Father Andrew Calder

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Fr. Andrew Calder at the May 2010 Waverly Hills investigation hosted by Darknessradio.com.

I was a bit leery at the prospect of talking to an exorcist priest. In my opinion Catholic priests are only taught about half the process of effectively getting rid of a dark entity. Starting a conversation with that likely wouldn’t get me far, so I kept that reservation to myself.

Turns out Fr. Andy is an Episcopal priest. The Episcopal Church is fairly close to the Catholic Church with some key differences such as female and married priests. Many people, myself included, tend to assume that a priest or minister in clerical blacks must be Catholic clergy. As Fr. Andy pointed out, that simply isn’t the case. He said that both Episcopal priests and some Baptist ministers also wear clerical blacks.

As we chatted it became apparent to me that Fr. Andy is not your average priest by a long shot. For starters he is exceptionally open minded about access to the divine.  He has studied a lot of different religions and belief systems in order to be able to communicate comfortably with the broadest range of people possible. This is a smart approach as an exorcist can and will be called in to work with people from every background imaginable.

It was a pleasant surprise that Fr. Andy isn’t afraid of the dark entities he uses his divine authority to sort out. When I work with Archangel Michael to resolve dark entities the first thing I do after grounding and protection is knock down the fear of the people I work with. The darn things feed on fear. A priest who isn’t afraid of dark or demonic entities has a LOT more power to get things done. Fr. Andy takes his work and the potential threats inherent in it seriously, but he is not afraid. This seriously impressed me. It takes a deeply secure person to step outside of fear in dealing with dark entities. Fr. Andy is one of those people.

As previously mentioned Episcopal priests are allowed to marry. I greatly enjoyed meeting Fr. Andy’s fiancée. She is a bubbly and gracious lady who doesn’t miss much.

Fr. Andy had his work cut out for him at Waverly Hills this year.  Zak from Ghost Adventures had gotten a solid EVP in one of the fourth floor surgical suites that told him to “Get back!”. I happened to be in the same operating room, in fact standing about six inches behind an X Ghost Adventures had placed to mark the location of the EVP when Chris from T.S.P. got the back of his neck scratched by a malicious ghost. It bled a bit and raised a four-inch welt on his neck. Talk about fear entering a room!

At the end of the hour the group Chris was with, Fr. Andy offered to bless Chris and anyone else who happened to be in the room at the time of the ghostly attack. Chris and maybe half a dozen other group members took Fr. Andy up on his offer. Everyone else chose to leave the room. As Paranormal State fans know, Fr. Andy has a firm approach to such situations that he combined with sprinkling Chris with holy water from an aspergillum, a stick-like tool made for that purpose. The room did feel lighter after the blessing.

After his talk the next day, Fr. Andy spent several additional hours in the hotel lobby blessing investigators concerned about past dark entity experiences, taking photos with fans and making available a selection of blessed St. Michael, and St. Benedict medals and saint cards. Normally I don’t feel the need for blessed or holy objects, one of the side benefits of having Archangel Michael at my back. However I got one of those oh so familiar nudges from said Archangel instructing me to buy several St. Michael medals. I did. This is the first time I have been instructed by my guides to buy any sort of holy or blessed objects. I would say Fr. Andy’s blessing probably packs quite a punch since my resident Archangel insisted a buy a couple. That little interlude also raised my respect for Fr. Andy considerably.

As my friend Rhonda Schienle (President of Indiana Paranormal Investigators) was waiting for a chance to talk to Fr. Andy she discussed a case of demonic harassment of a child with me. I tuned in briefly and gave her my impressions of the situation. After she had consulted with Fr. Andy about the case, she told me he had come up with the same evaluation. As gratifying as that was, more importantly it let me know that Fr. Andy is gifted with discernment to really get to the bottom of demonic or dark entity situations. That is a rare gift and one I respect.

I greatly enjoyed my conversation and subsequent interactions with Fr. Andy. He is the first priest in twenty years who has not questioned my sanity, treated me as a threat to his authority or changed the subject as quickly as possible. Granted I don’t let many priests in on the existence of my gifts, let alone the bits about resolving dark entities. The few I have made the mistake of confiding in have pretty much stuck to the three responses I noted. I took the risk of talking to Fr. Andy because I wanted to know more about his approach and training for his work. I am glad I did.



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