Luck of the Irish, Crosby Style

I was driving home (3/17/17) in filthy weather. Unlike big swaths of the US the precipitation was liquid, not solid, but it still made driving the Interstate a bit tricky due to the amount of water on the road. I did indeed hydroplane a few minutes before Bing showed up. In the past few years, he has been known to visit around Christmas but this was the first time I saw him on St. Patrick’s Day.

I was listening to Coast to Coast radio to keep my nerves steady. Right after my vehicle decided to do a bit of slip-and-slide the show came back from a commercial break and “Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral: That’s an Irish Lullaby” was played in its entirety. I listened for a moment and then said, “Bing is that one of yours?” Bingo, he was back in my otherwise empty passenger seat, with a big grin and confirmation that yes it was indeed one of his.

I looked at my dash clock which was pegged on 10:33 pm. Many people believe seeing repeating sequences of numbers in the course of daily life means angels are close by. I happen to be one of them as I somehow look at digital and analog clocks multiple times a day at exactly 33 minutes after the hour. Go figure. Considering the angelic company I keep or rather keeps me in line it is not all that strange for my days.

Since it was St. Patrick’s Day George Noory’s guest was talking about the symbolism around the holiday. I found the topic interesting, Bing not so much. At first the symbols of shamrocks/clover and their connections to rabbits foot charms were brought up. The guest noted clover had long been a source of rabbit food. Bing’s take on rabbit food was ice burg lettuce, something you ate when dieting in his lifetime. In Bing’s view, preferably served with cheese, tomato and Cesar dressing. When the guest started to discuss the idea of clover walking around under its own power about 40,000 years ago Bing thought he was crazy. Once the topic moved on to the idea that leprechaun’s glow as depicted in glowing hand prints found in ancient human cave paintings, Bring was slapping his forehead in disbelief. Further details about the nature of leprechauns progressed to significant and repeated eye rolling on Bing’s part along with the declaration that the guest had to be making it up out of whole cloth. When George Noory asked his guest if leprechauns were the sort of beings that could do evil Bing instantly said, well HE wasn’t sure but he knew his great-grandmother wouldn’t have chosen to make them angry.

I have to say it was entertaining and a great distraction from road conditions. Apparently that was the point. I asked Bing why he was with me and he said he would stay with me until I reached my home safely along with repeated reassurances that I would get home intact. (I wasn’t really all that concerned I wouldn’t but I will take help wherever I find it.)You may recall in earlier posts he did something similar when I was driving to see my family last Christmas as the roads were freezing over in the wee hours.

I asked Bing if he had been sent once again by my grandfather. He confirmed this. I further questioned, why didn’t the grandfather I had never met come visit me himself? Bing asked if I would recognize him. I retorted well, I had met him once in spirit when reading for my aunt, so yes,  I probably would, after all I recognized Bing a handful of years ago and I had not known him in life any more than I had my grandfather. Bing wouldn’t give me details, only said my grandfather couldn’t come directly right now and so I was going to have to make do with him. I have learned from years of experience when I hit an answer like that, no further information will be forthcoming, no matter whom I am speaking to in spirit.

My final question about my grandfather was to ask Bing if my grandpa had anything to tell me. I was floored when Bing said, yes, and the message was my grandfather was proud of me for moving to a remote area. Bing told me my grandfather said that took guts, possibly more courage than my grandfather thought he had in his own lifetime. That threw me for a loop. My grandfather didn’t have an easy life, but he never stopped trying. He worked all kinds of jobs to provide for his family and died fairly young of cancer… sadly his firstborn, my Mom died even younger of that disease. However everyone I ever talked to about him in my family over the years thought the world of him. He was by all accounts a genuinely nice guy who would give you the shirt off his back to paraphrase his youngest daughter. For a man like that who survived the great depression, World War II and raised four children on the thinnest of shoestrings, that was incredibly high praise! Not convinced it was merited but it certainly gave me a deeply warm and fuzzy moment. It meant a lot to me considering what my immediate living family thought of my move. Not supportive would be a polite understatement.

Once I reached my street Bing said his goodnight’s and blew me a kiss as he left. I returned the gesture. It was a good night and a lovely reminder that I never know when grace will suddenly appear in my life.



Lynne Sutherland Olson

(c) 2017 Lynne Sutherland Olson

All rights reserved.




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