Suicide from a Medium’s Perspective

There are several major problems with suicide from my perspective.

1) Suicide messes up karmic lessons being learned. Successful suicides have to reincarnate and endure a whole lot of trials and tribulations to get back to the point they were at when they destroyed themselves. That is a lot of unpleasant stuff to relive just to have another chance to get it right. When it comes to lessons souls need to learn the old saw about lessons being repeated until they are learned holds true.

2) Suicide doesn’t end the pain; it only makes it about 50X (or more) worse. That is the tragic part, people commit suicide to escape what they feel they can no longer handle or to avoid facing consequences for actions or just plain overwhelming pain, physical or mental. IT DOESN’T WORK.

Why doesn’t it work? This isn’t the Christian version of hell, but it is about as close to hell as anything I can think of. When a person commits suicide they are violently and suddenly ejected out of their body. I have been told repeatedly by successful suicides that it is a wretchedly miserable experience. That is just the beginning.

They are forced to relive all the pain that drove them to suicide the wretched experience of dying, being evicted from their own body and then ALL the pain and suffering their suicide causes their friends, family and associates. This horrific series of events basically turns into a time loop. So a successful suicide experiences the same hellish experiences over and over and over. This can go on for decades or even centuries. The time spent in this self made hell seems to vary but I assure you the suicides I have been allowed to help pass over have said this loop of misery feels like forever no matter how long or short it is. The Jesuit suicide from Manressa Castle in Port Townsend, WA had been cycling through his death and despair for a good 50 years before I was allowed to request his release into the presence of God. A young woman in her 30’s was only given six months but to her it was forever. I strongly discourage anyone playing the odds on getting shorter verses a longer term in this kind of self-inflicted hell. When I deal with suicides I have to take the issue of their time spent looping on a case by case basis and then whatever the angels say goes. Frequently the answer is, “No, they are not ready to be released.” I don’t claim to have any idea how the powers that be determine the length of each case.

All that being said, I have yet to meet an euthanasia suicide as a medium. Call it different names, make it legal doesn’t change the fact it is people destroying themselves. However, a dear friend of mine was plunged into a hell on earth when her MIL went to Dr. Kevorkian. The publicity of it all was horrific for the living on top of the grief of loosing a beloved family member who did not confide their plans. Forget Hallmark moments of everyone coming to say goodbye.

I do not think human beings are evolved enough to be making non-profit driven decisions about euthanasia laws and programs. I was deeply disturbed when the suicide laws were passed in Washington State. I saw an international insurance company try to convince a family member to give up and die when the company owed them three-quarters of a million dollars in benefits. They even had a RN in their pay to help with their dirty work. Think of all the money to be made off the people who volunteer to die.  

I think someone in enough pain or despair to want to die isn’t capable to thinking clearly enough to make such a decision, especially for themselves. Those tempted to tell me I have no idea how bad things can get would be wrong. Been there, done that and not one suicide attempt. The only way out even the most horrific, agonizing pain is through it.  Doesn’t matter if that pain is physical, mental or emotional.

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in pain control or hospice or letting nature take it’s course if the person impacted has been clear in writing about their wishes. However euthanasia is none of those things.

As a medium I have asked more suicides than I can count what happens to them once they destroy themselves. The answers are always the same. Terrible and nearly instant regret and then the hell of reliving what they have done to themselves and their loved ones over and over again.

Recently a suicide came to me unbidden. I simply could hear them and they were desperate. They had a new twist on the hell I have talking about; they had been forced to stay in their decaying body until it had been found. That was a first, but it only drove home the point that there is a special kind of personal hell for suicides. There are consequences for destroying ourselves that make devils and pitchforks sound rather mild in comparison.  Bottom line, don’t do it. It will never bring the relief so desperately sought. It isn’t worth it.


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