Penny Marshall Says Goodbye

Penny Marhsall as Laverne

Penny Marshall in character as Laverne DeFazio. Photo courtesy of ABC/Wikipedia.

It rarely seems to fail. Within moments of reading a celebrity has died, if they are going to show up, they do. Nonetheless, I was surprised to see Penny Marshall appear in my kitchen on 12/18/18.

She first showed up as she looked in her later years. I asked her if she was okay. She said, “Oh sure, I am fine.” She didn’t seem to find the dying part difficult but said the complications from diabetes make her feel awful prior and that diabetes was a “terrible” way to go.

Quickly realizing she could change her appearance she flipped back to her “Laverne” look from the show that made her a star. She noted her slim waistline with approval and quipped, “Easiest diet ever!”

She seemed eager to see her brother Gary again. Gary died two years prior to Penny in 2016.

Like so many others I grew up loving “Laverne and Shirley”. I thanked Marshall for her lifetime of stories and great entertainment. She accepted the compliment but with a certain amount of innate modesty. “It was fun,” she acknowledged.

Overall Penny Marshall seemed to be in an excellent mood and was looking forward to whatever adventures came next for her.




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