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John Zaffis and his home-grown team launched an entertaining new paranormal series based on the Demonologist’s personal museum of haunted objects. The goal was to help people whose buildings were troubled by paranormal activity by identifying and removing haunted objects. As John explained, “I found sometimes spirits attach themselves to objects making life a living hell.”

The show was a family affair with John heading the team, his son Chris as one of his investigators and daughter Aimee as the group’s historic researcher. The team was completed by tech guru Brian and somewhat sensitive but not psychic Beth.

Their first client was Jill Wilder of Lake Charles, Louisiana whose long paranormally active childhood home and current rental property couldn’t hold tenants for long. Out of six tenants four had moved out due to disruptive paranormal activity that ranged from footsteps and cold spots to disembodied voices and cupboard doors that slammed themselves.

At age five, Jill had seen the apparition of a lady in an old-fashioned black dress that stood in the closet of her childhood bedroom.

One early suspected object was a post-World-War II plastic doll that had belonged to Jill’s mother, but nothing came of it.

Jill told John the wood in the walls of the house had come from a church, which he found promising enough to send Aimee to research the structure that had provided the wood. It turned out the donor building had been a temporary meeting hall rather than an established church. This finding discounted the building materials as likely culprits in John’s mind.

John pointed out paranormal activity can happen any time, not just at night, so his team’s first step was to do a daytime sweep of the home to see what came up and to establish equipment baselines for the night-time investigation. Team members started on opposite ends of the house to avoid contaminating each other’s results and used EMF detectors to note man-made sources of EMF’s such as electrical sockets, fixtures or appliances.

Beth and John checked out the kitchen where Beth found an old ceramic clown shaped cookie jar disturbing. She focused on the clown jar for her first EVP session. One of the questions she asked any possible nearby spirits was, “Do you want the tenants to leave?” Immediately I heard the voice of a young boy respond, “Yes” with a lot of vehement emotion.

My psychic impression was backed up by an EVP capture in response to Beth’s question that clearly said, “Yes”.

I saw the ghost of the little boy as about eight-years-old with somewhat shaggy dark hair. He was wearing pants, long-sleeved shirt and old-style suspenders that crossed in the back. I asked him why he wanted Jill’s tenants gone. He told me, “Their noise disturbs me.” When I asked why the noise of daily life bothered him his appearance changed dramatically. He had been beaten to death by a piece of wood that looked a lot like a section of 2×4. His head was a bloody, pulpy mess. When I asked him who had killed him, he told me the Uncle he had lived with had beaten him to death for stealing food.

The boy told me his name was Kenneth, which threw me for a loop as that is a name in my family. I doubled checked with my guides to make sure my subconscious wasn’t supplying me with a familiar name but they said that wasn’t the case.

Kenneth’s ghost did look spindly and underfed. He told me he was often hungry. I asked him when he died and he answered, “Before the war.” Based on this clothing I would say he likely died in the 1930’s. The year 1938 jumped out at me.

I got a psychic visual of Kenneth’s ghost banging the built-in cupboard doors in rage over his murder for something as minor as taking food.

I asked Kenneth’s ghost if he would consider moving on to the other side. At first he wasn’t having it as he told me, “No!” I asked why not. He said, “I am so angry! I was only hungry….boys get hungry.”

I asked Kenneth if there was someone he had known in life he would like to see again on the other side. He said he had a little sister he had been fond of. I asked my guides to get involved and help this poor soul head home. However it wasn’t Archangel Michael who did the honors. Instead Kenneth’s young father was brought from the other side to take him home. I was allowed to see his three-year-old little sister waiting for both of them as they headed for heaven. Kenneth’s mother was on the other side but oddly removed at a great distance from her reunited family. The last I saw of him his father was holding one hand, his little sister the other as they walked beyond the point I was allowed to see.

Phase two was the team’s nighttime investigation of Jill’s home. John and Beth started out by sweeping the dining room with a thermal imaging camera. Meanwhile Chris held an EVP session in one of the bedrooms.

Beth noted some strangely shifting heat patterns on the old clown cookie jar. John determined the glazed surface of the jar was reflecting their body heat back at them. The hot water heater and washing machine in the kitchen both lit up the thermal camera and the EMF meter.

Something interesting showed up in the form of a large blue cold spot on the thermal camera. The cause was not apparent on the kitchen floor, so John sent Brian under the house to look for metal pipes or possible heating/air ducts.

At first Brian only found wooden support beams and a thin metal pipe that was too small to account for the large cold spot. He started scanning the area with a metal detector that went crazy over an innocent looking patch of dirt under the house. Brian dug down and found what seemed to be an old leather-covered box buried in that spot.

Brian brought the box out to John who opened it to find it full of dirt which shortly gave way to an old mud encrusted gun.

John took the gun to Lee Perkins a former Marine with 27 years of service under his belt and involved in the Lake Charles Gun Club. After rubbing off most of the mud, Lee determined the gun was an English-made Welby & Scott Mark II service weapon that dated from the 1940’s or 1950’s. He was even able to determine the model number. Once I heard it was a Mark II my ears perked up as I knew those were commonly used Allied service weapons in World War II. Lee confirmed the Mark II was predominantly used by military and law enforcement.

It was impossible to tell how the gun had gotten under Jill’s house, although I agreed with Lee’s guess that it could have been a homicide weapon. I checked with Kenneth’s ghost, and the gun had nothing to do with his death. Lee also pointed out the extreme weather including floods that Louisiana was subject to could have washed the weapon under the house with Jill’s family being none the wiser.

Brian said the size of the gun correlated to the cold blue spot picked up by the thermal in the kitchen.

John showed Jill the gun and asked her if she knew anything about it. This was where things stopped adding up for me. I was certain Jill recognized the gun. I had a distinct impression she was thinking to herself something along the lines of, “Oh no, they found it…” However Jill told John she had no idea where the gun had come from and that, “I’m kind of shocked right now.”

John speculated the gun might have been used in a local 1961 bank robbery that had left one person dead. Jill continued to reel from the sight of the gun and asked John to take the gun with him and add it to his museum. John did so and promised to follow-up several months later to see if the paranormal activity in the home had quieted down. Frustratingly there was no further follow-up mentioned in the episode. Perhaps the status of Jill’s house will be addressed in a future episode?

The second location team Zaffis explored was the Deep River Public Library in Deep River Connecticut. Client Anne Paitta sent the team a video in which she told them the paranormal activity in the library was so extreme that some local children were afraid to enter the building.

As the Zaffis team introduced themselves my first impression were of the ghosts of a grown man and a woman. I got that the man built the house and the woman was his wife. I didn’t pick up on the spirits of their children until later in the investigation.

Anne told John’s team that a female figure in a long dress was frequently spotted walking down the stairs from the second floor. That was pretty fast confirmation for the female ghost I had just sensed. Anne explained that frequently, “You can feel something whisping by.”

Originally built as a private residence by Richard Spencer in 1881, the structure housed Richard, his second wife Julia and their three children. (I picked up two girls and a boy but the gender of the Spencer children was not mentioned on the show. The boy would have been the middle child.)

John noted there was a stove built into the wall of the home’s original kitchen. Anne said it was original to the house. John’s curiosity was engaged when he observed the Fuller & Warren stove was built very low and was probably a custom job.

The moment John mentioned this I saw a grown woman in an early wheelchair reminiscent of the ones FDR was sometimes photographed in during his first term as President in the 1930’s. It’s most interesting feature was wooden wheels. It had a leather seat. Aimee’s research on the Spencer family revealed that Richard’s wife Julia had become disabled later in life. At that point Richard had died and their three grown children had moved away from the area. The stove was installed so Julia could live in the home by herself despite her disability. I think she spent many of her later years in the kitchen both to cook and enjoy the warmth from the stove.

Anne took the team into the pantry off the kitchen where she said disembodied voices routinely chattered. In the attic she reported odd noises, shadows and the bell of an old manual Royal typewriter that routinely rang by itself.

John took a closer look at the typewriter and noticed it was model number 10. He was skeptical the typewriter carriage return triggered the bell under its own power.

The basement of the library was solid brick and had a muffled feel to it. It had a side room that was empty except for two concrete blocks evenly spaced in the middle of the floor. During the days the Spencer’s lived there that room was used as cold storage for meat. The atmosphere of the meat room gave Beth the creeps.

Both the day and night investigations failed to turn up much evidence of paranormal activity. There were two exceptions. The most notable one was the old Royal typewriter that sent the EMF meter into squealing overdrive. This didn’t make any sense as manual typewriters don’t HAVE any electric parts or even use electricity. (I learned to type on a manual Royal and knew this to be true.)

The second paranormal event was a personal experience that Beth had investigating the basement with John during the night. They were doing an EVP session when Beth asked, “Are you a member of the Spencer family?” Nothing was recorded but Beth freaked out when she felt somebody repeatedly tapping her big toe.

I saw the ghost of a young boy tapping Beth’s tennis shoe. I asked him why and he told me, “I like her shoes.” He appeared to be around seven-years-old. He told me he was named after his father. I am not sure why he chose to appear at that age in his childhood home as Aimee’s research had found all three Spencer children reached adulthood and moved away. I wondered if Julia Spencer miscarried or had a stillborn child that wouldn’t have shown up in the historical record because this little boy felt like he died young. He probably never saw age seven. Perhaps he wasn’t a Spencer, but the child of a family who lived in the house after Julia Spencer’s death? Of course spirits can and do choose to show up at different ages all the time for their own reasons. Whomever he was this little boy ghost was an intensely curious spirit. He did not mean Beth any harm, but she didn’t seem to be aware of him or his benign intent.

With no additional evidence, John reasonably focused on the old Royal typewriter. He took it to expert Joanne Lockwood who told him the model 10 broke new ground in typewriter technology as it was the first unit to have a shift key which triggered the carriage return and thus the bell Anne reported ringing all by its lonesome up in the attic. Joanne told John the model 10 he brought from the library came out in 1914. It was an expensive machine that cost around $125 which in modern currency worked out to about $2,000.

With this information in hand, John developed a working theory that the manual Royal probably had belonged to Julia Spencer who had lived in the home alone by 1914. John recalled she had three grown children who lived out of the area and reasonably speculated that Julia used the typewriter to correspond with her adult children. My guides chimed in at this point and told me that John was right and mentioned that Julia also wrote several unpublished manuscripts on the same machine as time weighed on her heavily.

Anne requested John remove the typewriter and add it to his personal museum. He did so and checked back with Anne two months later. At that time Anne reported activity seemed to have calmed down at the library. Mission accomplished.



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