Psychic Kids: “The Lost Girl”

Chip Coffey and the two teens he helped in this episode took on a broad range of issues that happen within families that don’t know how to respond to their psychic kids and helped Santana, age 15 and Brad, age 18 develop new leads in a closed missing persons case.

For the last three years Santana had been having increasingly powerful and accurate images of people and events through psychometrics. When she touched things from personal belongings to the siding of a home she got detailed information about the people connected to the items or the building. She frequently found herself overwhelmed by spirits she could not distance herself from. Her mother Adrienne believed her daughter but was worried about her and felt helpless as she couldn’t help her child cope with her psychic gifts. Santana felt completely alone and near a breaking point as she felt she had to handle her psychic experiences alone, because as she put it, “…there is nobody like me.” Santana and her parents resided in Big Spring, Texas.

On the other side of the country in Chichester, New Hampshire, Brad had become estranged from his deeply religious family who fearfully saw his psychic gifts as spiritual assaults from the devil himself. This belief created a do not discuss policy regarding Brad’s psychic experiences, isolating him. Unable to confide in his family Brad opened up to his girlfriend Sam and her mother, Vicki.

Brad had stopped sleeping much, his rest constantly interrupted by “Things (that) are trying to get in, to communicate.” He also found his dreams filled with premonitions of events that came to pass. His most frightening precognative dream was about being in a burning building. His body got hot and flushed. Not long after the dream the restaurant he and girlfriend Sam both worked at burned down.

Non-stop psychic experiences and lack of sleep were wearing Brad down. He confided, “If I don’t get help, I am afraid I will loose control of my life.”

Adrienne accompanied Santana to the Beach Drive Inn, built in 1910. Brad’s mother Missy decided at the last minute to join her son at the psychic retreat. That took significant courage considering how desperately afraid Missy was of her son’s psychic gifts.

Roland, the owner of the Beach Drive Inn took the camera crew to the Montego Room, formerly the bedroom of a past housekeeper who actually died in that room. Guests in the Montego Room have reported seeing a rocking chair move by itself, sensations of being watched and the torso of a woman appearing in the bathroom mirrors.

Chip did his usual pre-retreat walkthrough to glean his own psychic impressions of the location before the kids arrived. Right away he picked up on the spirit of a middle aged woman in the Montego Room. Chip noted the room was hot but he felt a sudden chill and got a direct telepathic comment from the spirit of the housekeeper who told him, “This is my room.” Chip said with no prior knowledge of the location that the rocking chair in the bedroom rocked by itself.

I would say the late housekeeper’s sprit was adamant that the renamed Montego Room remained HERS. The way she explained it to me was she still takes care of the Inn in spirit form, so she felt her old bedroom should have continued to be reserved for her use. She resented the guests who now stay there.

In life the housekeeper liked to sit in the rocking chair and knit. I think she died in bed, likely of pneumonia, as her lugs were badly congested and she had trouble breathing.

She valued her personal time in her room, but told me that she had worked for “good people” and had enjoyed her job.

What I found most interesting was her comments about Brad and his fearful family. They were not kind, but this I what she told me. She said, “Some people are more stupid than mud. (They) don’t see clearly that boy is of the angels. He has angels all around him.” She thought the idea that his psychic gifts were of the devil was just plain “absurd”.

Chip, therapist Edy Nathan, Santana and her Mom Adrienne and Brad and his Mom Missy all gathered at the Beach Drive Inn. Edy asked Missy what her goal for the retreat was. Missy responded, “My goal for this week is that we can have our old Brad back.” Poor Brad looked pained, probably because he knew even if his Mom didn’t at that time, that his psychic gifts were not going to go away. I saw a huge red flag in Missy’s response. To me it seemed that she wanted her son fixed so that his psychic experiences would no longer terrify her and the rest of the family.

Poor Brad was pleading for understanding, talking about how he didn’t ask for his psychic gifts, he didn’t choose them. Consequently he couldn’t understand how they could be a sin. Chip asked both Missy and Brad if they wanted Brad’s psychic abilities managed or just plain gone. Brad considered his psychic abilities gifts from God and wanted to learn how to manage them. His mother wanted them gone.

If a child is psychic and remains psychic through puberty they are going to be psychic for life. There is no going back, ready or not, like it or not, that has become their reality. Trying to “fix” such children and teens will not work. Instead it will lead to terrible pain, estrangement and in some cases false mental health diagnosis. It is a no-win path to take. Yet fear pushes some families to gut-wrenching extremes.

I saw one other figure in spirit as Chip, Brad and Santana did their joint walkthrough. Brad and Santana were drawn to the Montego Room. As they approached it I saw the spirit of an old man using a stick to help him walk hanging out by the kitchenette at the end of the upstairs hallway. He was not connected to the late housekeeper.

Chip and Santana walked through the inn together. Edy and Brad did a separate investigation so that each teens psychic impressions would not influence the others. Each teen wrote down their impressions.

Santana immediately picked up that someone in spirit sat in the rocking chair in the Montego Room.

When Brad entered the room he didn’t like the rocking chair. He associated feelings of sadness and impatience with it. He also disliked the mirrors in the bathroom and commented he felt watched when he looked at them.

Both Brad and Santana felt tired when they were in the Montego Room. Chip taught them how to push away the energy that didn’t belong to them, but was rather coming from the spirit of the housekeeper.

Meanwhile Edy talked to Adrienne and Missy separately about the challenges they had trying to parent psychic teens. Adrienne admitted when Santana first started picking up information from physical objects she was worried about her daughter’s mental health. She went as far as scheduling an appointment with a psychologist.

Before the appointment could be kept Santana and her mom visited the home of a family friend. Santana ran her hands along the siding of the house. Instantly Santana picked up a disturbing scene. She saw an old man who was a mean spirited alcoholic yelling at a woman. A boy was seated nearby, obliged to listen to the drunken tirade. The boy shook his head and mentally warned Santana that she didn’t want to enter into that situation. Even more disturbing was Santana had known the boy had died at the house when his head suffered a fatal blow against a concrete floor.

The friend and owner of the house came unglued when Santana started asking questions about an alcoholic man who had once lived there. It was the father of the home owner. Furthermore the home owner confirmed that a boy in the family had been pushed down a set of concrete stairs and died on impact with the basement floor.

After that experience, Adrienne cancelled the appointment with the psychologist because no matter how upsetting she realized her daughter’s psychic experiences were real.

Adrienne’s biggest challenge as a parent was being unable to help Santana. It was hard to watch her daughter become locked into the experiences and emotions of spirits who got into her personal space.

Edy asked Missy if she thought her son Brad was crazy due to his psychic experiences. Missy replied that she didn’t think he was crazy, but she did believe he was being attacked by something that didn’t originate with God. She called such perceived attacks “an opposing force”. It was evident that Missy was hurt that Brad had turned to Sam and her Mom for understanding and companionship. She said Brad didn’t spend much time with his family any more, preferring the company of others families. Edy was remarkably patient with Missy because right about then I wanted to ask what other sort of response did she expect when her fears and beliefs had shut her son out of her life and the life of his family of origin?

Chip and Edy took Santana and Brad to the Capitol Theatre. Manager Jeff gave the audience some background the teens didn’t have. The Capitol Theatre opened on March 21, 1921. A man named Bill had been murdered in one of the balcony seats.

I felt that Bill was somehow connected to the owners of the theatre. In fact I thought Bill had been one of Jeff’s predecessors. Later in the episode Jeff confirmed that Bill was a former employee and had in fact been Manager of the theatre at the time of his death.

Edy and Brad investigated the theatre together. Just standing outside the front doors Brad tuned into Bill’s energy right away. Brad said he felt restless and didn’t want to stay still. Brad followed the energy up to the balcony where Bill died and said he felt the energy of a man who had been badly injured in the balcony. Brad experienced anxiety and tightness in his chest. He not only found it difficult to breathe, he felt trapped, and like he couldn’t get out of the space he was in.

Chip and Santana started out in the basement of the theatre. Santana also felt rushed, like someone was in a hurry. Like Brad, Santana felt drawn to the balcony. She picked up a bad injury and also felt her chest tighten. Chip heard her breath constrict so much that she was wheezing and suggested they leave the balcony area.

Brad and Santana shared their common experiences with theatre manager Jeff. He told them Bill’s story and confirmed that Bill was both strangled and stabbed.

I had picked up that something had penetrated Bill’s ribcage. I suspect a lung was punctured or that his heart was damaged due to the impact. I was wrong in that I thought he had been shot in the chest. Turns out he was stabbed in the chest. Either way it was a foreign object in his rib cage that should have never been there.

There was an interesting sidebar to Bill’s story that wasn’t mentioned in the episode. I talked to the ghost of a young usher who gave her name as Carrie. Her theatre uniform was white with blue stripes; it was a nautical theme because her uniform dress was a takeoff on a sailor suit with a round cap to match. She had been romantically involved with Bill prior to his death. Bill was older than Carrie but she was smitten with him. For a long time she thought he would never see her in a romantic light, but near the time of his death that had changed. I don’t think it went any further than necking. When Bill died Carrie was both heartbroken and terrified for her own safety. She knew who killed him and told me she “Knew enough to stay quiet.” 

It may have been just as well the owners of the theatre were not aware of her budding romance with Bill.

Chip wanted to give Brad and Santana a chance to use their psychic abilities to do good. It was especially important in Missy’s view that Brad was able to prove his psychic gifts could do good in the world. He was hurt and felt like his gifts had disappointed his family.

Adrianne thought working on a missing person’s case would give Santana a purpose, a focus for her abilities.

Missy had an 11th hour change of heart and wasn’t sure if she should have given her permission for Brad to work the missing persons case. Chip was kind to her and understood she felt deeply conflicted. Missy confided her fears to Chip that she didn’t “… want him to believe he is God.” Chip assured Missy that Brad most definitely did not believe he was God due to his gifts, but that he DID believe his abilities were gifts FROM God. This was a key distinction.

Any God/Spirit-centered psychic knows at a deep and powerful level that they are not remotely close to being God. On their good days they are channel for God’s work, for healing and forgiveness, for resolution and understanding. Tapping into the divine to do psychic work is an incredibly humbling experience. In my case it was and remains crystal clear that I am a microscopic grain of sand in the big picture of life, the universe and everything. No danger of delusions of divine status.

Chip introduced Santana and Brad to the cold case of missing person Kyla who disappeared February 15, 2008. They met Kyla’s mother Teresa and sister Sheresa. The teens were given two objects that had belonged to Kyla. One was a jacket she wore frequently. The other was a black wallet.

Brand and Santana examined Kyla’s belongings separately and once again wrote down their impressions.

Santana picked up drug use, loud music and an uneasy feeling in her throat. She also saw a tattoo on Kyla’s upper back that looked like a little figure. Santana felt that before her disappearance Kyla was unhealthy and too thin. She also picked up a split in Kyla’s personality, that there were two sides to her.

Holding Kyla’s jacket Brad smelled drugs and alcohol around her. He saw a tattoo or piercing on Kyla’s body in the shape of a star. He felt she had a disorder of some kind. He said she felt very split mentally and he thought she had been bi-polar.

I believe Brad was correct about Kyla being bi-polar. My guides told me that she had one personality around her family and another party-girl persona.

I think Brad saw Kyla’s fate. I was impressed because he picked up on a lot of details I had already seen. Brad said there was a man driving a car with a girl in the passenger seat. Brad was cautious in how he phrased it, but he thought “Someone didn’t get what they wanted.” That refusal resulted in “extreme violence”. Chip asked if those events took place the night Kyla disappeared. Brad said yes.

Brad got more details, describing a tan colored car saying Kyla was in the back of the vehicle.

I am not sure how this fits together, perhaps some of it doesn’t. I saw an older man, medium build, thin with graying dark hair and goatee pick Kyla up in a boxy, older model red sports car. He was wearing jeans and a dark colored baseball cap.  I think he took her to the party out by Moon Lake that was mentioned by PI Tom Shanshck.

Chip was told by Tom that the last person to hear from Kyla was her sister Lynn. Kyla had called Lynn and said she was at a party and would return home in about an hour.

I think Kyla’s body was dumped in the back-forty of the swampy land that surrounds Moon Lake. The man in the red car strangled her with his bare hands. I saw the bruising around her neck.

Chip took Santana and Brad to Kyla’s sister’s house. It was explained that Kyla had lived there at the time of her disappearance. Brad and Santana got a flood of psychic impressions.

Santana felt Kyla had been drunk and taken a lot of drugs while she lived at that house. Brad picked up much the same thing. Chip asked Brad if Kyla had been drugged when she left the house the night she disappeared. Brad said yes and repeated what he had said earlier when holding Kyla’s belongings. A man had wanted it, she didn’t want to give it to him and he did something about it.

In a nutshell the man who murdered Kyla sexually assaulted her when she wouldn’t put out.

Santana’s neck started to hurt as they stood outside Kyla’s sister’s house. It had not hurt prior to their arrival.

Chip abruptly said, “I think she is still here.” Both teens agreed. This is where the information I got became particularly ugly. When law enforcement searches that home I strongly suggest they look in the sub-flooring and in the crawl space below the house.

I was puzzled to have seen Kyla’s body in two locations. She was raped and strangled on the bed in the bedroom Chip and the teens were standing outside of. Her body may have been hidden under the floor boards’ short term and then transferred to the swamp later. I think the tan car Brad saw was the transport vehicle for the body dump. There is possibly a disturbing family connection to Kyla’s death.

When the teens shared their psychic impressions with Tom, he confirmed that Kyla had a nautical star tattoo and a fairy tattoo on one shoulder. Both Santana and Brad felt Kyla was no longer living.

Brad and Santana shared their psychic impressions with Kyla’s mother as gently as they could. That took courage.

Kyla’s mother Teresa told both Missy and Adrienne how much their psychic teens work meant to her. It was a transformational moment for Missy.

In a later interview back at the inn Missy and Brad and an emotional reconciliation. Missy talked about how she was still learning that Brad had found something good in his psychic abilities. She admitted, “I was seeing the wrong way.” In tears Missy apologized to her son for not trusting him. They had an intense and long overdue hug. I was delighted when Missy told Brad that she and his father were behind him now.

Chip and Edy probably had some lengthy conversations with Missy. She came a long way in a week, telling Chip, “You helped me see I can still have my beliefs and my God.” That was a MAJOR breakthrough.

By the end of the retreat Santana had learned that she could push spirits away when they become overwhelming. She said knowing that gave her a great deal more confidence in dealing with her psychic experiences that she felt she could now push through them even when it was tough. 

Two months after the retreat Brad reported he was no longer overwhelmed with spirits. He looked a lot more relaxed and happy to be back home with his girlfriend Sam.

As the credits rolled it was stated that authorities would follow up on the leads Brad and Santana had generated by searching the home Kyla was last seen in and conducting ongoing interviews around the case.

Chip manages to impress me nearly every time I see him on TV or at a public event. He did a fantastic job with tangled family dynamics. I thought it was great that EVERYONE left the retreat with greater understanding and tools to use in their continuing journeys.



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