Barnstone Farm Sacred Classroom – Orkney Island

I never quite know what will trigger an event of remote viewing. When reading for clients I will intentionally try to access locations or moments of interest to them. Other times, like this morning something in my day triggers a flow of information I had not given a single prior thought to. Today that trigger was a FaceBook post by cosmologist Laird Scranton who posted this:

“Based on my comparative studies, the Neolithic Barnstone site on Orkney gives the impression of a place of instruction. Attached is a comparison to Vulture Peak, a Buddhist recreation of a mythical site where stua Buddha was said to first pass instructed knowledge to humanity.

This is the same tradition that we trace to Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, a place that could be quite properly associated with the name Vulture Peak.”

Barnstorm Farm Orkney Island

One of the Neolithic sites among about a dozen at the Barnstone Farm site on Orkney Island. Quite possibly an instruction location based both on Laird Scranton’s comparative cosmology work and the visions the photo prompted for me.

Vulture Peak, Turkey

Vulture Peak, a small mountain just outside the city of the ancient city of Rajgir, India closely associated with the teachings of the Buddha.

While staring rather blankly at the Barnstone Farm photo in Laird’s post I started to see the same white robed figures I saw repeatedly while visiting Orkney Island in person September 2017. In all cases I have associated the men wearing white woolen robes with teachers or priests of some sort that instructed the local population on Neolithic Orkney.  I saw them at Maeshowe Carin, the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar.

This time I saw five of the white robed instructors standing in an approximate half circle around the hearth of the inner square space. All of them were facing me as if I were standing at the entrance of the site where slabs of stone break the rounded earthen berm that encircles it. They were erecting multiple energetic shields including the earthen berm and the inner sanctuary  square classroom.

Since the students were not present I asked to be shown how they would fit into the scenario. I watched adult students process into the site via the same stone break in the dirt berm single file. Unlike their instructors they were dressed in everyday clothing, all of it dark in color. Basic pants or trousers topped by tunics and covered with rough full body length coats or cloaks with arms. These coats were visibly lined with raw wool, so likely inverted sheep skins.

I saw the students take a right inside the berm and then organize themselves into a double file line that then processed into the sanctuary classroom. Problem was I couldn’t see clearly from Laird’s photo if there was indeed an entrance there. Fortunately a quick Google search confirmed it was exactly where I saw it in my vision.

barnstone-settlement inner entrance

Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor. Traveler photo submitted by Åsa A (Aug 2016) Formal entrance to the classroom space students entered via a double line. 

The students processed into the classroom via a double line and proceeded to stand, also in double rows along the interior perimeter of the square classroom. The center was left clear for the instructors and the fire. I saw both students and instructors standing the entire time teaching was going on.  I saw two or three dozen students along with the five instructors. I was further given the information that the teaching day was broken up into two three hour segments with a break for meals between them. I don’t know where everyone went to eat but it was not inside the classroom space. These classes took place over a period of several weeks on an annual basis. I had the sense classes occurred in winter time. This would be logical as spring and summer would have required area residents to be tending to sheep, crops and fishing without time for formal instruction six hours a day.

After the students departed for the day, leaving the site completely the instructors remained and slept next to the fire in the central hearth. (Between the fire and packed body heat over many hours it was probably comfortably warm.) The next morning they woke, got up and directly left the classroom space. I didn’t see any bedrolls, personal grooming or eating taking place inside the classroom. Whatever the instructors did to start their day it didn’t happen in that sanctuary. This reinforced the impression I had of a sacred space, reserved for a specific teaching purpose and not to be used for everyday tasks.  Interestingly the Barnstone location has a number of Neolithic family homes just a few steps away from the classroom site. These homes are laid out the same way as the residences at Skara Brae.

Of course the thousand dollar question is what was being taught in that sanctuary classroom? I don’t have the faintest idea, only that it was important, valued and protected knowledge that wasn’t available to just anyone and required discipline to acquire through formal instruction. No group would go to the trouble of erecting and dismantling energy wards around a large physical site on a daily basis if it was common knowledge. Regardless of what what was being taught I felt privileged to be allowed to see an early sacred school that took place at least 1,200 years before Christ.


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