Ghost Adventures: “La Palazza”

“Ghost Adventures” played with ever darker fire as they investigated the former mob house La Palazza in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Part of the infamous Scotch 80’s neighborhood, the property had been focus of rumors about buried mob loot, graves under the floors and the existence of a secret murder room.

Former owners Chris Martinez and Nick Santucci were interviewed about their experiences when they each owned the house at different times. Nick S. owned it first and then sold it to Chris M.

Chris, his girlfriend Heather and his pit bull Roxy all had deeply disturbing experiences when he owned La Palazza. At first Chris noticed Roxy would sit still on the floor and her eyes would track the movement of something invisible across the room. Then the dog would uncharacteristically start to shake and began to pee in her bed.

More than once, Chris saw the ghostly image of an older woman sitting in a chair. She wore a huge oversized hat similar to the styles Jackie O. made famous. I saw the ghost of the older woman also sporting huge sunglasses. She was the money counter for all the cash that ran through that house from the mobs assorted Vegas business activities. I think she was the mother of a major player from that era. She would work up in the attic with “the boys” other outfit members who came and went as their assignments dictated. She had absolute loyalty to her son and the outfit. Her ghost showed me that the money was counted and allotted in the attic to avoid notice from the local police who periodically drove by in the upscale neighborhood. At the time the attic was equipped with blackout curtains so they could work long into the night without drawing attention to themselves. This was not a nice little old lady. She was as crude and smoked as many cigars as the men she worked with. I saw a lot of drinking and smoking that went on in the attic as business was conducted. She was also involved with the murder room, sometimes making suggestions about the final disposal of those marked for death.

Heather was the girlfriend of former owner Chris M. She had all kinds of paranormal experiences at La Palazza. She once saw the dark outline of a tall man with long arms. He scared her silly and with good reason. I saw this ghost throughout the episode. He was the enforcer for the murder room and general muscle for the compound. When I asked him if he killed people in the murder room his face went blank and he impassively told me, “I did  whatever needed to be done.” I tried to broach the idea of him moving on which he flatly rejected with a bitter laugh then told me, “There is no heaven for the likes of me.” I asked him why he stayed in the wretched, haunted house. His answer was disturbing. He said, “We suit each other.”

Just who was this “we”? That was a complicated question. Many ghosts infested the house. However Zak was right that there was a dark entity that resides there now. Like others of its ilk it came to feed on the blood spilled in the home. The blood of murder victims tends to have staying power. I could sense the energy around their deaths and while I found it repulsive the dark entity Zak just had to spar with found it delectable.

One Halloween night Chris M, Heather, Nick S. and Nick’s girlfriend were having a bit of a party in the built-in bar room. They blared loud music and drank. Chris had gotten paranoid with all the weird stuff going on in his house and had gone Rambo, obtaining a sword with which to confront the dark entity that harassed him. During the private party Chris and Heather watched a glass suspended on a rack move itself along the length of the rack and fall off the end to shatter on the bar below.

That was the final straw for Chris. He grabbed his sword and provoked the entity that had turned his life upside down. Abruptly Chris couldn’t breathe as an unseen hand grabbed him by the throat and choked him. Heather saw the imprint of an invisible hand in the flesh of his neck, but couldn’t see what was throttling him in front of her. Nick S. grabbed Chris and threw him out of the room which somehow released the grip of the unseen figure and Chris was able to start breathing again.

Meanwhile Heather was consistently harassed by disembodied male voices talking dirty about her. She heard the clink of glass bottles and crude male conversations through the heating vents. The voices and comments seemed to be coming from the attic but nobody lived up there when Chris owned the property.

Things got worse for Heather. When she took showers in the master bathroom the same voices would comment on her figure, her sex appeal and more. She started to rush through her showers to shorten the duration of the verbal barrage. 

Prior owner Nick S. who had sold Chris the house didn’t believe in ghosts but when he was in residence at La Palazza he would hear disembodied conversations in the attic. To him they sounded like the buzzing voices broadcast by a transistor radio.

One night Heather had endured enough razing by unseen presences and walked the halls of the house knocking on walls to try to find a hollow sound where none should have been. The dark thing that inhabited the house knocked back and swore viciously at her.

As time went on Chris said his personality changed the longer he lived in the house. Heather and Nick agreed that Chris developed a hair-trigger temper. Chris described it as gong from zero to fury instantly. Heather said Chris would fly into a rage over the littlest things. She observed his eyes go completely black and said he would go crazy over nothing.

Chris described such experiences as a flood of rage washing over him that wasn’t his. He was adamant that he wasn’t mentally ill or a bad person, but swore “This house nearly put me away for 25 to life.” He knew he had an unhealthy relationship with the dark entity that brooded there. He told Zak that in some toxic way “We clicked.”

The moment Chris made this comment Zak became agitated and started pacing the room. The night before the investigation Zak had a bad nightmare regarding the house. In the nightmare the dark entity there connected with Zak. The troubling dream continued as Zak saw himself “….doing bad things to other people. It freaked me out….”

I was concerned to hear about Zak’s dream because as Chris talked about clicking with the dark entity in the house I immediately thought that the former owner wasn’t the only one who clicked with the darn thing. Did Zak have a nightmare? Was it more than a bad dream? To quote Han Solo, “I have a bad feeling about this…”

During his occupancy of La Palazza Chris found the murder room. Zak called this the secret room during the episode, but it WAS a murder room. Chris found the room concealed by a bathroom wall. The wall was decorated with fancy golden swan towel racks. If moved a certain way the swans revealed the steel door of the murder room. The room was entirely white, floors, ceiling and walls. It was empty except for a large industrial sink against one wall. When Chris pulled that sink out of the wall he found a lot of caked blood behind it.

I saw horrible things that had taken place in the murder room years past. Among the barely mentionable were men lined up in a row on their knees, hands behind their heads, classic mob execution positions. Many were executed in this manner. White tile made clean up easy. Women were brutally assaulted and killed in that room. Remains were not treated with respect.

As Chris said, people died violently in that room. Blood behind the sink wasn’t the only memento of past violence found in the house. He told Zak he had found “old school” 22 caliber guns. I am certain those guns were used in the assorted executions that took place at La Palazza.

Zak asked Chris if he believed in ghosts prior to buying the house. Chris said no, but he had no doubt they existed after living there. He said the place was crazy making. At one point Chris was walking around his home with a 45 stuck in his waistband. Eventually he just had to leave. He said he was, “Glad to be free of this house.”

GAC started lockdown with a number of equipment failures. Fresh heavy-duty batteries were repeatedly drained on all their equipment. Zak tried to get going telling any ghosts or entities in the area that they had talked to former owner Chris. Zak couldn’t even complete the thought before all three guys heard a loud hissing noise and their audio equipment conked out.

Although the structure had been stripped down to plywood floors and stud walls, none of the paranormal activity had calmed down in the least.

Eventually GAC set up X cameras in the former theatre, the dining room where Heather had seen the dark, long-armed man, master bedroom shower and two cameras in the formerly secret murder room.

Zak and the guys started by just walking through the gutted house to see if their bodies would have any reactions to ghost or entity energy. They were looking for goose-bumps, chills or feelings of an electric charge if anything otherworldly was nearby.

It was clear from the look on Aaron’s face he had serious reservations about the investigation.

Zak directed Nick to take his DVR into the murder room. Nick felt unsettling energy engulf his body as he moved into it. Then his equipment picked up an EVP that had one discernible word, “…attic…”

The highly sensitive EMF meter was brought out. Zak started his signature provoking style demanding the dark entity “Show yourself before us.” Dark entities are not known for being cooperative. Zak’s camera promptly stopped working. This was followed by a spike on the EMF meter.

Zak challenged whatever was around him to knock the EMF meter out of his hand. Although Zak was addressing his remarks to the dark entity on site, the spirit that responded to that was the dark, long-armed man Heather had seen. He was amused at Zak’s antics but commented to me that, “Nah, not worth it.” I think “it” was the effort involved in complying with Zak’s demand. 

Aaron, the perennial GAC bait boy, was sent into the murder room by Zak. As he headed in his equipment picked up an EVP of things being banged and dragged around. Keep in mind this house might have had a couple of construction tools lying around but otherwise it was stripped bare, not even wall board was up.

Shortly thereafter something unseen starting moving around GAC’s equipment in the room they had designated as their base.

Frustrated, Zak repeated his earlier demand, “Com’on, show yourself!” A mocking EVP was captured that sounded like Zak’s voice. It said, “….let’s kick ‘em out!” Zak thought it was the dark entity of the house copying his voice. It could have been, but I saw a group of old goodfellas clustered around GAC, deciding what to do with them. Kicking them out was only one suggestion.

As Zak continued provoking Nick became alarmed and told Zak, “Your face just changed bro.” Nick called Aaron over and shared his concern. Zak wasn’t aware of any change, but was rather grouchy asking what did they mean his face changed? Nick pointed the camera at Zak whose pupils had shrunk to pinpoints. . That was strange because working in a pitch dark space with night vision cameras the pupils of Zak’s eyes should have been wide open trying to snatch any bit of light in the area.

Aaron was feeling serious weirdness as repeated episodes of tingling washed over him. As he tried to tell Zak about it GAC heard extremely loud banging on nearby plywood followed by a faint EVP of disembodied singing.

Sensibly realizing none of this boded well for his future health, Aaron started to feel panicky. Zak plowed on, actually through a gap between empty stud walls. For his efforts he got scratched on his stomach by a rusty nail. Zak felt this was a personal attack by the dark entity in the house, and that ticked him off. I saw it more as a natural consequence of squeezing through partially demolished walls in a pitch black structure.

The EVP’s continued to flow. Nick picked up one that did seem to be upset about GAC being on site. It said, “… you broke in here.” The speaker was the ghost of an elderly Italian fellow. He wasn’t dressed in anything flashy but he spoke with confidence and authority. Balding, jowley with pouches under his eyes, I saw him wearing baggy grey slacks and a collarless long-sleeved shirt. I don’t think I would have wanted to cross him in life. I asked him how he got along in a house with such a nasty dark entity in residence. He told me, “They leave me alone, I leave them alone.” They? Lovely, just what La Palazza needed a legion of dark entities. I only sensed one heavy hitter, but often such vileness attracts lesser icky things. At any rate, a truce seemed to have been reached with the mob ghosts still in residence.

Trigger objects were taken to a whole new level when Zak brought in a trigger human. Recalling Heather’s crass but unseen audience in the shower of the master bath, Zak had a similar looking blond woman wrap a towel around her clothing and stand in the spot the shower had been.

I don’t think Zak was aware of this, but Hailey, the trigger blond, was a dead ringer for several of the women who were killed in the murder room. I had a disturbing impression that Zak’s continuing unhealthy hitchhiker had added company related to the dark entity at La Palazza. Furthermore, this unholy duo seemed to have been planting a few suggestions in Zak’s mind when he picked Hailey as the trigger.

GAC stayed in their control room and watched Hailey on the monitors. Zak commented to the camera that Hailey probably wondered what the bleep she had gotten herself into. Despite provoking questions, nothing much happened at first. Zak half growled, “We gave you what you wanted…” so respond. That aside bothered me a lot. Zak wasn’t kidding; he gave the dark entity what it wanted because the darn thing TOLD him what it desired on some level. It knew what it wanted from decades of feeding off the blood and misery of the blond women who died in the murder room. This was a level of vileness I expected to feel in a POW or former Nazi death camp, but not in an abandoned Las Vegas residence.

Hailey gamely played her part asking any ghosts in her vicinity, “Do you remember me?” Evidently so as the DVR taped to the wall next to her picked up a response that said, “…KILL her…” I suppose the first handful of blonds who died there in decades past were not enough.

Zak joined Hailey and poured on provoking. He taunted the dark entity to show its ugly face. Did it remember Heather? Zak invited the entity to touch Hailey, to talk to her. (Major problem with this…. Nobody has the right to speak for another human being when it comes to inviting in spirits or entities. Hailey was a gutsy girl, but she had the right to her own body and boundaries. Zak can invite in whomever he likes, but should not be doing it for other people.)

Regardless of his methods, it worked and GAC recorded both a loud bang and a disembodied evil sounding snarl. Zak had finally gotten the attention of the main resident dark entity.

After the snarl Zak had Nick bring a camera to him. Zak demanded, “Do that again. Show us yourself!” The EVP response was, “…not that way.” in a teasing female voice.

It occurred to Zak that perhaps the situation had been pushed a touch too far. He speculated that perhaps GAC and Hailey had been exposed to subtler manipulation than the manhandling Zak had requested. He sent Hailey off with a vial of blessed oil an exorcist had given GAC prior to the investigation. The blessed oil was supposed to deal with any dark attachments she might have picked up as human bait, er, trigger object. I don’t have any experience with blessed oil in removing attachments, so I hope it provided whatever protection she may have needed.

In a final attempt to provoke the dark entity in the house to reveal itself, GAC re-enacted the Halloween night Chris was choked by unseen hands in the bar.

Zak blasted loud music to provoke the entity. Then he brandished the sword Chris had used. Zak demanded the entity “Do what you did to Chris”, thus inviting the dark thing to throttle him. Getting into his role, Zak threw the sword into the wall where it stuck tip first into a bit of stud work. (All puns intended.)

Although Zak was not throttled on upon request, a DVR recorder that had been left in the next room captured the murmur of disembodied whispers.

Following the investigation Zak shared the best EVP’s with Chris and Heather who were suitably spooked. Chris noted he had heard the voice on the “… you broke in here.” EVP when he lived at La Palazzo. He felt vindicated and told Zak, “I told you @!%&* I wasn’t crazy!” No, Chris and Heather were not crazy, but it was probably a good thing they got out of that house or they might have been driven to it. No living human should be obliged to live in such a pit of negative energies. It might not be a bad idea if the current owner razed La Palazzo and blessed the ground thoroughly afterwards.



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