Mass Graves – Past, Present and Future


Mass Graves in Texas

Mass Graves in Texas 2012. 

For most people there is a moment when shit gets real in times of national crisis.. For me that moment happened in my kitchen last night. I had just finished reading the article below from 2015.

Mass Graves of Immigrants Found in Texas, But State Says No Laws Were Broken

Earlier in the day I had been getting ugly and horrifying like/as images between the mass graves of Nazi victims found in the early 1990’s in the Black Forest of Baden Wurttemberg, Germany and the fate of many of the children currently held in concentration camps all over the U.S. (I am not going to politely call them detention camps because that is not what they are.)

After reading the article, a group of dead children showed up in my kitchen. They were grade school age kids, Hispanic and in great distress. I think they were among the dead in the 2015 Texas grave I had just read about. They huddled together with a great deal of crying and screaming going on.

I wasn’t sure how to help them, when my guides told me to call in Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is a popular and well-known case of visitation of the Virgin Mary. There have been a number of such cases over time but this version of the Blessed Mother would have been well known to children coming out of Mexico or other South American countries. I have seen her image at home altars as a guest in homes of Hispanic friends.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I asked that Our Lady of Guadalupe show up and take the distraught children home. Thankfully she wasted no time in appearing among them. The impact was immediate. The dead children recognized her and flocked around her as if greeting an old friend. The tears and cries of fear petered out as all the children in the group became aware of her presence. Some of the kids brought her to the attention of the others, “Stop crying, look, SHE is here.” The hunched body language of fear and distress evaporated. The children stopped huddling together and stood more spaced out, aware of each other but no longer terrified and lost.

As the figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe started to walk into a wall of light past the point I am allowed to see, the children utterly transformed, not just their body language but their physical appearances. They chose to show up in their best clothes, clean, their hair done with care. Some of the boys wore dark suits, others shorts and summer style dress shirts. One little girl in particular caught my eye. She was dressed in a nice knee-length white dress (perhaps for Easter or from her First Communion ceremony, she looked around seven or eight, the right age for that sacrament) Her hair was done in free-flowing pigtails with cute faux flowers that looked like silk daisy’s adorning each elastic. She had a shiny multi-colored Mylar pin wheel in her left hand as she skipped next to the familiar figure leading them all home.  She was chattering a mile a minute and singing snatches of songs, relaxed, excited and happy as any child might be on a family outing to a fair, parade or holy day celebration. It was a joy to see her transformation.

As privileged as I was to see the change in the dead children and know that particular group has crossed over safely, shit just got incredibly real for me. This is happening in the US. The place our school teachers and parents said such things never could. It has been going on for at least a handful of years and it is ramping up quickly. I didn’t like the comparison images to the Nazi graves in the Black Forest one bit, but I know from experience such images are not presented to me without good reasons.

I do not want to spend the next 10-15 years helping innocent children whose only “crime” was their parents sought better lives for them cross over after horrific and premature deaths. There is no policy on earth that merits such cruelty. We are not deterring illegal immigration we are on a course of increasing attempts at genocide of innocents. This must not stand.



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