Ghost Adventures: “Return to Bobby Mackey’s”

“Ghost Adventures” played with fire and brimstone as they returned to Bobby Mackey’s for a third investigation.

Musician Bobby Mackey discovered the old slaughterhouse and location of a grisly century old satanic murder in the late 1970’s and opened it as his music club and bar in 1978.  Despite the overwhelming evidence of documented and personal experiences with the dark side of the paranormal Mackey remains skeptical that his club is a demonic mosh-pit.

GAC talked about their experiences during their 2008 investigation and more recent 2009 investigation undertaken with 100 avid ghost hunters from the general public. All three guys talked about having something dark follow them home after their 2008 investigation.

Nick woke up at home one night to the sound of pots and pans banging around his kitchen. At first he thought someone had broken into his house, but nobody was there.

Aaron was clear about his feelings, stating, “I don’t like this place.” When questioned by Zak, Aaron said Bobby Mackey’s was 80 percent responsible for the failure of his marriage. Whatever followed GAC home in 2008 harassed Aaron’s ex-wife at home by rattling the windows when he was on the road filming for “Ghost Adventures”.

During my investigation of Waverly Hills in May 2010 Aaron told me that he had been married but “Bobby Mackey’s took care of that.”  I didn’t understand the comment until tonight’s episode. 

Having returned home several weeks after GAC’s 2008 investigation of Bobby Mackey’s Zak’s then girlfriend had a rosary torn from her neck and deposited down a hallway into a bedroom of his house.

A number of alums from the 2009 investigation reported dark things followed them home from Bobby Mackey’s as well. Event Coordinator Mike Haberman complained that he didn’t sleep well for about a month, with a series of strange things happening each time he hovered between being awake and asleep.

Mackey staffer Matt Coates recalled something attacking downstairs in 2009, knocking a digital recorder out of someone’s hand.

Public exorcist Bishop James Long recounted a disconcerting feeling of needles pricking his hands during the 2009 investigation. Footage was shown documenting three deep scratches found on the back of his hand shortly thereafter.

Zak and Matt both felt dark entities had messed with them in 2009. At one point in the investigation Bishop Long had anointed Zak’s forehead with holy oil. Zak said it burned when it touched his skin. Matt had a similar experience when Bishop Long placed a holy medal around his neck.

A group working with Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio got some startling results using a Hack Shack. First the hack named each investigator in the group. A dark entity mimicked the voice of the daughter GAC Coordinator Tara. An audio clip of the event caught the disturbing child like voice calling, “Mommy, Mommy, Help me!”

During the same investigation a similar event happened when an entity mimicked Zak’s voice on an EVP Nick and his group captured. The voice called out for Nick and Aaron to help him, to get him out of the location he was in. The eerie part of this was that Zak was a floor above them, working with his own group of investigators at the time. He wasn’t remotely in distress.

Bishop Long explained that demonic entities frequently mimic the voices of loved ones, usually while attempting to dig into the deepest emotional fears or wounds of the people they prey on. Fear is the operative word here. Dark entities are usually not particularly sophisticated. They use fear to feed themselves and gain control over the living beings around them. Fear is optional. If you refuse to give it to dark entities their biggest tool is taken from them and they frequently have no clue what to do about it. In my experience they usually retreat in favor of easier prey.

This kind of fear provoking taunting was directed at Aaron during the 2009 investigation. Aaron shared that at the time his grandfather had been ill. A dark entity mentioned “family problems” and spoke about the fact Aaron was having “marriage problems” at the time.

In a brief clip Zak asked viewers if they had seen any paranormal activity during the episode and invited them to go to the Travel website to check out “Ghost Adventures” encounter videos to see what really went on.

At one point the building that houses Bobby Mackey’s was known as “The Latin Quarter” a club for Latin music and dancing. Zak said that GAC believes the soul of dancer Johanna who committed suicide remains trapped in the structure. I can confirm her ghost was present during the episode. I saw her twice. The dark entities that infest the building give her spirit a hard time occasionally, but it seemed to be limited mostly to harassment. Sound familiar? Seriously, dark entities have a limited repertoire. Think of them as the dumbest bullies in the paranormal world.

Zak grilled Bobby Mackey hard, challenging Mackey’s belief that there isn’t really anything paranormal going on at his club. Mackey stubbornly stuck to his view, despite the fact he shared when he was getting the club ready to open that his eldest daughter Anita didn’t want to enter the building. She told him the place smelled like roses on a grave. Considering the building was originally a slaughter-house and had then been abandoned for many years that didn’t seem like an unreasonable experience. As blood breaks down it has a sickly sweet smell to it.

Animal blood wasn’t the only kind to stain the atmosphere. A century earlier satanic worshiper Scott Jackson had brutally murdered and cut off the head of his pregnant girlfriend Pearl Bryan. After so much time it was unlikely Anita Mackey smelled any kind of real decomposition, but brutal murders tend to leave all kinds of imprints wherever they happened.

During Zak’s interview with Mackey he showed Mackey a disturbing possession video showing former caretaker Carl Lawson fully taken over by a demonic entity that was verbally sparing with an exorcist seated across a table from Carl.

In the video the exorcist demands the entity leave Carl and the club. Through Carl the entity repeatedly refuses to do so in a state of frenzied defiance. At first it said, “I’m not leaving.” Followed by, “I don’t have to go anywhere,” while insisting that, “This body is mine.” As the exorcist demands the dark entity leave it screamed back, “If I leave, all of us will have to leave!”

This interlude and an EVP that GAC caught later in the episode pretty much confirmed my impression that Bobby Mackey’s doesn’t have one dark presence; it has a legion of them. There is an unholy vortex in the basement of the building that acts as a superhighway for dark entities. Yeah a few of them are demonic. Some probably are not quite that dark but like to pretend they are. Demonic posers…. did I mention that dark entities are not creative? It is easy to predict what they will do next will be the most fear provoking action possible.

Zak confronted Mackey asking him, “Now Mr. Mackey, do you believe?” “I just can’t get my head around it. It just doesn’t seem scientifically possible.” Zak talked about “Ghost Adventures” experiences with long abandoned buidings, that often the spirits that occupied them would take over.”Mackey responded, “It is tough for me, but I still don’t see how it can be.” Zak asked, “How in the hell do you look past all the events you have seen take place?” 

As they talked both Zak and Mackey heard disembodied violin music and chimes nearby them. Audio on GAC’s camera’s caught the sounds. They were faint but audible. Zak asked again if Mackey believed, but Mackey wasn’t having it, and replied, “I’m looking the other way.”

From a business perspective looking the other way makes perfect sense. Bobby is making money had over fist with people flocking to his club not only for his music, but for its dark entities. This suits the entities because as Zak commented Bobby routinely brings in “fresh meat” and new blood for the dark things to prey on and play with. Zak questioned if Mackey has some personal connection to the demonic events that take place at his club and bar. As an interesting side bar, it was revealed that Mackey’s mother changed his name a few days after birth to include the name Randall. The same name of a man murdered at the club. I just don’t think so. Bobby Mackey is an astute musician and businessman, not a demonic cohort.

This brings me to the reason why my guides won’t let me call in divine help to sort out the dark crap going on at Bobby Mackey’s. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people want the gray and dark spirits to stay. I was told to “wait” because no matter how often the place is cleaned out of dark entities they will simply flock back because the crowds who go there looking for paranormal thrills will draw them back like magnets. Wait how long? I have no idea. This location may simply not be one of the places I am called to work on.

Most ghosts, even malicious ones are not all that dangerous. The dark crud lurking at Bobby Mackey’s is. I don’t say that often, but in this case it is true. If you are going to visit or investigate there proceed at your own risk. If you still want to go, for Pete’s sake use divine protection before, during and after your visit.

I know first hand that dark things have followed Zak, Nick and Aaron back from Bobby Mackey’s. May 2009 GAC was at Waverly Hills. I was a member of the paying public eager to investigate the old TB sanatorium with Ghost Adventures. First time I saw Zak in the hotel lobby it was blatantly obvious he had a particularly nasty dark entity attached to him. Just a few days earlier GAC had been at Bobby Mackey’s shooting the episode that aired tonight (10/1/10). Something from Bobby Mackey’s attached itself to Zak and followed him to Waverly Hills. I was not the only medium in the crowd to notice this. I did not discuss this with Sylvia or Chris, the two official mediums on staff for this event, but three other mediums among the paying customers talked to me about it.

Zak’s presumably unwanted hitchhiker caused problems at Waverly Hills. First of all the darker spirits were much more present than the previous year. People got scratched, heart punched and pushed during the investigation. I was in the room with one guy them when it happened.

A massive storm was brewing in the heartland states the three days I spent at Waverly Hills with “Ghost Adventures.” Louisville, Kentucky was not hit, but neighboring states and areas were badly flooded. As a result of all the crazy weather the hotel’s cable TV was out for a number of hours on May 3rd. Some of my fellow investigators were convinced that Zak’s dark hitchhiker was responsible. To me it was a clear example of the power of suggestion to fuel fears.

Other odd things did happen in the hotel. A friend of mine had objects move around her room. They would be taken from where she put them down, disappear and reappear later. I didn’t have any problems, but my hotel room had enough white light around it to repel an army, let alone a trouble maker dark entity. My down time was mine and energetic interlopers were not allowed.

The strangest thing that happened to me was when Jeff Belanger obligingly took a number of snapshots of me with Zak. At my request he took 10 or 12 pictures. I couldn’t use any of them, because in every single picture Zak looked fine, but I had bright sunlight washing out my face and figure. Yes, the sun was out and bright in the hallway outside the conference room. However Jeff has a good eye and he told me repeatedly the pictures looked okay to him. That was not the case when I reviewed them later. I had the distinct impression that the dark thing attached to Zak was taunting me, “You want to be of the light, fine, you will be marked with the light,” and get no pictures with Zak in consequence. Most of my pictures with Nick and Aaron turned out, with no sunshine distortions. I will gladly be marked with the light all the days of my life. Not going to play such games for a celebrity photo-op. Not blaming Zak here, just observing he was dealing with some heavy-duty unwanted company at the time.

Bishop Long joined the GAC in “Ghost Adventures” third investigation of Bobby Mackey’s. Half of lockdown was spent in the club building the second half in the notorious basement that had been the location of the murder of Pearl Bryan. Zak referred to this basement as “hell”. For once I tended to agree with him in that assessment. 

As soon as the guys were locked down they heard an unexplained crash. Zak had everyone look around to see if they could find anything that might have recently hit the floor, but nothing turned up. Zak asked whatever spirits were there if they were playing with the team. The answer I heard was “Of course” followed by an unpleasant laugh.

Zak attempted to engage the ghost of dancer Johanna by recalling a spirit box communication he had had with her back in 2009. The word database had produced the words, “…. Zak remember….couch…. music…”  This attempt was interrupted when Zak saw a red eye glaring at him from the floor. I saw it too, it was a dark entity starting to play games to try to unnerve Zak. It worked.

Nick picked up the thread and asked if there was anything there from The Latin Quarter era of the building. I saw a group of Latino businessmen raise a cheer and hoist glass mugs of beer in response. They looked like they were having a good time. GAC didn’t note any answer.

GAC just wasn’t feeling anything around them, but that changed about 25 minutes later when Aaron caught an EVP saying, “I’m going to kill Zak.” No kidding? Not like you haven’t been trying?

As this EVP was captured Aaron noted the change in the feel of the energy around the team. Nick ran with it calling out, “I want you guys to come to my voice, right now, I am calling you out!” He got an immediate EVP response saying, “…come to me…” In other words something dark and controlling was only going to play ball with GAC on its terms. That is the other thing about dark entities, they are total control freaks.

Nick and Zak headed upstairs toward former caretaker Carl Lawson’s old apartment where GAC had seen shadow figures in the past. This left Aaron alone downstairs on the main floor. He didn’t like that one bit demanding that Nick and Zak “Get your butts back down here.” Zak commented that Aaron was a “Demanding little guy.” I was with Aaron, I wouldn’t have cared to be left alone down there, especially after the havoc the dark entities at Bobby Mackey’s have played with his personal life. At one time Bobby Mackey’s own wife had been pushed down the same stairs by an unseen force.

At this moment an EVP was recorded of a voice threatening, “I’m going to kill your wife.” Zak figured the threat was directed at Nick, the only married member of GAC. Several more EVP’s followed. One said, “get the knife”, another was a scratchy voice saying, “…hate… you..”

One of “Ghost Adventures” cameras caught an energy blip move quickly across the room and shoot straight into Aaron’s head.

Investigating in the bar Zak challenged any local entities, asking why they lived in the basement, couldn’t they come up the bar? In response he got an EVP stating, “…I can’t go back in there.” Although it was Pearl Bryan who was killed in the basement I think it was the ghost of Johanna behind that EVP. I briefly saw her give a shudder of distaste at the thought of the basement.

Zak gave the dark entities in the basement of Bobby Mackey’s fair warning, telling them GAC was bringing in someone they wouldn’t like. That someone was Bishop Long. I have to say I was impressed at how calm, cool and collected Bishop Long was. He was up to his eyeballs in dark crud and calmly went about his business. That is the way to do it if you are dealing with a dark entity.

A bit of staging had been done in the basement to recall the twisted activities of Scott Jackson and his fellow devil worshipers a century ago. There were some faint residuals of their demented murder and bullshit devil worship, but more recent negative energies had drowned out much of the old murder. Folding chairs were set out in a circle with a table in the middle that had a creepy hand of cards displaying 666.

Quick historical note, 666 is NOT the number of the devil. It was used as part of the code early Christians scrawled on the walls of the Roman occupied holy land. What it meant was Roman Emperor Nero’s guards were hunting for more Christians to be used as human torches at his debauched garden parties. Nero was one deadly guy if you happened to be an early Christian, but he was not the devil himself.

Zak set his digital recorder down on the 666 hand of cards and brought Bishop Long into the investigation.

Bishop Long was well prepared having brought holy water, a rosary, censer and incense. Just as he was about to start provoking to draw whatever demons were around to them, Zak asked it he could help provoke. Personally I cannot imagine Zak staying out of provoking in such a situation. Bishop Long said fine, but that beforehand he needed Zak’s permission to perform an exorcism on Zak, Nick or Aaron if any of them became possessed. Zak gave his permission. Although just a brief bit of the episode what Bishop Long brought up is a key concept in dealing with dark entities. All the exorcism in the world isn’t going to get rid of a dark entity that has taken over a human being UNLESS THE POSSESED PERSON WANTS TO GET RID OF IT.

Believe it or not, some don’t wish to get rid of their unholy hitchhikers. There can be some toxic benefits some enjoy from such an association. Attention, fame and money to name a few. “Paranormal State” has had a few clients who enjoyed the spotlight way too much to give up their dark entities even though such entities were torturing them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

What happens if someone who doesn’t really want their dark entity gone has it exorcised anyway? The darn things come back in a short period of time and set up housekeeping again. So it is a waste of time, energy and effort to get rid of a dark entity attachment or demonic possession unless the person struggling with it honestly wants it gone.

The spirit box was dug out again and Zak got started. He asked how many spirits were presently with GAC. The box answered “seven” in real-time. Zak asked them to say his name and the box obliged. When asked who was with them whatever he was communicating with wasn’t ready to give up the topic of Zak. It commented through the box that someone was “… afraid of heights…” Zak confirmed he was afraid of heights.

At this point Aaron suddenly felt cold and broke out in chills. His digital recorder picked up, “… don’t #$?! it up!”  Then the threats started. A disembodied voice warned, “…it’s going down with the Bishop!” Zak asked why the entity was picking on Aaron and Nick and challenged it to focus attention on him and Bishop Long. It obliged saying someone would be having a “bad day”. When Zak asked “Who’s going to have a bad day” the response was, “Bishop Long”.

Once again Zak saw red lights, this time from near the ceiling of the basement room. They were not picked up on camera but I believed Zak because I saw them too. It was part and parcel of the dark entities winding him up. It worked. Zak followed up by asking what color the thing(s) eyes were. The answer was, “black”.

The next topic was Scott Jackson and his horrific murder of pregnant girlfriend Pearl Bryan in some sort of satanic ritual. I am not convinced this group of idiots knew what they were doing, but the murder of Pearl and her unborn child was real enough. The vocabulary database in the spirit box spit out a bunch of related words that seemed to point to communication with the ghost of Scott Jackson. Scott’s name was said several times. Then another warning that “enemy spirits” were around GAC and Bishop Long. Then the words “memories” came out. Zak asked memories of what? The answer was chilling, “I killed Pearl Bryan”. Yep, and I bet that murder helped draw a whole slew of dark entities into the building long before it was Bobby Mackey’s.

GAC left Bishop Long alone in the basement, but not before Nick experienced a severe chill out of nowhere. A camera captured yet another energy anomaly shooting across the room and this time into Nick’s back.

Bishop Long calmly started provoking whatever was around him, challenging them, “So do something”. I just knew the next EVP was coming.  Aaron’s digital recorder had been placed on a shelf in the room. It said, “…#$&! you!” Complete lack of creativity on the part of the dark entity. Bishop Long didn’t seem impressed either telling whatever was down there that he didn’t frighten easily.

Meanwhile GAC moved into the dressing rooms of the club. Nick tried to contact the ghost of dancer Johanna asking if she was down there with them. In response both Nick and Zak heard a soft humming. Zak speculated it was the ghost of Johanna but jumped to the wrong conclusion that the humming was the mimicking of a demonic spirit. I saw Johanna from a happier time, humming as she was seated before a mirror putting on makeup and brushing her hair to get ready to go on stage.

Back in the basement Bishop Long challenged the entities around him, “If your intentions are evil, make a noise.” Right away an EVP was captured clearly saying, “…that’s because of the devil.”

Zak went back to check on Bishop Long who was doing fine. Nick’s digital recorder caputred an EVP that said, “…you want to get down sucker… get down…” Sounded like a challenge to me.

Long proceeded to do a whole building exorcism, walking room-to-room with a censer full of smoldering incense, talking his way through the ritual.

As Bishop Long was starting his exorcism in the basement, Zak heard a loud disembodied growl caught on audio. This was followed by an EVP threatening, “…gonna hurt him…” Right then Zak started to feel strange. The threats continued as the next EVP clarified, “…gonna kill Zak…” Zak seemed to be out of commission, holding his head. The following EVP did nothing to reassure telling the team, “…don’t trust the light…” Well, what else would something dark say?

By now Bishop Long had noticed something was wrong with Zak and quietly urged Nick to “Get the book” he had earlier identified as used in exorcism.  Presumably Bishop Long took care of the situation. We don’t know what happened because Bishop Long requested Nick turn off the camera.

The discomfort wasn’t over yet. After the camera’s stopped rolling Aaron had a possession experience that seriously rattled him. Bishop Long had blessed the building and then the guys. It was during this blessing that Aaron suddenly got angry and said he felt like he wanted to beat the bishop up. This feeling got worse and Aaron ended up telling Bishop Long that, “I wanted to kill him.” Probably not the first time Bishop Long has run into this sort of thing.

Zak took a direct shot at “Ghost Hunters” without naming them when he said, “There is so much more to paranormal investion than walking around with an EMF recorder.” “You can take two different sets of investigators and come out with completely different results.”

Aaron cautioned ghost hunters everywhere that the kinds of stuff GAC had experienced at Bobby Mackey’s does happen and that people who have such encounters feel crazy but they are not. He reminded people who have such experiences that they are not alone. Following his exceptionally rough night, Aaron challenged any skeptics to go to a  place like Bobby Mackey’s, do what GAC does and see if they would remain sceptics.

Zak wrapped up by proclaiming that even dark entities and possessions would “…Never stop our mission to prove the paranormal exists at any cost.”

I hope Bishop Long was able to sort out whatever had to be taken care of at Bobby Mackey’s. I applaud his efforts to cleanse the building but doubt they will be effective for long with so many people heading there in hopes of a brush with the dark side of the paranormal. More importantly I hope he was able to rid Zak, Nick and Aaron of the assorted dark entities they encountered during the investigation.

While Zak’s boldness makes wonderful TV and even better drama, I respectfully suggest GAC avoid getting results at “any cost”. Inviting in dark entities and flirting with possession can have long-term unhealthy impacts. It should not be done lightly if at all. Evil exists in the world. Dark entities exist in the world. Must we marinate in them? Personally, I think not.

I periodically run into dark entities in my work as a professional psychic medium. I have been taught how to deal with them, what can be done and what cannot be forced. It is the least favorite aspect of my work. It is sort of like scrubbing the toilet. I don’t enjoy it but somebody has to do it. Lucky for me I am only the human interface for the divine. God, source, spirit, the one and the angels that serve the divine do the actual work. I strongly suggest that anyone not secure in their connection to the divine avoid flirting with dark entities. You can get hurt. So can others around you. You may or may not have access to people trained in how to handle such crud. Dealing with the dark side of the paranormal is a balancing act between refusing to give in to fear while having a solid understanding of what is out there. I muck out the stable when I must, but don’t choose to wallow in the poop.



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