“Psychic Kids Investigates: The Disappearance”

“Psychic Kids” co-host Chris Fleming helped teens Alex and Jennifer to confront fears of their psychic abilities and generate fresh leads on a missing person’s case in Texas.

Alex, age 16, resided in Effort, PA with his parents Paula and Bart. His first psychic experience at age five terrified him when the spirit of a male ghost touched Alex’s left arm as he lay in bed one night. He bolted to his parents for comfort and spent the years since living in fear of his experiences seeing and talking to spirits. His home life was made more uncomfortable by the negative presence of a late relative who routinely harassed him.

At first Alex’s mom Paula didn’t believe his paranormal experiences were anything more than the vivid imagination of a young child. She changed her mind when Alex had a precognitive dream in which he saw his grandmother sitting in a chair at her home saying goodbye to her husband. Alex knew his grandfather had passed before the confirming phone call came the next morning. A vision of his maternal grandfather who had owned a variety of World War II paraphernalia further cemented Paula’s belief in her son’s experiences, especially since Alex never met that grandfather in life.

Alex was so afraid of his paranormal experiences that he had panic attack symptoms whenever a spirit showed up. His past encounters with spirits had led to multiple hospital stays for severe headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea.

Jennifer, age 18, hailed from Rock Hill, SC. Her ability to sense spirits left her terrified by the idea of potentially being possessed. Her paranormal experiences kicked in at age 13 when she was wandering around an old mill and saw the spirit of a little girl. Jennifer had struggled with keeping her abilities to herself. It took her a long time to tell her mom Nancy about her experiences. She was afraid to tell her friends and was dreading heading to college. She feared rejection from all the new people she would meet. Making friends had been hard as there was so much about her life she had to hide. Jennifer’s mother Nancy was open-minded about her daughter’s psychic abilities but worried that if Jennifer didn’t come to terms with her abilities that college would add too much stress on top of everything else and bring her to a breaking point.

Nancy shared the time Jennifer came home and told her mother that a ghost had followed her home and decided to take up residence in her bedroom.

Jennifer seemed close to a breaking point as she noted there was no way to get away from the spirits she saw as they are everywhere. I felt badly for her because she was under was non stop strain and it wouldn’t get any better until she faced her fears. It isn’t a big deal to have the dead or spirits around nearly all the time as long as two things happen. 1) A psychic has boundaries they can enforce so they can rest. 2) They stop being afraid of what they see and hear. Anything can become routine if you experience it long enough. The key is to remove the vast emotional cost fear causes.

Jennifer, Alex and their mothers arrived at the Hidden Oaks Inn in Houston, TX. The structure was built in 1927 and has had paranormal activity reported in the attic, basement and master bedroom. The spirit of a deceased prior owner of the Inn had been repeatedly encountered in the master bedroom of the house. The lady was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer in the master bedroom.

As Alex and his mom Paula pulled up to the Inn, Alex felt a spirit presence watching them. It was the previous owner who had died there. She was a heavy-set woman with shoulder length loose graying/white hair. She was wearing a floral print mummu type house-dress. Her breathing was heavy and labored. Just getting up from the bed and taking the few steps to the window winded her. She had gotten up because she was curious about the people arriving in her front yard.

Psychic/Sensitive Chris Fleming did a solo walk through the Hidden Oaks Inn without prior information about the location. He followed the energy upstairs and picked up the former landlady and another spirit in the attic. Once he entered the basement he felt an “unsettling” darker energy. Hidden Oaks staff had long refused to enter the basement.

I saw two presences in the basement. One was a garden variety imp of the sort I have often removed from residences. So that was likely the darker energy Chris picked up on. The second presence was the spirit of a little boy. He was afraid of the imp which of course suited the imp just fine as it fed off his fear. The imp felt like it was hanging out close to the plastic storage bins, the little boy under the stairs trying to hide from it.

Before arriving at the Inn, Jennifer had some premonitions about the retreat. She had not been told where she was going and nothing more than there would be another teen on retreat with her. Despite this Jennifer sensed a presence in the attic of the Inn. She also saw the other teen as a boy, a little younger than her with dark features. Alex was 16, two years younger and had dark hair and eyes. Not bad for someone she had yet to meet!

Once both teens had arrived, therapist Edy Nathan and Chris Fleming sat down with each of them separately. She asked Alex what his biggest fears were around his psychic abilities. He replied that he was afraid he would be hurt by some of the spirits he saw, especially in light of his physical symptoms when he experienced pressure in his chest and felt his head spinning.

Edy asked Jennifer why she was at the retreat. Jennifer talked about how uncomfortable she was with the spirits she saw, especially when they refused to communicate with her. Such spirits always made Jennifer wonder why they were around her and what they wanted, coupled with a major dose of fear that whatever it was might not be good. Chris told Jennifer “You don’t have to have an answer for everything.” And reassured her they would be working on her challenges over the course of the retreat.

Chris’s comment didn’t sound all that profound on the surface but it is a major concept most untrained psychics and non-psychic people struggle with. A huge part of being psychic is accepting that you will NEVER know all the answers. It drives skeptics and scientists crazy. Believe me, it drives psychics to frustration as well, but that is part of the reality of being a sensitive. It can be an ongoing challenge to disengage the left brain and let information flow in without censor at first. Many paranormal people also consider getting past one’s own ego key in obtaining accurate information.

Chris walked Alex through the building while Edy guided Jennifer separately so that their impressions wouldn’t influence each other.

As soon as he reached the landing of the stairs coming up from the first floor Alex stopped cold as he felt sick to his stomach and had a strong feeling something bad had happened at that spot.

In the basement Jennifer felt the presence of a spirit that was afraid and saw it move as it hid under the stairs. She felt exceptionally shaky.

Chris confirmed the teens were both picking up on the same things.

I believe the spirit Jennifer picked up on was the ghost of a little boy who was afraid of the imp and trying to hide from it. He was about seven years old.

Meanwhile I had a chat with the spirit of the late owner of the Inn. She told me she stuck around her home because she felt cheated by life. She had died too soon. She complained that when she started smoking as a young woman nobody had told her cigarettes were bad for her. She told me she wanted to stay in her home for the full measure of what she thought her life span should have been. She said, “It’s isn’t fair,” that she had died of lung cancer. She also felt cheated by loosing her husband twice. The first time he left her. The second time he died sooner than he should have.

Edy talked with Jennifer about her college fears. Jennifer was concerned about living with strangers if they didn’t believe in her psychic experiences. Edy asked if Jen was worried about her paranormal experiences being dismissed as imagination. Jennifer replied her psychic experiences often felt like someone else’s imagination was flying into her head without her control. Edy counseled Jennifer watch her words when choosing who to confide in about her abilities until she had established trusting relationships. (Sometimes even then it backfires.)

Alex and Chris chatted about Alex’s relationships at school. He didn’t have many and said he handled people who didn’t believe in his psychic abilities by avoiding them. Chris asked Alex to talk about the spirits he encountered at home. Alex said mostly they were his late relatives. One of them was a dominant male presence that Alex said messed with his thoughts and feelings. Alex had nicknamed that spirit “the shadow.” Chris clarified that Alex felt these thoughts and feelings were not his, but were pushed upon him. Alex agreed.

When they conferred privately Chris told Edy he was most worried about Alex and how completely out of touch he was with his feelings because he was terrified of his own emotional life. Edy expressed her goal of wanting to help Jennifer feel safe wherever she was.

 As Alex and Jennifer prepared to face their fears of the spirits at the Inn, their mothers watched the proceedings from video monitors. Alex had a premonition about what was coming up next and cautioned the group that he felt something around them and to watch their backs as some sort of presence would try to get their attention. Poor kid was so terrified just the thought of encountering a spirit tied him up in knots.

When Jennifer entered the master bedroom she clearly saw the spirit of the former owner on the bed. Jen felt as if she couldn’t breathe and experienced shortness of breath in her own body. Chris shared with Jennifer that a woman had died in the bedroom of lung cancer. Knowing that, Jennifer’s fear started to ebb right away.

Upon entering the master bedroom Alex felt the presence of the woman in the room and his chest hurt. He saw the woman’s spirit gagging and choking. Chris confirmed the late land lady had experienced gagging and choking problems as her body failed.

Next Alex was drawn to a cupboard in the bedroom. He told Chris he felt there was something paranormal related to the cupboard. When opened a tarot card fluttered out of the cupboard, shortly identified as one of an entire deck stored inside.

Alex heard something breathing up in the attic. Then he heard the spirit of a little girl crying. This made Alex deeply uncomfortable and he told Chris, “I want to get out,” of the attic. Instead of helping Alex race to the door Chris asked him why he wanted to leave. Alex replied he was afraid the spirit in the attic would follow him. Chris told Alex that sometimes that did happen, but not all the time and wanted to know where Alex had gotten that particular idea. Alex spoke vaguely of other people he had talked to who had led him to believe a spirit might follow him out of the area he first encountered it. Chris was firm telling Alex he couldn’t believe everything other people told him about the paranormal. He had to learn to rely on himself and what he thought was going on around him.

Taking that kind of personal responsibility frightens some people, but once it is accepted it is hugely empowering for psychics and sensitives. Own your power, your perceptions and all the otherworldly stuff you pick up on becomes drastically less frightening. It still has to be dealt with but it gets a lot easier. I think that is what Chris was trying to get Alex to do.

Jen also picked up on the spirit of the girl in the attic and described her as young about eight-years-old with short brown hair. Jennifer said the spirit of the little girl was very sad.

I saw the spirit of the little girl doing a couple of things in the attic. When she was alive she loved to play dress up there. I think she continued to do so after death. I also saw her in a corner of the attic sadly staring down into an empty baby crib. As she looked into the crib  she told me, “My dolly died.” I don’t think it was a dolly, I think the little girl’s spirit had picked up on the ghost of an infant. I saw the baby boy had turned blue when he died, so suffocation of some sort, possibly SIDS. This is where it got somewhat confusing when the spirit of the little girl told me, “Mommy couldn’t find my baby.”

I think what happened was the little girl picked up on the spirit of the dead infant while she was alive. Her mother thought she was making things up and wasn’t particularly open to stories of a blue baby that died. Sadly the little girl also died in that home. She showed me a fatal tumble down the stairs with head trauma as cause of death. I think she died a few steps above the landing where Alex picked up something bad had happened earlier in the retreat. I wondered if the blue baby had been a younger brother of hers that had passed, but my guides said the two children where not related, they had simply resided in the building at different times and never left.

Despite taking some steps to face her fears, Jennifer’s diary camera showed she remained fearful and on edge. She told the camera she didn’t trust the spirits inhabiting the Inn.

The next day Jennifer and Alex compared notes. Alex took comfort in the fact that at least they both knew they were not crazy. Alex described the way he saw spirits in full body, full color as if they were living people right next to him. Jennifer saw spirits composed of swirling dots of energy that coalesced into silhouetted forms. Alex shared that he wanted to use his psychic abilities to do good.

When Edy and Chris checked in with Alex and Jennifer about how their first night at the Inn had passed, Alex admitted it had not gone well for him. He had sensed a spirit in his room and bolted, spending the rest of the night in his Mom’s room. Chris asked Alex why  didn’t he try to talk to the spirit? Alex said that in the past other people had told him to ignore the spirits and they would go away. Chris didn’t think much of this idea and told Alex he couldn’t ignore what he saw and felt.

It is true; avoidance doesn’t work with the paranormal. Communication often works. Sometimes confrontation is required. Just as our daily lives on Earth must be faced so must the paranormal world, especially for those of us who can see, hear and feel it.

The second half of the episode Jennifer and Alex helped Private Investigator Tom Shamshak look into the missing person’s case of Ryan Esparza who disappeared from Highlands Park in Pasadena, Texas in June of 2007. He was 17 years-old at the time of his disappearance.

Tom stated that Ryan had been picked up at his home by a friend and driven to Highlands Park the day he vanished.

First the teens just looked at a photo of Ryan and wrote down their impressions about him. Jennifer picked up a sense of woods, an empty parking lot and that Ryan had been stranded somewhere. She also saw a black SUV and had the impression Ryan had sustained injuries.

Alex also saw woods and had the feeling that Ryan had been in a fight.

Jennifer, Alex and Chris were taken to Ryan’s house. Jennifer and Alex picked up on grandparent energy in Ryan’s bedroom. Alex wasn’t sure if the grandparent was male or female. Jennifer felt certain it was the presence of one of Ryan’s grandmothers who was sadly disappointed in and worried about Ryan.

Alex picked up on something hidden in the backyard shed at Ryan’s house. He also came up with the name of the friend who had last seen Ryan alive. Tom confirmed the name was Chris. Alex thought Ryan and Chris had hidden a gun and drugs in the shed as part of their “business”. He pinpointed the location where he thought the gun had been hidden inside the shed.

Jennifer and Alex were given some clothing belonging to Ryan. They examined a jersey separately and wrote down their impressions.

Jennifer was amazing, she saw the black SUV again, said it had California license plates and was able to give a partial plate number. She saw Ryan sitting in a vehicle, turning to look out of the window and telling a tall, broad-shouldered man to leave him alone.

Alex thought the jersey was one of Ryan’s favorite items of clothing and caught a whiff of marijuana smoke associated with Ryan’s activities when he wore it.

At this point in the episode I asked Ryan’s spirit why he had gotten into drugs. I had picked up his problems had something to do with weed before the Alex and Jennifer walked around his home. Their impressions of drugs were right on track.

Ryan’s spirit told me his motivation was, “Money. It was stupid but cheap weed and it was exciting then.” He further told me, “I wish I had never met Chris’s friend. Nothing went right after that.” I asked Ryan what had happened to the weed Alex had picked up being hidden. Ryan’s spirit told me he and his buddy Chris had smoked what they had been given to sell. This was partially confirmed later in the episode when a childhood friend of Ryan’s talked privately to Chris and Tom at Highland Park and told them he had heard Ryan had come up short on some weed. The unidentified and voice altered friend thought Ryan was dead because if he was alive the friend was certain he would have been in contact. Chris and Tom decided not to share the conversation with Alex and Jennifer.

While still at the Esparza home, Alex said that Ryan and his buddy Chris had created a business and gotten involved in drug trafficking. He said Ryan had met someone who was doing something they shouldn’t have been.

Jennifer chimed in stating that “Whatever deal he (Ryan) was making, he wanted out.” She also felt that Ryan missed his parents. She picked up on random emotions from Ryan and his family members. She felt Ryan was alive.

The next step was for Alex, Jennifer and Chris to head over to Highland Park to see what might be picked up there. All three were seated around a picnic table that both teens thought Ryan had sat at the day he disappeared.

Alex could hear a vocal disagreement that had taken place at the table between Ryan and others that day, but couldn’t make out the words. Chris urged Alex to listen carefully and try to hear what was said.

Jennifer saw Ryan walking on the road past the park, stranded. She thought he had crossed the street when he began walking away from the park. Then she saw a black SUV picked him up. Ryan knew whoever was in the SUV. Jennifer and the rest of the group followed Ryan’s energy down the street after he left the park. As they slowly drove down a residential street Alex said he felt something creepy on the block. He further sensed that block had a house on it that was significant to the situation. He then pointed it out.

Jennifer agreed the house was important and said it was where Ryan had been picked up by the black SUV.

Interestingly the house both teens felt was significant turned out to be the home of Ryan’s buddy Chris, the last person to see Ryan before his disappearance.

Tom confirmed that a person of interest in the case owned a black SUV.  He shared a few more of the facts of the case to let the teens know they were on track. Tom said Ryan and Chris had business with a gang from whom they had stolen eight pounds of pot. Ryan’s buddy Chris had a friend in a gang. The weed had been hidden in a dog house behind the shed Alex had zeroed in on. Both kids looked stunned and pleased. Jennifer said she felt validated.

Tom asked the teens what they would tell Ryan’s family. Did they think Ryan was living or dead?

Chris, Tom, Alex and Jennifer met with Ryan’s parents Gloria and David. Alex talked about the spirit of an older person a grandparent in the house. Jennifer shared her sense of disappointment in Ryan from the same spirit. Gloria said that Ryan was the youngest grandson in the family and close to his grandmother who died in the family home under hospice care.

Jennifer said that Ryan had gotten into a black SUV the day he went missing. She talked about seeing an airplane seat and a ticket from TX to LA.

Chris Fleming summed up their collective impressions that they all had hope that Ryan was still alive and out there in the world.

Of course this conclusion had a huge emotional impact on Ryan’s parents, Gloria and David. Gloria was in tears and thanked and blessed the teens for their help. She insisted her son was a good boy who had made some bad choices. My heart ached for both parents.

Most of the time Chris Fleming and I tend to pick up on similar things. I have practiced this both watching him on TV and talking to him after public lectures over the last two years and getting confirmation of details he didn’t share about psychic experiences he publicly discussed. Primary source confirmation is always good to have when possible.

In this case I disagree with Chris, Alex and Jennifer. I don’t believe Ryan is alive. I experienced his energy as a vibrant personality. I think what may have happened is his incredibly lively and vibrant personality in spirit has been mistaken as him being physically alive.  I asked Ryan if he wanted to move on into the light of God. He declined because he wanted to stay on Earth, around his family. He was sad about his death but wasn’t ready to leave them yet. I respected his wishes.

One reason is what his anonymous childhood friend said to Tom and Chris at Highland Park. If Ryan was alive he would have made contact with his friend and I strongly suspect the same would be true with his parents. He has not contacted anyone since his disappearance.

The second reason I think Ryan is dead is he gave me the details of his murder. When I asked him why he had gotten into drugs he told me what happened the night he went to Highland Park. For starters his buddy Chris (not to be confused with Chris Fleming) put the blame for the missing pot on Ryan, totally betrayed him to the dealers who wanted satisfaction and missing product wasn’t going to suffice.

When Jennifer said she saw Ryan sitting in a vehicle telling a larger man to leave him alone, I saw the vehicle as a black sedan. I know a black SUV played a big part in what happened, but at this stage of the situation Ryan was seated in a black car. He told me the drug dealers he got in trouble with killed him with a knife. A knife was used instead of a gun to avoid the noise of a gunshot attracting attention. A lot of Ryan’s blood ended up on the front seats of that car. Ryan’s spirit told me the car was later torched to dispose of the blood stains. His body was subsequently dumped in a road side ditch. All I could see of the ditch was matted own and broken wild grasses bleached out by the sun. Ryan’s spirit said he was dumped 75-80 miles away from the place he was killed. He died the night he disappeared. Three years later and counting it would be hard to find his bones as they are under three seasons of grass, trash, leaves and whatever else gets pulled through an open drainage ditch.

As the retreat wrapped up Alex resolved to try to be more open to his emotions. He felt stronger and more confident in his ability to deal with his psychic experiences. His Mom told him, “I am proud of you and I love you.”

Jennifer said she felt more confidence in herself and more healthy and whole. She was more comfortable in talking to the spirits she saw. 

Jennifer asked Alex what he would do about the dark spirit that harassed him at home. Alex said he would see if he could put the negative spirit “in his place”. That was a huge change from the kid who got sick the moment he sensed a spirit and bolted to his mother’s room the first night of the retreat. Both teens made major progress but Alex’s was the most dramatic change for the better.

Two months after the retreat Jennifer was enjoying college and remained more confident and comfortable with her abilities. Alex can sleep in the dark in his own room now. He said he feels his overall energy is now more positive. The teens remain in touch as law enforcement follows up on the leads they provided.



Update: In reviewing the events of last night’s episode I realized I had not asked the sad little girl spirit in the attic is she wanted to move on into the light. I went back and asked her if she would like to do so. She asked me, “Can I take my baby?” I assured her she could and asked for Archangel Michael to facilitate her transition into the presence of God. Her mother and grandmother both showed up to escort her home. She did bring the spirit of the blue baby boy with her. Before all four spirits moved beyond where I am allowed to see the girl’s grandmother turned around and shook her finger at me, admonishing me for not asking her granddaughter about moving into the light earlier. I apologized for not thinking of it when I first encountered her in the episode. Shortly thereafter all four moved beyond my sight. The little girl simply didn’t know she had the option of moving on.

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