AGHOST Investigation: El Corazon 1/22/12

My first investigation with AGHOST (Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma) was at the long established bar and heavy metal venue El Corazon in Seattle. “The Heart” in Spanish is liberally decorated with graphic paper mache hearts surrounded by thorns and accented by elaborate day of the dead skulls.

A self-appointed “spirit of El Corazon” followed me around most of the night offering his editorial comments on the bar and the investigation. Once a human male, this ghost decided to manifest as a tattooed talking head sporting designs all over the face and skull reminiscent of the dead heads on the walls of the bar. He had a common M name, Max, Matt, Marc… but I was not able to nail it down.

M’s floating head was fully fleshed but he was gaunt in the manner of long term drug addicts. He told me when he was alive his drugs of choice were heroin, pot and booze. I asked him about cocaine but he wasn’t into it, said it made him dizzy. When asked about heroin making him dizzy he protested it mellowed him out.

M felt like he was from the 1970’s in speech and manner. Unlike many of his contemporaries his black hair was short, shorn close to his skull. When I asked him why he was following me around he said, “I like you, you can hear me, man.” I pointed out there were several other psychics in the investigating group and suggested he go talk to one of them. He said one of them was too focused on other spirits and he gave the other one a headache and was told to go away. Not wanting him to plague my fellow sensitives, I finally told him he could stick with me which seemed to make him happy.

When I asked M how many other spirits were in the building he replied about three dozen. I thought that might be the spirits he was aware of, because El Corazon was mobbed with spirits. Walking through the place for five hours was like wandering around a rave, jam packed spirits, many of whom clamored for attention. The only other place I had felt ghosts so thickly was Waverly Hills hot spots like the morgue or the death tunnel. I am convinced El Corazon is one of the most densely haunted spots in Seattle outside of the Pike Place Market.

At one point I was assigned to watch the IR cameras for about an hour. M kept me company and a rather malicious minded Goth boy decided to see if he could yank my chain. Goth boy was early 20’s, white makeup, black clothing, including a trench coat he liked to use rather like bat wings. His thing was scaring patrons and investigators alike. In short if you were human and breathing he wanted to play. I wasn’t much fun as I refused to freak out, so he didn’t stick around long.

I didn’t see anything noteworthy on the IR cameras, but thanks to Alyssa got a crash course in the many different ways dust can imitate orbs on IR in the dark.  It remains to be seen if better trained eyes than mine find evidence of the ghostly activity that swirled around our team all night.

The back hallway behind the soda bar off the dance floor was clogged with spirits that couldn’t seem to move. One of my fellow investigators, Wendy had a personal experience of hearing a woman’s voice in that hallway saying she couldn’t get out. That was a bit disconcerting as the hallway lead to an emergency exit.  As pointed out by Jody, one of AGHOSTS established psychics, considering how jam packed the bar and dance floor can get, the feeling of stuck energy could have been caused by any panic inducing event that prompted throngs of people to try and exit quickly.

The upstairs bathroom had its fair share of vomiting and tripping ghosts.  It also had a small residential style shower. Plenty of stoned people had tried to sober up in there. I saw the ghost of a guy fully clothed sopping wet as the shower doused him. He was pretty out of it, weaving on his feet even in the tiny stall.

The traditionally called “green room” was two small adjoining upstairs rooms painted heart blood red.  Green room one had three distinctive ghosts I picked up on. Early in the investigation I was taking baseline tri-field meter readings up there.  I plopped on one of the two black couches to the disgruntlement of the ghost of a former musician who complained I was sitting on him. At this time I also noticed a deeply depressed ghost man holding court in the tiny alcove corner of the room that held a chair, a desk and a mirror for acts getting reading to go on stage.   Later in the evening I joined Jon in the same room for an EVP session. Depressed guy still had a steady stream of ghosts visiting him but I picked up on a different male ghost smoking in the corner behind the door to the right of the entrance of the room. It was probably a joint rather than a cigarette because the smoking ghost was the most deeply relaxed of the assorted spirits I encountered.

Another ghost… mostly men I saw in the green rooms with two notable exceptions, was in a paroxysm of joy, jumping up and down with glee.  He was too blissed out to answer me when I asked what he was so excited about.

Green room two was a different story. There was a seriously pissed off, hostile, abusive ghost who stood braced against the window staring out over the city below.  He was furious at the world, and swore several impressive blue streaks at Jon and I during the EVP session. I don’t know yet if any of the molten comments were recorded.  I tried to ask him why he was so angry, but his repeated response was that he wanted EVERYONE from ghosts to humans to leave him the $%&! alone.

This ghost was stuck in a suicidal, depressive rage. He might have taken his own life at the bar because he showed me himself holding a hand gun directly under his chin. Did he actually die that way or simply consider it? I don’t know for certain but he was definitely dead by the time I encountered him. 

Green room two had multiple impressions of couples sneaking up there to have sex. The only other female I saw in the green rooms was a little girl, about nine years old. At first I wondered if her father had been a musician who performed at El Corazon at one point. She corrected me, said her uncle had brought her to the bar. As a minor she had to stay upstairs and out of the way, an experience she found boring.  

One of the walls in green room two bore testimony to periodic bouts of rage as it sported several good sized holes from when drunken musicians punched the walls. It was hard to tell if there was any blood among the red paint.

There was the rather unsettling ghost of a woman at the top of the stairs, the landing just outside the door to green room two. She was Caucasian, long brown hair, hippie clothing, again from the 1970’s like several other ghosts I saw. I would place her age late 20’s to early 30’s. She told me a man had pushed her headfirst down the stairs to the second landing. I don’t know what the argument was about, but whoever pushed her was boiling mad at the time.

During set up I was fumbling around in my bag in the fourth booth closest to the main bar as you come into El Corazon from the street.  A male ghost with shaggy hair seated in the corner where the booth seats met, protested I was crowding him but was easily pacified when I moved back six inches. I was told later one of the other psychics on the team had a conversation with this ghost during an EVP session. He was pretty polite, when investigators thanked him for talking to them the psychic involved mentally heard him say thank you back that they made the effort.

It was a good night. I had a chance to get to know the people on my team, newbies like me and seasoned veterans alike.  I heard some great ghost stories and learned more about the gear and how to properly use it. I hope I get to go back to El Corazon for another AGHOST investigation and am looking forward to the adventures ahead with this highly professional and ethical group.



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