Ghost Adventures: Yorktown Hospital

“Ghost Adventures” tangled with the ghosts of a murderer, nuns and former patients of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas.  Founded and built in 1950 by the Roman Catholic order of the Felician Sisters, it functioned in the remote oil town until 1988. After closing the facility operated as a drug rehabilitation center. Today it stands empty and abandoned under private ownership.

Zak was jazzed by reports of both good and evil spirits in residence. He especially hoped to encounter rumored demons as he explained, “When there’s demons, we’re there.”  He was destined to be disappointed. I didn’t see or feel a single demon in the entire episode.

As GAC wandered around the shabby sun-scorched grounds in an attempt to find the caretaker, Zak was startled by a lone donkey that meandered up to the crew with mild curiosity. Zak found a faded trailer and knocked on the door. Caretaker Mike Henson answered.

Mike said his job not only included living on site, but window and roof repairs as needed. He told Zak about the determined nuns who bought the land, built the hospital and largely staffed it.

Zak interviewed former Yorktown internist, Dr. Gordon Barth, M.D. Dr. Barth had actually been born in the hospital on July 4, 1953. When asked by Zak to estimate how many deaths might have taken place at Yorktown Dr. Barth estimated at some points fifty deaths a year. Zak extrapolated from that number and figured Yorktown Hospital had likely seen at least 2,000 deaths over its nearly 40-year history.

Dr. Barth talked about how one death of a young female student in the 1980’s had stuck with him. She had come to the hospital and died in the ER of no apparent medical cause.  I asked the spirit of the girl who died why she had expired. The only answer I got was, “I was just so tired.” My guides told me there were undiagnosed cardiac implications involved her death.  At that age I wondered if an eating disorder was in play.

Zak asked caretaker Mike if he believed in ghosts. Mike did and cited numerous aggressive attacks of past investigators who had been slapped, kicked or punched by unseen forces inside the hospital.  This intrigued Zak who asked Mike for pointers, “How do we go in there and get beat up?”

Dr. Barth didn’t believe in ghosts but shared a personal experience with the shade of a former Yorktown doctor. One night Dr. Barth napped on the couch in the first floor doctor’s lounge.  He woke up and saw the silhouette of a fellow doctor who had worked at the hospital prior to his then recent death at home.  Dr. Barth got up to go check on a patient and the outline of his dead college disappeared.

Mother and daughter investigators Susan and Cassidy Wallner told Zak about their basement experiences with a ghost called “Doug”. Cassidy looked to be about 14, her mother 40-something. Susan told Zak she and Cassidy had seen the shadow of a very large man appear at the crossing of four basement hallways.

I had a brief chat with Doug’s ghost. I saw him as a heavy-set Caucasian man with dark hair and matching stubble. He wandered the basement hallways in a modern style knee-length hospital gown that wasn’t quite big enough to close in the back. He limped badly and I saw he suffered from a bad diabetic ulcer on his right leg. It was bandaged up, but refused to heal.  “Douglas” as he insisted on being called was also mentally ill. His ghost told me he went to the hospital because of “my bad leg”. At one point he had lived in a trailer with his mother who eventually tossed him out because he talked non-stop night and day. Douglas explained to me, “My head didn’t work right.” He elaborated, “I would hear things…. See things.” I asked him if he still did. He shrugged and said, “Sometimes”. I suspected in ghost form he was dimly aware of other spirits around him. 

What he wasn’t aware of, was he was dead. He seemed mildly surprised when I informed him. I asked why he didn’t move on. He told me he had, “No place to go.” I suggested heaven but he didn’t really know how to get there.  With prompting from my guides I told Douglas Jesus would show him the way to heaven. His response was, “Where are my pants?” I asked him why he needed his pants to go to heaven. His ghost replied, “So I can go meet Jesus.” He thought about this for a moment and sadly told me, “But I haven’t seen him here.” Once again I called in my guides for help and the big guy himself showed up to walk Douglas to heaven. I saw both figures walk down a long basement hallway that turned into a light filled portal to the other side. Douglas changed as they walked into the light. He became a younger, slimmer version of himself with a shy smile as he turned and gave me a little wave before he moved beyond the point I was allowed to see. Unlike so many seriously mentally ill people Douglas was mostly lost, not aggressive or afraid. He essentially drifted through both life and death.

Mike showed Zak a rusted sign outside the ER that told patients to ring a bell for help as the nuns shut down the ER at 10 pm each night. However one sister was always up all night to listen for the bell. In a sad case the buddies of a heroin addict dumped him at the ER and didn’t ring the bell for help. Reportedly the addict quietly overdosed on the floor and his body was found the next day when the ER opened.  I don’t know the facts of the case, but my first impression was that the addict was already dead when he arrived at the ER. His so-called friends used the ER as a dump site. I suppose it was better than the alternative, that the dead man’s family and friends never knew his fate.

Mike showed GAC bloodstains on a basement wall where a triple stabbing and double homicide had taken place. The story was a woman had gotten involved with two male patients. The day of the murders she was talking to one of the men when the second guy rushed through a nearby doorway, fatally stabbed the woman and then turned the knife on his competition. Both victims died.

During walk through a local school bus had stopped to drop off students. A young female student called out to Zak from a window, “I see you on TV.” She then told Zak, “You’re hot.” Zak felt it was an awkward moment and started to spout parental advice such as, “…Do your homework.”

Mike sent Zak to the door of Brystal Schultz, a friend that lived nearby. Brystal recounted the time she had been scratched on her arm by an unseen presence. At first she wasn’t sure what happened, but felt a strange burning sensation. When she left the building and checked her arm under light she found painful red welts.  Frequently she felt someone else was around when she and Mike hung out inside the hospital building. When Zak asked about the stories of people in the nun’s lounge getting choked by ghostly presences, Brystal told him it happened a lot, especially to women with tattoos. Mike believed the ghosts of former nuns were responsible for the choking incidents which took place in the old nun’s lounge on the top floor. Brystal pointed out to Zak that, “Back in the day there were no men allowed there.”

During his interview with Dr. Barth, Zak asked about the kinds of injuries Yorktown Hospital would have seen from oil rig accidents. GAC attempted to get a better idea of what such injuries involved when they drove up to an oil drill and started rolling cameras. That didn’t last long as security guard Rosendo Velo advised them they couldn’t be there. Zak started to chat with Rosendo who proved to be a font of information. Rosendo was familiar with Yorktown Hospital. He had gotten his first stitches there from Dr. Barth. In addition Rosendo’s uncle Remaldo had died at the hospital. His nephew was convinced Remaldo was one of the ghosts in the hospital. My guides quietly disagreed and told me Remaldo Velo had long since moved on.

Mike locked GAC down as Zak emphasized his desire to provoke the ghosts of the nuns who disapproved of tattoos.  GAC set up their gear and started the investigation in the blood spattered basement where the double stabbing murders occurred.  Zak’s lung troubles seemed to be an ongoing challenge as he wore a heavy-duty respirator and even Nick had a basic face mask on.

Zak was wearing a non-infrared “point of view” ( P.O.V.) camera which allowed viewers to see he worked in pitch blackness. Zak used a temperature equipped MEL meter, a static camera on a steady tripod and placed two digital recorders in the hallway. At this point I saw Douglas’s ghost walk up to the camera on the tripod and started to tap it as he asked, “What is this thing?”

Just to be clear that GAC was at the spot of a sordid murder, Zak used a black light to illuminate the blood stains on the basement wall. He asked any ghosts in the area “Tell us how you died.” He followed up with similar questions, “Why did you come to this hospital?” “What happened to you?”   Zak was abruptly surrounded by ghosts in hospital gowns eager to answer his questions. At that point both Aaron and Zak experienced chills. Their bodies were registering the ghosts although the cameras were not.  

As Zak talked his MEL meter signaled a shift in magnetic energy fields around GAC. At the same moment Zak’s EVP picked up a female voice that asked, “… you wanna play?” I saw the ghost as a young teen, not a child. She was gaunt and had quite a bit of confusion. She had mentally regressed to a younger age. My best guess was she might have been a cancer patient. I have seen that happen when chemo reaches toxic levels.

Next Zak saw something move in front of him. A grainy static IR camera shot captured a partial apparition that was more distinct around the feet than upper body.

Since GAC was focused on the location of the stabbing murders it wasn’t surprising they captured an indistinct EVP of a woman moaning. That corresponded to how I saw the wounded woman huddled against the wall. She didn’t die right away but was in terrible pain. I agreed with Zak that it was the female victim of the stabbings who created the EVP that said, “…it must be told.”

It was drool time as GAC headed up to the second floor of the hospital chapel that contained the nun’s lounge where most choking attacks were reported.  Zak took off a coat, a hoodie and finally his t-shirt as he exposed the tattoos on his arms and the center of his upper back. The most eye-catching tattoo was of a skull faced, winged demon of death Zak had experienced at Poveglia Island off of Venice in Italy. I have had my fair share of interaction with the angel of death that I have seen as Archangel Ariel. The only thing the tattoo got right was the black wings and even then they were more bat-like than the sleek black feathers I had seen Ariel sport. Granted Zak was talking demons, I was talking Archangels… different players, different teams. I was disturbed by the energetic implications of the death demon tattoo. Not wise to embed a demonic image over the back of the heart chakra. I think the tattoo was fairly new as I don’t recall Zak had it at the Waverly Hills Charity t-shirt auction May of 2010.

Regardless of what Zak’s bare torso might have been doing for his female fans, the ghosts of the nuns around him in the lounge were not impressed. Zak was working with a PX Box and the first word it spit out was, “soul”. The intention I felt behind that word was disapproving concern that Zak’s soul might be in danger.  An EVP was then captured that seemed to comment on Zak’s tattoos. It said, “…it’s sick” in reference to the demon of death image.  On a roll Zak asked, “What are you going to do to me?” The response was, “…suffer…”

Although the lounge was filled with the ghosts of former nuns who ran the hospital the only one I saw speak to Zak was the Matron or Mother Superior whom I think filled both roles. She was NOT happy with Zak and his choice in tattoos. She fumed, “How DARE he brings demons into this sacred space?” She further told GAC, “Men are not allowed. The doctor’s lounge is downstairs.” I wish those comments had been recorded!  The other ghostly sisters stood along the walls with their eyes averted from Zak’s display, their gazes firmly anchored to the floor. The middle-aged Matron nun was on the narrow-minded side, but from her perspective Zak was a disrespectful and misguided young man who had invaded her private space where men were not allowed, let alone half clothed.

 I was familiar with such restrictions and codes of conduct as I attended an all-girls Catholic high school owned and run by nuns. Unlike the sisters who educated me the ghosts of the nuns in the lounge at Yorktown Hospital were in full habit. That surprised me as most religious modified their attire after 1965 when Vatican II reforms went into effect. It was likely full habit was worn the first 15 years of the hospitals operation.  

As Zak started to re-dress the PX box kicked in again. Two words separated by pauses were, “…listen…” then, “…think…” Zak asked, “Think about what?”  GAC got nothing for five minutes and then an EVP response came through as, “…Jesus…” I think for all her disapproval the ghost of the Matron nun was trying to give Zak some helpful advice.

Next up was an EVP burst session in the nun’s quarters.  Still bent on bodily harm, Zak challenged the ghosts of any nuns around him, “Do you want to choke me? Come on.”

Right after this an EVP was recorded that warned, “…don’t go into the bathroom.” Of course that is where Zak immediately headed. He asked Nick and Aaron to leave him alone that he, “Just want to see if whatever is in here wants to get personal with me.” Zak did feel the presence of an unseen someone walking next to him over and over. He asked whomever it was to talk into the red light on his DVR. He got an EVP that said, “okay” in response.  It felt like a female presence that walked next to Zak. As Zak entered the bathroom I saw the ghost of a strung out rehab patient staring at himself in the mirror. The ghost was a teenager perhaps 17 or 18 years old. He looked and felt awful.  That may well have been the ghost responsible for the energy Zak felt on his arm.

Meanwhile Nick and Aaron amused themselves in the hospital chapel confessional. Nick took the role of the priest, Aaron as the penitent who “confessed”, “I’ve been investigating a lot of scary dark places and I am starting to like it.” Nick answered, “Cool.”  I disagreed but whatever. The chapel was long decommissioned.

 I did see the elderly, balding ghost of a one-time hospital Chaplin priest. Like the nuns up on the top floor he was in old school attire. In his case he wore a formal cassock. Visualize a formal house dress for men or a modern-day judges robes and you have the general idea.

Mocking Zak, Aaron assigned himself solo duty in the basement and returned to the area where the love triangle murders happened. Aaron got settled and asked any local haunts, “What would you like to tell me?” Immediately he heard loud metal clanging noises. Aaron described them as something rattling around the basement pipes. To me the noises sounded more like loud footsteps echoing off metal stairs. Either way Aaron was on track as he got an EVP that clearly said, “…metal…” Later he got additional EVP’s that seemed to once again pertain to the old murder. In halting order he recorded, “… hurry”, “…hide” and “…the killer is coming”. I think that old tragedy was an imprint haunting.

Up on the first floor hallway Zak and Nick poked around the ER. As Nick pointed his camera through the shattered ER door windows the battery suddenly drained and died. An EVP was recorded at the same time that said, “…get in there…”  I guess nothing else happened in the ER as the episode then wrapped up.  There was a ghostly body of a man on gurney in the ER, but other than that I didn’t pick up much other than a general impression of many ghosts crammed into the small rooms and snippets of their experiences under the knife. I tuned out most of it before it could become overwhelming.  Just because I can see, hear and feel these experiences doesn’t mean I always choose to.



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