Maeshowe Cairn, Today, Tomorrow and Yesteryear – Orkney Island

Maeshowe Carin Scottish Heritage Image

Image courtesy of Historic Scotland

The most notable aspect of the Maeshowe carin on Orkney Island was the Guardian spirit that showed up as soon as all but three members of my September 2017 tour group entered the cairn. Normally I am not claustrophobic but for some reason I wasn’t keen on following a large group stumbling bent in half in the dark narrow passageway. Two other group members, Seth and Isaac remained outside with me.

As I was facing the entrance of the mounded grassy cairn I saw a male figure in an old style kilt. For those who may not be familiar with the evolution of kilts in the Scottish isles a traditional early style was memorably once described to me as best put on by laying the yards of tartan fabric on the ground, joining it on the floor and rolling ones self up in it. These were not the tailored kilts we grew up seeing in movies or videos of the English Royal Family on vacation. The artists rendition below was closer to what I saw the Guardian wearing, minus the argyle socks.

Old Style Kilt I

The tartan pattern the Guardian wore wasn’t one I recognized.  This one had a muddy brown background with dim lines of color through it, mostly faded black and orange. It had also seen better days, being both ragged and dirty. The Guardian took no notice of this as he stood tall and straight holding a spear resting but ready in his right hand with the pole end resting on the turf beside him. It was hard to tell his age. In today’s terms I would say late 40’s to early 50’s because of the weathering of his face, but his shaggy brown hair and beard didn’t have a trace of gray in them.  He gave the impression of a man at the peak of his powers who knew it.


In doing a mental scan of the overgrown ditch that encircles Maeshowe today I noticed a number of crystal type stones had been buried at intervals under what had once been a wall around the site. Somehow in “seeing” the stones I knew they were not native to the area and had been brought in from some other location. The careful spacing of the stones under the circumference of the long gone wall was clearly intentional. I asked the Guardian about the crystals. He informed me they were meant for activation during ceremonial events. They had not been activated for likely hundreds of years prior to my visit in 2017 because there were no traces of residual energies in them. When I asked the Guardian when they would next be activated he sternly informed me not for another three millennia to come. (When I get an answer like that there is zero point in debating it.) So I asked how would the crystals be activated three centuries on? For starters who would be around who would know to do it?

The Guardian told me reactivation would occur between the combined efforts of two groups of people. The first group would be from the descendants of already old Orkney families who do and will carry certain DNA sequences into the future.  I was shown these future people assembling in a loose knit group in front of the entrance.  They were puzzled, not quite sure why any of them were present, but pulled or lead there by some sort of internal homing beacon nonetheless. I saw a number of conversations along the lines of individual members arriving, seeing other community members there and being surprised at their presence. Consequently a lot of, well, I just felt I had to be here, but why are you type conversations going on.

The other group that would know how to bring about activation of the crystals would be “teachers” from outside of Orkney that would return at the proper time. I was given a visual of these “teachers” as mature men in nubby white woolen robes walking in a single file clockwise line around the Maeshowe cairn as they approached the entrance from the right side of the mound. There was some sort of formal, ritual chant in progress but I couldn’t make out any words.

Maeshowe carin entrance

Entrance to Maeshowe Cairn. Facing the cairn the Guardian was standing to the right side, just outside the gate. (Fence and gate are to keep local sheep from wandering in.) Photo by Lynne Sutherland Olson.

I think I was trying the patience of the Guardian as I asked the questions that lead to the future activation scenario I was shown. I was helped in this conversation by both Seth and Isaac who each have significant psychic sensitivities in their own rights. Seth is deeply involved in shamanism. Isaac is the son, assistant and general spear carrier of Laird Scranton the cosmologist and author whose work the tour I was on was centered.

As I was puzzling out how the two future groups would find each other both Isaac and Seth were adamantly saying, DNA, it is DNA! Turns out, according to the Guardian, they were right. These kinds of situations is where it is often helpful to have other psychics around that I can work with because most of the time different psychics get different pieces of any given puzzle. I got very lucky they both happened to be among those I can work with. (If you need to ask why, suffice to say egos grow big in the paranormal world.)

Interestingly Isaac could see the Guardian but the being refused to talk to him. Yet the Guardian had no problem talking to me. My best guess at the time was maybe it was due to gender. I have run across this in the past. Sometimes beings in spirit prefer to talk to one gender over the other. It is not unlikely that sometime in the future a different energy being may well talk Isaac’s ear off while I stand there wondering why they won’t say a word to me. I don’t have an answer for why this sort of thing happens, I just know it does. If I had to hazard a guess and it is only a guess this time, the Maeshowe Guardian may have seen Isaac’s protection of Laird and decided not to talk to Isaac for that reason. Although certainly no Scot, at 6’3″ Isaac does an effective job of giving off a, “No, really, you don’t want to mess with me” vibe. I felt strongly that the Guardian wouldn’t bother our group as long as we didn’t try to disrupt or disrespect Maeshowe in any way.

So after all this time, why is the Guardian still at Maeshowe? According to our Historic Scotland guide, Clare Burgher all the human remains were removed from Maeshowe long ago. I hate to contradict our stellar tour guide, but I was shown that was not the case. There are still human bodies deep below the currently understood bottom of Maeshowe and in a burial practice that was new to me, bits of crushed human bone still reside in walls of the cairn.

Having been given a glance of future activity at Maeshowe, I asked to be shown how it looked in the past, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,800 years ago when it was created. The scene changed significantly starting with the shape of the cairn. Unlike today where Maeshowe looks like an overgrown mound with a sod roof to the casual passerby, nearly three centuries ago it was built in the shape of a stepped pyramid.

Faroe stepped pyramid

A Stepped Pyramid in the Faroe Islands, Google sourced

This location being off the Scottish mainland not surprisingly even back then wispy bits of wild grasses had already taken root but the dark wet stone stepped sides of the Maeshowe cairn were clearly visible. I was told by the Guardian the stepped pyramid was eventually filled in and rounded out intentionally when “Outsiders who wouldn’t understand, ” started to come into the area.

The walls that once stood around the perimeter of the Maeshowe site also protected a deep stone lined “moat”. The light colored stone bricks were carefully fitted together to keep the deep moat water contained. They were clearly hand-hewn into rectangular bricks, perhaps two thirds larger than a standard building brick.  The water was so clear, I could see the tool marks on them.  This was no wading pool. I would estimate the depth of the stone lined moat to between six and eight feet. Among other potential functions, it was a living meat locker full of  silver-grey fish that looked to be about the size of today’s rainbow trout swimming about.

Most people have the good sense to treat burial grounds with respect, but if you do go to Orkney Island and visit Maeshowe, it wouldn’t hurt to remember the Guardian remains on duty.




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