Unwanted Hitchhikers: Jesuit Ghost

Sometimes ghosts follow us home. Frequently this isn’t such a good thing.  The first ghost to follow me home was a humdinger. That was when my guides taught me how to help ghosts cross over to the presence of the divine. Sometimes they need a little help.

The first suicide I cleared followed me home from Port Townsend. We had gone to an old Jesuit seminary for Christmas that had long been converted into a hotel. We got assigned to a room directly below the room a former Jesuit hung himself in. He was a well-known, well documented ghost on the property and has made it into many books about hauntings in Washington State.

When I first encountered him I knew nothing about his existence. After watching him pace the halls and the covered walkway outside our window the first night I cultivated the front desk clerk and learned his story. We stayed a few more nights and he was never far away and always terribly unhappy believing he was doomed to hell as a suicide.

He followed me home and frankly I was frightened. A black-faced, depressed ghost in a monk’s habit wasn’t exactly my idea of Christmas cheer. (Black face due to congestion from hanging.)  Finally I asked my guides if he could pass into heaven as I figured he had been paying for his suicide for a good fifty years or more. Fortunately the answer was yes and I was allowed to see the transformation as he realized he was a beloved child of God and entered heaven. It was literally awesome.

These days no ghosts or dead or allowed to follow me home or even off site if I am part of a ghost hunt. Just like everybody else I need my down time. If a spirit is terribly desperate they may be pushy but if I stay firm and consistent my private time remains mine.



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