Dig In! Food Beyond the Grave

I have been thinking about the social nature of food and the many times it has continued to connect people even after death. I have been fortunate to witness a great number of “welcoming committees” 0f family and friends who show up in spirit to greet and welcome home a newly deceased person. It is interesting to me how often these reunions involve food.

Recently I had an unusually detailed interaction with a dying man’s family waiting for him in spirit. He was the last of his generation to pass, so he had a lot of siblings, family and friends waiting to welcome him home to God.

One of the dying man’s sisters was waiting with a home-baked pie. I was able to confirm she was known in her family for her delicious pies.

One celeb was met by his grandmother who had a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies in her hands when she came to escort him to heaven. (Heaven, other side, the great beyond, take your pick.)

A Revolutionary War soldier who had been earthbound as a ghost for a couple of centuries met up with his father and brother in spirit. They walked into the light of heaven toasting their reunion with tankards of ale.

A long-term client came to me when both her parents had passed. They came through and talked about their idea of heaven. In this case it was a lakeside cottage with a wonderful apple orchard. The mother mentioned the crop was going to be a good one and she would be making pies and cobbler from the fruit. (This experience backed up my long-held belief that heaven can pretty much be whatever we want it to be.)

One of my all time favorite other side stories was a man who had been gone some time. His family came to see me at a psychic fair. They asked what he was doing with his time in heaven. He replied the was waterskiing and drinking beer with his best buddy. The family laughed and said that would certainly be the mans idea of heaven.

Earthbound spirits are still interested in food too, despite the fact they no longer have bodies to enjoy it with.

When I was at the bottom of the Waverly Hills death tunnel Mark and Debby Constantino were leading the investigation. They asked the ghosts in the tunnel if there was anything they missed that the Constantino’s could bring them. The answer I heard was apples. I told Debby about it and she followed up with me later. The late Fr. Andrew Calder had brought a couple of apples the next night and left them in the densely haunted death tunnel for the spirits.

Also at Waverly Hills I have heard ghost children request candy up on the fifth floor during another groups EVP session. Cherry flavored candy to be exact.

Paranormal investigator extraordinaire Mike Sears and his VSPR group (www.vsparanormal.com) have routinely gotten amazing EVP results by bringing rum or whiskey to locations they have investigated. This seems to work especially well in areas that once housed soldiers or prisoners. The ghosts seem to appreciate the thought and effort Mike and his team expended to bring them a drink.

Of course many other items from toys to tools are used as successfully as trigger objects. Food or drink remains a big one.

In light of the ongoing appreciation and connection food has beyond this life earlier societies practices of sacrificing produce, grains and animals to their gods or in honor of their late ancestors doesn’t sound quite so daft to my modern ear.

My late mother loved white chip macadamia nut cookies. I think the next time I visit her grave I will leave a nice big one for her. It will melt into the grass with the next good rain, or the squirrels or birds will get it, but no harm done. I figure it can’t hurt and it has been a long time since Mom had one of those cookies.



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