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I am frequently asked if I can pick up on people’s departed pets. The short answer is yes, most of the time. I am always somewhat surprised by this as I don’t consider nor promote myself as an animal psychic. There are lots of psychics much better at animal communication than I am, but once a pet is deceased it seems to be part of my mediumship abilities and they usually show up fairly easily.

Many people who have to put their fur babies down due to illness or injuries feel terrible guilt about it and worry their pets blame them. I have yet to meet a pet who was put down to spare them pain who blamed their humans or held a grudge about it. Frequently they are just grateful to no longer be sick or in pain. In that sense animals are wonderfully forgiving and understanding.

Not surprisingly most of the late pets I interact with are cats and dogs although one time there was a wild raccoon a client looked for and fed every winter. When the raccoon didn’t show up one year my client became concerned. The raccoon had passed on my client’s property under a large pile of tree boughs. Although unwelcome news, my client said she would move that pile and find the bones of the raccoon.

In one case an online friend of mine couldn’t find her beloved “Toni Tiger”and was worrying herself sick about the fate of her cat. Unfortunately Toni Tiger had died, but via remote viewing I was able to describe where her body was to her heartbroken human despite the fact I had never been to that particular state. My friend found Toni Tiger exactly where I said she would be and was able to give her beloved kitty a proper and loving burial.

Our pets visit us in spirit just as often as our dearly departed family and friends. They tend to show up especially when we are enduring tough times. A handful of years ago a dear friend of mine lost her beloved cat “Missy”. Since my friend lived in an apartment and had nowhere safe or legal to bury Missy I volunteered a quiet spot in my backyard. To this day I know this particular friend is having a rough time when Missy shows up, usually twining herself between my legs in a typical bid for attention and show of affection. It still happens despite the fact I no longer own the home she is buried at. When it does I know it is time to pick up the phone and check on Missy’s favorite human.

Like people, pets in spirit retain their earthly personalities. One time I was reading for a client who could not figure out why their very much alive dog was acting so weird. The dog would be going about his day when suddenly he would rush down the hallway of their home, dash into a bedroom, plunge into the closet and then emerge a few moments later looking utterly confused.
The key to the dog’s odd behavior was the loss of the family cat. The cat, now in spirit would show up in the hallway of the home, taunting the dog who obligingly gave chase. The cat would run into a certain bedroom they favored in life and dive into the closet with the family dog at its heels. Then the cat would just disappear, leaving the dog seriously confused.  With gales of laughter the pet owners confirmed the dog often chased the cat when both were alive in the same household and it was completely in character for that cat to tease their dog in the manner I was shown.

At one point, my cousins lost a young man named “Jimmy” who died in his early 30’s. Jimmy left behind a little dog “Tiny” who was devastated and deeply grieving the loss of her master. Tiny was a little dog with a big heart. After Jimmy died she was taken in by his grandparents and one of his uncles who lived with and took care of the grandparents. About three months after Jimmy’s death Tiny was lying about moping on the living room floor in front of the main window that faced the road passing the house. Suddenly she went from silent and still to barking her head off. She started frantically jumping at the living room window. Nobody and nothing could calm her down. She jumped so hard she brained herself on the window sill and died.

Understandably this severely upset Jimmy’s grandparents and uncle who witnessed Tiny’s sudden and self-inflicted death. Eventually an indirect inquiry was sent to me to find out if I could shed any light on Tiny’s abrupt and bizarre behavior as there had been no pedestrians, other dogs or even traffic on the road in front of the house at the time of her death.

That wasn’t quite true. Jimmy was there in spirit. He had a special whistle he used to call Tiny. He was standing in the front yard of the house a few dozen yards from the living room window whistling for her. Tiny could see and hear him but the grandparents and uncle could not. Jimmy was calling for her, she wanted to be with him and she found a way to do it. The moment she fatally hit her head on the window sill she sailed right out of that solid window pane and joined Jimmy in spirit. They left together, each delighted to be in the others company once again.

I never found out if having the “rest of the story” to borrow from Paul Harvey was of any help to the family. Some members of my family don’t want to accept my abilities so they don’t talk to me any more than absolutely necessary. I do hope the information that Jimmy and Tiny were reunited that winter day offered some comfort eventually. So much of this work is about acting in good faith and praying it all works out the way it is supposed to.





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