Ghost Adventures: Goldfield Hotel

“Ghost Adventures” teamed up with EVP experts Mark and Debby Constantino to revisit their roots at the Goldfield Hotel in the largely abandoned mining town of Goldfield, Nevada. The ghosts were ready for them.

GAC got its start in a 2004 documentary of the densely haunted Goldfield Hotel. Built in 1908 on the former location of the Nevada Hotel which burned three years earlier, the Goldfield Hotel boasted state-of the-art steam heated radiators, telephones and electric lights. Goldfield Mining Company owner George Wingfield held a majority share in the hotel but it was run by his partner Casey McDannell.

In 2004 GAC experienced intense paranormal phenomena in the basement and on the first floor of the long defunct Goldfield Hotel. In the basement ghosts threw a brick at GAC and levitated loose boards.

These experiences caught the attention of a local news station who reinvestigated the basement of the Goldfield with EVP experts Mark and Debby Constantino. During their investigation Debby asked the spirits about throwing the brick and captured the now well-known EVP response that said, “Thank you, but we did it.” Debby said it was one of the best EVP’s she had ever captured. That EVP brought the Constantino’s and GAC together for many investigations since.

When GAC arrived in Goldfield, Nevada which today contains about 500 residents, they intended to investigate the Nixon Building across the street from the Goldfield Hotel. In a stroke of luck they recognized the vehicle of current Goldfield Hotel owner “Red” Roberts who had shut down public access to the building. Nick and Zak talked Red into giving GAC permission to do a second overnight lockdown in the hotel.

The investigation was delayed for three hours as GAC waited for Red to sign the required insurance forms and then to show the building to prospective buyers.

One additional hurdle was overcome when GAC convinced Virginia Ridgeway to release the keys. Virginia had a bad scare six years ago when GAC first investigated the Goldfield Hotel. An unseen entity had picked her up under her arms and thrown her into a wall at the end of a hall in the hotel. At the time she confided to Nick that she suffered a bruised shoulder and broken toe from the incident. She had also run into two dark entities during the 2004 investigation that frightened her so badly she asked to be escorted from the hotel. She didn’t want anyone to know her injuries and wasn’t keen to see GAC back in town.A snippet from the 2004 investigation quoted Virginia who said, “This is the first time I have ever been scared out of my wits.”

Life had become more uncomfortable for Virginia who told GAC in 2011 that she believed dark entities from the Goldfield Hotel had followed her home and continued to give her grief. Unfortunately I believed she was right. I saw two dark entities who liked to bully her.

After a short detour to a clown themed hotel to showcase Zak’s fear of clowns, GAC got down to business as Red locked both GAC and the Constantino’s down in the Goldfield Hotel.

The most famous ghosts alleged to haunt the Goldfield Hotel were those of co-owner and Nevada political powerhouse George Wingfield and a prostitute he reportedly knocked up and eventually killed after disposing of the child she claimed was his. Several other suicides and the murder of a man as he awaited trial were mentioned and although their energy no doubt contributed to the Goldfield Hotel being a focus point for many dark entities they didn’t show up much individually during the episode.

Janice Oberding, author of a number of books about haunted locations, including “The Ghosts of the Goldfield Hotel” told Zak the story of Elizabeth the prostitute George knocked up and eventually chained to one of the steam radiators in room 109 where she died after giving birth to a baby that was either still-born or murdered by George, its alleged father. She characterized George Wingfield as ruthless and said, “Anyone who got in his way… he would get rid of.”

 Despite other web claims Elizabeth was a fictional creation I heard a lot from her ghost during GAC’s investigation. While Janice Oberding said Elizabeth died of either starvation or strangulation her ghost told me it was a combination of both. Weakened by starvation she was strangled with the gold tone curtain tie from either room 109 or one nearby.

I asked her why bother to strangle her if she was already starved and weakened. She told me she was, “Not dying fast enough” to suit George. Her ghost told me her baby boy was in distress when he was born as he was already tinged blue from lack of oxygen. George finished the job when he suffocated the newborn with a pillow. The baby was already weak and probably would not have lived anyway. Elizabeth said he didn’t put up much of a fight.

When I asked Elizabeth why George went to the dramatic trouble of killing her baby in front of her, her ghost told me it was simply cruelty on his part.

I asked my guides how George Wingfield met his end and was told mostly cancer although he also suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. That cancer eventually took George’s life in 1959 was confirmed by author C. Elizabeth Raymond in her book “George Windfield: Owner and Operator of Nevada” (page 270).

GAC and the Constantino’s started lockdown in the formerly ornate lobby of the Goldfield Hotel. Mark and Debby had brought with them the same recorder that picked up the now famous EVP back in 2004. As GAC revisited old times I generally asked any entities or ghosts in the hotel how they felt about GAC being back to investigate. I heard, “We will get them again” in response. It sounded like the local haunts looked forward to it.

The team set up X cameras and additional equipment such as REM pods, designed to measure any change in magnetic field fluctuations nearby. Zak wore a black (what other color would it be?) face mask. He explained he had endured recent respiratory illness probably caused by the black mold and asbestos found in many of the derelict locations GAC investigated.

Everybody headed downstairs to the basement where a brick was thrown at GAC back in 2004. They found an inauspicious dead bird on the stairs.

As Zak recapped that event Nick was suddenly hit in the back by a rock. GAC was not able to debunk Nick’s experience as there was no loose cement or plaster on the ceiling above him. The rock had a horizontal trajectory as if it had been thrown by an unseen hand.

Nick and Zak headed to the third floor, while Mark and Debby took the second floor. Zak and Nick were startled to see a dark figure at the end of the third floor hall. Meanwhile a floor below, Mark and Debby heard and recorded footsteps above them at a time when Nick and Zak were standing still.

The buzz in the hotel ramped up as Nick felt energy hit him and the hairs on Zak’s arms rose. Zak mentioned something similar had happened to them when GAC investigated the Stanley Hotel.

Nick asked any nearby ghosts, “Is there anyone in here right now?” He captured two EVP’s in response. The first one said, “….they’re back….” Followed shortly by the demand, “…WHAT do you want?” Zak replied, “We want to communicate with you.”

Next Zak and Nick investigated room 109, where the unfortunate Elizabeth was rumored to have died while chained to a steam radiator. Zak mentioned that the first time GAC had visited her room in 2004 the energy had felt warm and welcoming. It had changed and become uncomfortable.

Nick started to feel sick to his stomach and felt a strong gust of air not only pass him by but blow through his body. He asked Zak, “You feel that?” Zak had not felt a thing but asked Nick if he was all right.

While in room 109 Nick and Zak heard and recorded faint sounds of a woman crying and a possible faint EVP that might have said, “…help me?”

Things got stranger when Zak and Nick heard disembodied snarling and growling noises in room 109. Later review of their DVR’s captured an EVP apparently in response to them discussing the disconcerting sounds. The EVP said, “…that’s correct!!!”

I think the growling and snarling was tied up with the rage of George Wingfield’s ghost that was in room 109 with Zak and Nick.

Although unrecorded, George had a lot to say. I heard him snarl at the guys, “Get out! She’s mine. The bastard’s mine too.” He continued, “You have no business here,” as he insisted Elizabeth’s fate was, “Private business.”

Elizabeth’s ghost was not only unhappy about the deadly situation between herself and George, but the large numbers of ghost hunters who flocked to the Goldfield Hotel from 2004 on before owner Red shut down public access. She seemed bewildered when her ghost asked me, “Why do people come? Why is my pain entertaining?”

Some amazing EVP’s were captured and reviewed by everyone in the lobby. While on the second floor Mark and Debby not only recorded an unexplained bang but when Debby asked the ghosts is there, “Anything you want to say about them?” meaning GAC, she got back a measured EVP that said, “I want to… talk to… Zak.” There was also a blue streak of profanity on EVP aimed at Zak by name.

Although the group returned to the basement of the hotel and heard an unexplained noise that sounded like metal hitting something, not much else took place. Zak sat in the same spot he had six years ago with greater peace of mind, but said the metal noise couldn’t be verified as nobody could see the cause of it. To me it sounded like metal chains hitting cast iron pipe.

GAC set up a PX Device and a DVR side by side in room 109 before they moved on. The PX Device included a phonetic vocabulary that ghosts or entities could pull words from to communicate. For the first 39 unmanned minutes nothing happened in room 109. Then Nick returned to room 109 and the PX started to spit out all kinds of words.

When Nick walked into room 109 the PX said “hi” in greeting. The DVR picked up a deep growling voice that said it. “Will kill…” Nick asked whatever spirits were around them in room 109, “What are you trying to tell us?” The PX Device seemed downright chatty as it replied, “…enter…sit…” Indistinct, unexplained voices simultaneously murmured around the room. Zak asked who was in the room, a male or female. The answer was, “…female”.

Both GAC and the Constantino’s noticed the room got even darker than it had been before the PX started going crazy. The next comment out of the PX advised GAC to “…hide…” Zak wanted to know what would happen if they didn’t hide. If the female voice was Elizabeth’s ghost, George took over at that point when the PX spit out, “You’re %@$# in my house!” This hostile remark was accompanied by a deep cold that suddenly hit the room.

Next Zak went back to the spot where Virginia had been thrown against the wall in 2004. He asked whatever was local, “Did you throw Virginia Ridgeway against this wall?” along with a demand whatever was around him manifest itself. An EVP response was captured that said, “…Yeah, I would….” The ghost behind that comment was a big man, but oddly it wasn’t the ghost of George Wingfield.

The next thing the PX said was, “….video…” as Aaron got the chills. Whoever was in the room they were fully aware of GAC and the Constantino’s presence and that the events were being recorded. Shortly after this Zak, Debby and Mark all commented they felt dizzy.

A dark entity seemed to influence Nick. Zak asked Nick if he was dizzy but Nick replied in a rather spaced out manner, “I feel other things.” Meanwhile Mark had captured an EVP that didn’t bode well for Zak. It said, “…let’s get Zak.” As Mark played the EVP back GAC’s camera recorded a black mass as it moved toward him.

Zak checked in with Nick again, asked him if was okay. Nick was back to himself with no apparent memory of his spacey answer earlier. He told Zak, “Yeah, I ‘m fine, why?”

Right after this everyone heard a loud crash in a nearby room. They rushed in to find shards of glass all over the floor. Zak said those shards had not been present earlier in the investigation. Something malignant was present as everyone got sick.

As GAC and the Constantino’s wrapped up and left the Goldfield Hotel Zak’s voiceover noted, “While we were preparing for the spirit world, the spirits were preparing for us.” He was right.

It was enough to make me wonder if Red had been nudged a little to be in the right place at the right time to give GAC access to the Goldfield Hotel again.



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