Thanks Uncle Mike

Last Saturday, (9/25/10) I attended a group reading event given by Psychic Medium James Van Praagh. I have long been a fan of James. His first book, “Talking to Heaven” gave me the information I needed to talk a family member out of suicide. I was only starting to hear the dead at family funerals and since the most significant funeral in our family at the time was that of my mother I was too sunk in grief for her to get through to me.

Before James got started doing spot readings for the audience, he lead us through a brief meditation. He is one amazing catalyst because a whole slew of my late relatives came through. I am not going to talk about all of them, but wanted to share the experience I had with my Uncle Mike.

Mike was a pragmatic, no-nonsense kind of guy. A World War II veteran, he came home from the war and became a Seattle police officer. As a child I absolutely adored him.

In the early 1980’s there was a death in the family. A great-great Aunt whom I barely remembered had passed on. My parents decided it was time for me to attend my first funeral. I was trying to wrap my 11-year-old brain around the concepts of heaven and life after death. Eventually I got bored and zoned out a bit, idly watching Uncle Mike a few pews ahead of me. He was fighting throat cancer. Radiation treatments had damaged his saliva glands, so every few minutes he sipped water out of a glass cough syrup bottle to soothe his dry throat.  

As I was watching him, a dispassionate voice spoke clearly into my mind.  “He (Mike) will be dead within two weeks and it won’t be the cancer that kills him.” I was utterly horrified. I immediately discounted it, berating myself for thinking such a thing.

Two weeks later Uncle Mike was coming off duty. As he walked up to his truck he suffered a massive heart attack and died. The voice in my head had been right. That was my first accurate death premonition and remembered paranormal experience.

My uncle’s death freaked me out so badly I finally told my Mom and her family about my premonition. They discounted it. After all I had been at another family funeral at the time, Mike was ill with cancer, it was normal that I would be thinking about death in connection to him. Even as I agreed with them for the sake of family harmony I was thinking to myself, “Yeah, but what about the details that came true?”

I attended Uncle Mike’s funeral, but had no sense of his presence there. It was my first police/military funeral and I was overwhelmed with the unfamiliar rituals and ceremony.  My family was walled off behind a  sheer black curtain, very much spectators rather than participants.

In the years since his death, I have had no spirit communication with Uncle Mike, until James lead a group meditation at his event. I saw Uncle Mike in full police dress blues. Much to my amazement he saluted me. I have only seen that one other time following the death of Reggie Fleming. (It wasn’t me Reggie was saluting.)

Uncle Mike told me that in life he would have considered my work, “so much bunk” but from his perspective on the other side that I was “doing good work”. Then came the salute.

I don’t know if I will see Uncle Mike again this side of the veil, but I am deeply grateful for his honesty, loving support and respect for my work.  So often the families of sensitives and psychics don’t know what to do about the things people like me see, hear and feel.

Topics of conversation become limited when your work is a taboo subject. What have you been up to gets tricky when the answer is, in the last four days I have talked to half a dozen deceased relatives, helped find a lost dog, talked with a teenager who committed suicide and assisted a family friend in finding a sibling. It is not even Wednesday yet.

Consequently, Uncle Mike’s approval and respect means more to me than words can say.  Thanks, Uncle Mike.



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