Anthony Bourdain – Crossing Over

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain. Image courtesy of Twitter. 

Not being a Bourdain fan, I didn’t expect to hear from him at all, let alone eight hours after his death via suicide became public. As you might imagine, he was pretty confused at first.

Bourdain first showed up in his pj’s consisting of patterned long flannel or cotton pants and a white crew neck undershirt. Not surprisingly in light of his well-known drug and alcohol abuse history he had indulged in both prior to hanging himself. This would account for the soiled condition of the front of his shirt. His hair looked like he had run his hands through it a number of times in agitation prior to taking that final step. I think it would be fair to say he wasn’t thinking remotely clearly at the time he took his life.

Based on our interactions I would say the women in his life were key to Bourdain. Once he left his body he was looking for a recently deceased female relative and was deeply upset he couldn’t find her. I tried my best to get him to calm down, but my normal approach of invoking angelic help only scared him. When the angel I had called in to help made an appearance Bourdain cowered in terror.

I tried a different approach by asking if someone from his family might come from the other side to bring him home. An elderly grandmother figure appeared. Bourdain instantly changed to a childhood version of himself and asked this grandmother if she was there to take him to hell? She told him, “Tony, don’t be silly, I am here to take you to heaven.” At this all the fear and worry vanished and Bourdain although he remained in his boyhood form stood up and took her hand.

The last I saw of them she was telling him all the wonderful delicacies she was going to make for him on the other side.  Spumoni and biscotti were both mentioned.  Bourdain was a world-famous chef, known for his love of the local dishes of many cultures. He was French on his father’s side, and Jewish on his mother’s. So I wasn’t quite sure what to make of an apparently Italian nonni showing up. When I asked where did the Italian grandmother figure come into it I was told she wasn’t a blood relative but someone who filled a grandmother role for him growing up, a bonus grandmother so to speak. She was a close family friend. I am simply grateful she showed up for him in his hour of need.

Rest in peace Tony, may all your demons now be gone.




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