Ghost Lab got some interesting results when they investigated Tombstone, Arizona. Not surprisingly their first investigation was the Birdcage Theatre. Ghost Lab had some different results than Ghost Adventures when they focused on the Birdcage Theatre earlier this year.

Birdcage employee and barkeep Nova showed the Klinge brothers and their team around the theatre. She reviewed the well known claims of disembodied voices, unexplained sound, phantom music and laughter.

Brad and Barry thought they might have seen a shadow moving but debunked it as how the wall the shadow appeared against was painted.

During their first EVP session the Klinge brothers were in the Birdcage ballroom. They smelled cigar smoke near an old gaming table and caught a class A EVP saying, “choose”. I had the impression that EVP was an imprint from a long past heated card game where someone loosing was dithering over their cards too long to suit one of the other men at the table.

The second EVP session resulted in a lot of static, similar to that you would hear on a wonky PA system. Everyday Paranormal didn’t pick up any EVP’s but I heard a pattern in the static that had a voice in it. What I heard in the static was, “Move on. Now.” over and over.  

Nova was in the back room sleeping and the Klinge boys woke her up. She was positive that there was no electricity supplied to the static laden, screechy speaker. She further observed that although unexplained static did periodically come out of that speaker she had never heard it so loud before.

Brad got up on a ladder to see if he could determine if the speaker was wired or not. At that point the noise got much louder and persistent.  It reduced and then stopped when Brad climbed down and the crew left the ballroom.

I was somewhat surprised to find that the ghost of the old theatre manager I first saw on the Ghost Adventures episode at the Birdcage Theatre was the one behind the static, screeching speaker during the Ghost Lab investigation. He was even more territorial this time around. He was wearing the same outfit I saw him in the first time featuring a gorgeous black silk vest with silver embroidery. He told me his name was Antonio, which was confirmation of my original impression that he was Italian.  

Day two of the Ghost Lab investigation was a trip into the silver mines of Tombstone. Gary, the mine tour guide said at it’s peak of silver production  in the 1880’s Tombstone mines employed 10,000 miners. I got some images of trapped miners who got sick and some died of toxic gas in the silver tunnels and the parakeets used to detect the gas hopefully before it incapacitated the miners. I also had the impression of a bad cave in that some miners died in, trapped behind tons of stone with bad air before they could be dug out.

Nothing showed up on the Ghost Lab EVP in the mine but I heard the trapped miners respond when asked if any miners were still down there. I heard, “We are here. Can you get us out?” It was sad their ghosts remain down there, unaware they can leave.

Brad noticed a significant amount of silver remained in the long defunct Tombstone mine. He had a theory that perhaps intact silver veins might act as highly efficient energy conductors for lightening from frequent local storms. He asked silver expert Gavin Baldwin if such natural conduction might be enough to electrically charge the air in and around Tombstone? Mr. Baldwin confirmed that was highly plausible.  Brad took his theory one step further and wondered if such highly charged air might stir up paranormal activity in the town at large?

This theory was put to the test at the The Crystal Palace saloon. With the help of a mini Tesla coil, large amounts of electricity were pumped into the air in an attempt to provoke ghostly activity. I would say it worked.

Ghost Labs EMF readings spiked big time. The EMF baseline before the Tesla coil was turned on was .3 or.4. Once the Tesla coil had supercharged the air the EMF meter rose steadily and quickly to 154.6, the highest the team had ever recorded. All this really proves is that the Tesla coil was working.

The most interesting result at The Crystal Palace was an EVP taken in the mens room of a man’s voice saying, “right quick”. I know there has been a lot of speculation that this particular EVP was a hoax. I disagree.

Earlier reports of activity in the building included a disembodied woman’s voice in the men’s room. That voice belongs to an old whore who worked at the palace. She did not like the Tesla coil one bit, telling me, it “put me right off”, or spoiled the mood for her. The man who was recorded on the disputed EVP saying “right quick” was her client, an impatient man who held a knife to her throat as he demanded she get on with things. I am not certain if this particular guy killed her or not, but her life eventually did end in a pool of her own blood on the floor of the men’s room. I think it was a common place for her to take her customers.

The Boot Hill Graveyard has had reports of shadow people that seem to be connected to Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton, shot at the OK Corral by the Erp brothers and Doc Holiday. A famous photo of a Clanton descendant is shown with a highly detailed ghost figure behind him standing near Billy Clanton’s grave. The photo was taken old school, with a film negative not with a modern digital camera.

Ghost Labs did their through job of setting up what narrator Mike Rowe calls their “electronic net”. This included four motion detectors each coupled with a camera. It was explained that natural shadows nor the investigators flashlights would set off these motion detectors. Ashlee and Jason joined the Klinge brothers for this investigation. Ashlee was set down in a chair by herself. Nothing like bait! It worked, she asked any ghosts who happened to be around to touch her arm. Something obliged by brushing her arm and setting off the motion detector near her. When the ghosts were asked, “Is that you?” the alarm went off again as if in response to the question.

The team ruled out passing cars, observed there was no wind, branches or small animals that might have set the motion sensor off. After such a great real time response the team was disappointed that there were no EVP’s captured. However what they did get was better, a clear photo of a shadow person, a standing man with a cowboy hat, legs planted far apart. They checked the perspective and angles the next day during daylight and found their shadow person stood within three feet of the prior Clanton grave ghost picture! My guides have informed me it was not a hoax. I wonder what Billy Clanton was buried in attire wise? That figure had awfully crisp crease lines in his pants. A working cowboy wouldn’t bother with creases in his work pants, but someone preparing a body for burial might have gone to such trouble.

I like how Ghost Lab thinks and am looking forward to the next episode.



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