channel is exactly what the title claims, ghost stories presented in a way most calculated to scare the viewer silly. For once I found myself in the role of debunker, granted a psychic debunker, but the truth is stretched a bit for dramatic effect. That is the way all good ghost stories are told.

Flinderation Tunnel outside of Weston W. Virgina started life as train tunnel but seemed to have more than it’s fair share of tragedies. This episode mostly used locals who had done some ghost hunting on their own time and recounted their experiences. Jason, Sara and Sheila were quoted in sound bites to help tell the stories. According to Jason, local legend tells of a ghastly train accident in which two men were overcome by a steam powered train in the narrow tunnel. One man was dragged about 75 yards under the train. The other managed to flatten himself into a shallow alcove and survived, although his sanity didn’t seem to be intact. Since then stories of a steamed up ghost train have abounded. Inexplicable fogs, lights and ghostly footsteps followed local investigators. All I got was some grisly images of the man who was dragged by the train. Not surprisingly he did not make it to the end of the tunnel intact, but some of his pelvis remained under the wheels when the train finally stopped.

The male narrator for the show often indulged in some highly speculative statements and evil chuckles. One such statement was a claim that the Flinderation Tunnel switched back and forth between everyday reality and the realm of the dead. My guides told me that just wasn’t true.  Instead I think the Flinderation has a lot of coexisting events and energetic signatures going on at the same time, in the same space. My guides showed me transparencies like the ones used on light tables before Powerpoint. A lot of this coexistence such as the unfortunate men caught in the tunnel by a train are  imprint hauntings.

Local investigator Jason talked about getting a revealing EVP answer to the question, “Were you tragically killed here?” The EVP “playback” on the show was actually a voice over, but my guides said one based on a real EVP. The reported response was, “Yes. How did you know that?” The narrator said the spirit behind this EVP started “naming names”. Two names were given on the show, Jon Daron and Jesse Williams. It seems likely it was Williams doing the talking because above the Flinderation Tunnel is an old graveyard that in fact has a stone engraved with the name Jesse Williams.  The fate of Jon Daron was not explored any further.

I asked Jesse how he died. He told me Jon Daron was the man who killed him. The two men had met down by the tunnel for some private business (read illegal). Something went sideways and Daron attacked Jesse, dragging his body to the side of the train tracks inside the tunnel. Jesse said within a day or two someone found his body and he was buried up top in the cemetery above the tunnel.

A good deal was made about the fact that the cemetery above the tunnel hasn’t always stayed stable. I cannot imagine why not with the routine vibrations of a train running under it. The narrator claimed that past graves had sometimes dropped through the roof of the tunnel and showed an inside still photo claiming to show patches in the curved roof. I honestly couldn’t tell if there was patched stonework up there or not. Too much distance, not enough light and even if there were, they could have been due to maintenance over the years.

One of the scary stories told about the tunnel talked about an “evil orb” shown in a red hued still photo that supposedly moved from left to right and knocked over a local man investigating the tunnel. Sorry, but the orb was faked, thus I doubt anyone lost their balance being impacted by it.

Local investigators also told of hearing children’s voices in the tunnel when only adults were in the group poking around. They heard a young boy and a girl, talking, giggling and riding a tricycle. An EVP voiceover was played with a disembodied voice saying, he’s just a “little kid”.

This story seems to have basis in past events. What I got was two little kids playing around down by the entrance to the tunnel, a boy and a girl. The boy was on the tricycle. The disembodied voice from the EVP was that of one of two male transients who were shadowing the children. They attacked the kids, possibly for something the children had on them and the boy was killed. The girl, being on foot ran for it and survived.

Many of the photos shown in this episode were extensively photoshopped to make them darker, creepier or to enact out the scary stories told about the tunnel.



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