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A significant part of my experiences investigating Waverly Hills with Rhonda Schienle of Indiana Paranormal Investigators ( was interacting with the ghost of Mary Hillenburg, the nurse who allegedly hung herself just outside room 502 after becoming pregnant out of wedlock. 
Rhonda had a significant personal connection with Mary the night we investigated together (5.3.10) as part of the paying customers at the Darkness Waverly Hills event. A couple hours before the end of the official investigation the ghost of Mary Hillenburg had contacted Rhonda two floors below room 502. At the end of the night, attendees were allowed to roam around Waverly for an extra hour and a half. Rhonda and I didn’t waste any time making the most of that opportunity. I have already written about what happened next. Turns out that wasn’t end of the story.

Recently Rhonda and I had a chance to connect and tune into additional information the ghost of Mary Hillenburg had given Rhonda both at Waverly and since. Keep in mind Rhonda is a gifted medium in her own right. I was fortunate to be able to both tune into what Rhonda was getting and be given new details from my guides during our intense conversation.  All the new information in this post was obtained in a joint effort between Rhonda and I with Rhonda being the one Mary truly clicked with. Mary talked to me but she bonded with Rhonda.

Mary kept showing Rhonda a more complicated scenario than a simple suicide by hanging. First of all, Rhonda keep seeing and hearing the screech of a chair as it was kicked out from under Mary the night she died by hanging. The big problem was, she didn’t kill herself, she was helped up that rope by four men, all attached to the hospital at the time.  Mary Hillenburg didn’t kill herself in 1928 due to the shame of an unwed pregnancy, she was murdered.

Four men were involved in Mary’s murder. The arrogant young doctor who got her pregnant, a hospital orderly and two members of the Waverly Hills board of Trustees.

Murder wasn’t their first choice. There has long been a rumor that a doctor botched an attempted abortion on Mary and then hung her to cover up his mess.  What I saw was the young doctor who knocked her up in the first place was the same man who botched the abortion. I think the abortion gone wrong happened in the OR on the fourth floor, the one Rhonda and I had spent an hour in earlier in the evening and where Zak from Ghost Adventures got a solid EVP of a surgeon telling him and his crew to “Get back”.

There was literally a mess involved. Mary’s clothing was soaked with blood from the waist down when she was found hanging in room 502.  The staff nurses who tended to her body after she was cut down knew what they were seeing and I think that is why the rumor of the botched abortion has persisted for so many years. From what I saw, it was no rumor.

Based on the amount of blood I saw, Mary might have bled out anyway, but her faithless lover and his accomplices didn’t want word of a botched abortion to get out.  So these four men essentially acted as a star chamber, sentencing Mary to death and ensuring she wouldn’t have an opportunity to tell what had been done to her.  She didn’t enter that OR as a willing participant in getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy.
Mary was strung up against her will by the four men I mentioned earlier.  All four men were standing around the white painted, wooden chair that was holding her up. The three accomplices turned their backs and the doctor father of the child was the one who kicked the chair out from under Mary, silencing her and covering up his involvement in the wretched affair for good.

Why did the three men turn their backs and leave the final fatal deed to the baby daddy? I got a strong impression of:  We will help you clean up this situation, but you created the problem, so you solve it. Also there was a cynical deniability factor. They didn’t “see” the final murderous act although they helped set up the execution and could hear Mary strangling behind them.

Mary’s ghost spoke to Rhonda of her unborn child as her “little lamb”. The baby may have been unplanned and a source of scandal but Mary loved her child.  An elderly friend of mine was born the year Mary died, 1928. This friend noted that it was a common phrase in the 1920’s and 1930’s to call a young child or a baby “a little lamb”. The imagery of Jesus holding a lamb was also incredibly popular at that time. Just from my penchant for roaming cemeteries reading gravestones I know a lot of children’s stones from that era also had images of lambs on them.  So as odd as such a term might sound to us in 2010, Mary was simply using language common to her era.

Mary’s aborted baby was taken from her body and hidden in the basement with a number of other bodies waiting for train transport home. The small waxen figure was placed in the coffin with a male TB corpse. The coffin lid was nailed down before the dead TB patient and his secret passenger shipped home for burial.  The coffin arrived at its destination and was buried without ever being opened again.
I have double and triple checked this information with my guides who insist it is true. Another factor adding to the credibility of Mary’s story in my mind is that Rhonda and I both got the exact same details over and over in our extended conversation with Mary’s ghost.

Murder might well explain why Mary’s ghost continues to haunt room 502. Murder victims I have talked to as a medium are always furious at having been killed. That kind of rage can endure over the passage of time.  Eighty-two years is a long time to be Earthbound with consuming rage and grief.

Mary has not crossed over.  I am hoping with both Rhonda and I telling her story that it will bring her some peace and perhaps a few steps closer to crossing over into the presence of God.

All those involved in Mary’s death are long gone. Nobody else will be hurt by the truth being told.  Certainly the families of the men involved are innocent and likely completely in the dark about what happened to Mary back in 1928.



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