Meeker Mansion Nov. 2011

I worked a psychic fair at the historic Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, Washington. Built by Ezra and Eliza Jane Meeker, it is a tribute to the Victorian era and family. A fellow reader had told me at a different event that Mr. and Mrs. Meeker were still in residence in spirit. They sure were!

Ironically I was assigned the master bedroom of the mansion. It took less than 10 minutes before Ezra and Eliza Jane showed up. At first I saw (and heard) Ezra sawing logs on the left side of the bed. On the right side Eliza Jane had her back to him as she patiently waited for her weariness to overcome his snores.

I had the impression it was an amicable marriage. Eliza Jane was most inclined to chat and showed me many evenings of quiet companionship in their lamp lit bedroom.

As I looked around the bedroom and noted how carefully the restoration work had been done I was bothered by the milk glass vases flanking the mirror above the beautiful replica wooden mantel. Eliza Jane commented they were wrong, they should have been crystal.  Later I realized she meant instead of vases those “decorative” spots were intended to hold oil lamps with clear crystal chimneys. Only the best for the marital boudoir.

One of the most striking features of the room was the partially restored fireplace that had been updated at some point to burn coal. The decorative tile around the small fireplace was original. I knew this before I read the informative blurbs posted around the room because Mrs. Meeker commented on it.

The tile motif was done in a mauve wash and boasted the raised figures of small birds in the upper corners below the mantle. The lower tile had two remarkable figures flanking the fire. On the left was a classic knight in presumably shining armor. On the right was a Grecian maid, draped in folds of cloth and tending a lamb.

Eliza Jane did NOT like the Grecian maid. I was admiring the figure in the tile when I sensed her presence behind my left shoulder as she glared her disapproval at the “shameless hussy”! I asked her why she put up with the if she found the figure so offensive. She told me Ezra liked the knight in armor and overruled her objections to his decidedly non-Medieval companion.

Eliza Jane seemed both fond and protective of her built-in closet. The master bedroom had a walk in closet/box room, handily situated behind the fireplace for optimal comfort in winter time dressing. The walk in-in closet also had her original rocking chair and a trunk still stenciled with the name E. Meeker. I got the impression that Eliza Jane enjoyed her quiet moments in her rocker.

Both the rocker and the low height of a mirror in an alcove built into the main floor staircase made it clear Mrs. Meeker was a tiny, petite woman.

Non-stop readings is thirsty work, so I usually bring a gallon of water to refill my sports bottle over the course of the day. No time for lunch so I ate snacks I had brought with me. Eliza Jane showed up repeatedly when I carefully refilled my water bottle, as each time she cautioned me NOT to drip water on her fine bedroom carpet. Another concern was crumbs from a fruit bar I was eating. I assured her I would be meticulously careful of her carpet and linens. She remarked I had manners. I gave credit to my mother and grandmother which met with an approving nod.

Periodically through the course of the day I felt Eliza Jane’s presence observing readings over my shoulder. I didn’t have attention to spare for her at those times, but knew I was under observation.

At the end of the day I thanked both Mr. and Mrs. Meeker for allowing me to be a guest in their home, especially their private quarters. Eliza Jane  informed me I would be welcome to visit again for which I gravely thanked her. As a buddy and I ventured out into the dark and rainy evening my last glimpse of her in spirit was as she stood framed by a beautiful inlaid stain glass door and waved goodbye as she wished me a good night.

I will be working the spring fair at Meeker Mansion. Looking forward to getting back inside and visiting with the lady of the house, regardless of the century between us.



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