How Does She Do It? Energy, Time and Space

Many people have emailed me asking how I can “read” a pre-recorded TV show AND talk to the ghosts involved in respective episodes in real-time as I am viewing a show on TV that was produced months or even years ahead of broadcast.

This is key, TIME AND SPACE DON’T EXIST for me when I work as a psychic medium. Since all psychic work is energy based, I can usually (if not I will tell you) follow energy across space and time. That is what credible TV psychics do when they “follow the energy” down a street or across a field or honestly even across country or the world. I do the same as can many, many other psychics.

That is why some police agencies and even the CIA have been known to use psychics. Remote viewing is only one example of how this ability is used. The children and young adults featured on the show “Psychic Kids” have the same ability to transcend time and space. It is how they pick up so much information about missing persons cases.

In my work I routinely access my clients past lives, look back in time to see what really happened in any given situation, check current events for truth or lies and am able to some degree see strong future probabilities. The past is easier to see than the future because of free will which can change any future probabilities in the blink of an eye.

That is how I am able talk to a ghost who died a hundred years before my birth or last week.  I have had the dead come through within hours of expiring. It is all energy and time and space are irrelevant with energy.

I do not research my clients or paranormal TV locations prior to my readings. After I watch and read a TV episode I absolutely research it (not in-depth due to time constraints) to fill in some of the blanks the show didn’t cover and find out if the historical record can at least partially verify what the ghosts and my guides told me.

I hope this answers some of the questions from my readers and detractors. No, I cannot scientifically prove it so don’t bother challenging me to do so.

Every private reading I do that involves the spirits of the dead provides me and my client(s) with information I have no other way of knowing. Such information would only be known to close family and friends. That is how the dead prove they are who they say they are to the living.

After this has happened thousands of times I know my accuracy is high. Nobody is 100% but I am frequently in the 90th percentile according to numerous sources of feedback over the years. Sure I make mistakes, yes I occasionally I get things wrong, everyone does. Take it or leave it. Meanwhile, I have a lifetime of people to help and work to do.


Lynne Olson


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