Wrong Turn Henry

Today (5/8/2010) I was trying to follow signs to an estate sale. By mistake I ended up at a real estate open house. As I was opening my car door the ghost of an angry elderly man confronted me. His name was Henry. He was mad as hell that his house was being sold and didn’t like the realtor one bit! He was also upset that strangers had come into the house and “messed with my stuff” following his death. I told him since he was dead there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He vanished as I approached the front door.

A few hours later I was chatting with someoneĀ about Henry when he showed up again. He was still angry. I suggested he consider crossing over to heaven. He was afraid to go. He said he had done something bad to his wife. She had been in a vegetative state in a nursing home. He couldn’t stand it and one day put a pillow over her face. He figured he was going to hell for killing her or at the very least couldn’t face her. I asked Archangel Michael talk to him, but we didn’t get very far until Archangel Michael called Henry’s wife down from heaven. She told him face to face she forgave him, took him by the hand and lead him to heaven with Archangel Michael on his other side. Henry’s parents and late brother were all waiting for him at heaven’s gate. It was wonderful to watch!

I did a quick property search online, but the last two owners did not include a Henry. However the most recent sale was 1996 and the home was built in 1960, all kinds of people could have owned or lived in it since then. I was hoping for a bit of historical confirmation, but it doesn’t really matter. Henry has crossed over and that is the important part.

I never know when the paranormal will greet me, even when I make a wrong turn.



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