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Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeves at the Oscars 1979. Photo courtesy of Reed Saxon/AP


Margot Kidder known to the pre-“Smallville” generation as Lois Lane to Christopher Reeves “Superman” died today, (5/14/18) at age 69. Cause of death had not been released when I spoke with her. I think it will turn out to be accidental asphyxiation. I do not mean a “Fifty Shades of Gray” scenario. Kidder wanted that to be made clear. “Last thing I need is the world to think I died doing something kinky!”

From what she shared with me she lost consciousness, woke up briefly and died via asphyxiation. It was not intentional. There was another person in the house, but they were playing video games in another room and did not hear her distress. I asked if it was her grandson, but she said no, it was a “neighbor kid”.

Kidder apologized to her daughter Maggie “For the mess I am leaving behind for her.” She did not go into detail about what that mess entailed. I got the impression some of it will be the media attention Kidder’s death will garner worldwide. There will probably be a great deal of speculation and possibly even a mistaken cause of death released. To repeat, it was NOT a suicide.

Kidder’s response when she realized she was dead was a common one along the lines of “Oh GREAT”, a reaction many of us have had when a day goes radically sideways. Doesn’t get much more sideways than death. It certainly wasn’t what she expected when she woke up with breathing privileges intact.

She was hurting as it wasn’t an easy transition. She said she really didn’t know what to do next or what was even an option about what followed death. I asked if she wanted help. She paused a moment and said in a very small voice, “yes.” It seemed to take a lot for her ask for and accept any help. I called in the appropriate Archangel and she spent a few cathartic moments having a good cry into the angels chest. I saw them walk off together engaged in intent conversation. She did pop back briefly, dressed to the nines and gave me a formal, final bow.

Rest in peace Margot Kidder. You will always be Lois Lane to me.





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